Who Is Louis Thomas Hardy? Truth About Tom Hardy’s Son

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Who Is Louis Thomas Hardy? Truth About Tom Hardy’s Son
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Louis Thomas Hardy is the first child of an English actor, Tom Hardy, and his ex-wife. Louis’ father, Tom Hardy is best known for his roles in Peaky Blinders, Venom, The Dark Knight Rises, Bronson, Mad Max, and more. Hardy is one of the most sought-after actors. He, however, is also equally notorious for keeping his personal life private, and yet, there are still some insides about his family and kids.

Outsiders mostly know Hardy as a father to two kids with his current wife. Though what others don’t know is that the Hammersmith-born actor is also father to a bit older son, Louis, born through Tom’s former marriage. The actor has spoken openly about fatherhood in the past whilst also keeping in mind that he doesn’t give away too much.

The Inception star states there is no job that is ‘harder’ or ‘more important than being a father to his children; he, however, and at the same time, takes great pride in being a father. And turns out having kids has changed his life in many ways. Especially after the birth of his first child, Louis. Decode how much of a factor has Louis been in his father’s life in the narration below whilst reading a bit more about his relationship with his celebrity father.

Louis Thomas Hardy Birth, Ancestry, And Grandparents

Tom’s first child, Louis Thomas Hardy, was born in April 2008.

Venom actor Tom Hardy with his first child, Louis Thomas Hardy.
Louis Thomas Hardy as a child with his father and the Peaky Blinders actor Tom Hardy. Instagram

Paternal wise, Louis, who is now 15 years old, has an English- Irish ancestry. His actor father is a native of Hammersmith. His paternal grandfather, Chips Hardy was an advertising executive while his grandmother, Anne Hardy was an artist.

How Louis Thomas Hardy Birth Changed His Father, Tom Hardy’s Life

Apparently, Louis’ birth to Hardy was a major change in his life. Hardy claims Louis was one of the biggest reasons that he decided to give up the party life and get sober.

Before that, the Bafta winner admits he was self-indulgent for a long time. He was only thinking about himself and ‘my own stupid stuff.’ With the birth of Louis, Hardy says, having a child lifted him out of selfish behavior and gave him responsibility. It also forced him to be a better man and live a healthy life.

The Dark Knight Rises star Tom Hardy and a son from his ex-wife, Louis Thomas Hardy.
Taboo actor Tom Hardy with his first child, Louis Thomas Hardy. Instagram

Before that, Hardy had a much-rehashed life of drug and alcohol abuse that started in his teens in East Sheen, south-west London, and continued into the early years of his acting career.

In fact, the English actor has spoken out on numerous occasions about his battle with substance abuse and its disastrous effect on his two previous partnerships. His first marriage was rather short-lived. Following that he wed Rachael Speed with whom he had Louis.

He at the time had gone straight from the Drama Centre London to bit parts in big deals including Steven Spielberg’s Band of Brothers and Ridley Scott’s Black Hawk Down.

The Star Trek star once opened up about his substance abuse battle and credited his son for his ‘reality check,’ saying,

“I was self-indulgent for a long time and I was only thinking about myself and my own stupid stuff. Having a child lifts you out of selfish behavior and gives you responsibility. It forces you to be a better man and to live a healthy life.”

Louis’ actor-dad eventually went to rehab in 2003 and has been sober ever since. After his first child’s coming, Hardy also discovered that ‘family is the biggest thing there is.’

The Fury Road actor once also affirmed improving his own relationship with his father after having Louis and his other children. He added that becoming a father made him rethink his mistakes in the past, which caused his parents grief while he was growing up.

Louis Has Two Step Siblings

Louis is also a stepbrother to his father’s two kids with his current wife and actress, Charlotte Riley, a son, and a daughter.

Louis Thomas Hardy's father, Tom Hardy with his current wife and Wuthering Heights actress, Charlotte Riley.
Louis’s father, Tom Hardy, and his current spouse and the mother of his two other kids, Charlotte Riley. PA

His stepbrother, Forrest received his name much to the courtesy of Tom and Charlotte’s fascination with the 1994 movie, Forrest Gump. Forrest was born in 2015. On the other hand, Louis’ step sister and Hardy’s second child with Riley was born in 2019.

Worth mentioning here is, that starting from their birth, Louis’ siblings’ genders didn’t make it to the press knowledge for a good amount of time.

Louis Tom Hardy Does Fewer Films Because Of Louis Thomas Hardy And His Siblings 

Hardy has often stated that raising children has made him work less. After the birth of his first son, Louis, and his other two kids, Hardy stated he felt ‘less reason to work.’

The Warrior actor has also said, time and again, that he could not be more excited about his family and has additionally expressed that becoming a dad made him reassess his priorities and gave him a new sense of purpose.

While talking with Esquire in Aug 2021, the Oscar-winner said that as he got older, he has not been “caring so much what people think”, and that in turn has made him think more about his kids and family.

The actor believes there’s less reason to work, ultimately, because for him the life drive is to be with his children and to be fit and healthy and eat well and stuff.

Tom Hardy Refused To Settle In America Because Of Louis

Apparently, Hardy has also been investing most of his time in parenting so much so that often times he has shown a strong will to turn down career opportunities to keep Louis close. For instance, the father of three refused to settle in Hollywood full time because of his kids.

When Cosmopolitan asked the Peaky Blinders star why he refused to move to the states, he explained,

“My son (Louis) lives in London with his mother and I need that contact with him. It’s so important to me. Any time away from him is just criminal,”

said the Oliver Twist alum.

And while Hardy gave his parents a hard time, he admits that being a parent to Louis and his other two kids have given him the kind of purpose that makes him think more carefully about how he lives his life.

The “Spiderman: No Way Home” star says he will always be present to help his children make their way in the world.

“I take great pride in being a father and make sure I’m there for him and helping him as he makes his way in the world,”

Tom said in Sep 2015.

Who Is Louis Thomas Hardy’s Biological Mother? 

Louis’ mother, Rachael Speed, and his father, Hardy met in 2005 while shooting the historical miniseries “The Virgin Queen.” His mother, Rachael Speed is reportedly a casting director.

Louis' biological mother and casting director, Raechel Speed and his father, Tom Hardy.
Louis’ father, Tom Hardy, and his biological mother, Rachael Speed. Getty

Unfortunately, after welcoming Louis in 2008, Speed and Tom called things off in 2009. Before, Speed, Louis’ father was husband to Sarah Ward whom he had married back in 1999. Hardy was then virtually unknown.

Louis Father, Tom Hardy Current Wife, Charlotte Riley

Louis’ father, Tom married actress Charlotte Riley in 2014, tying the knot four years later in a low-key ceremony in the south of France. They had gotten engaged in 2010.

Riley and Tom started their relationship after meeting a year earlier on the set of a TV adaptation of Wuthering Heights.

Tom Hardy with the mother of his younger kids and his current wife, Charlotte Riley.
Charlotte Riley with her current husband Tom Hardy.

Like his father, Louis’ stepmother is also in the films. She is well known for playing Alice in the 2012 “The Town,” and Juliette Wagstaffe in the crime drama “Dark Heart.” Her other roles include Holly Evans in “Press,” Robina Lund in “Trust”, and Maggie Summers in “The Take.

Louis also has a great relationship with his stepmom, Riley. From the moment Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley started their relationship, Riley quickly embraced Louis. She called him “the most incredible, intelligent, creative little human being I have ever met.”

She once said feeling very honored to be Louis’ stepmom.

Louis Thomas Hardy Was A Fan Of Comic Book Superheroes Even Before His Father’s Role As Venom  

Hardy once confirmed his eldest child, Louis has quite a fascination with comic book superheroes. The actor admitted at the 2018 Comic-Con that he specifically pursued roles in Marvel films in order to make a movie that Louis would like.

The Locke actor reportedly stated,

“My son is a massive Venom fan. And he was a strong influence on me why I should play Venom specifically. I wanted to do something my son could watch.”

Louis Helped His Father, Tom Hardy To Prepare For The Role Of Venom

Hardy says his son played a vital role in helping him prepare for his role as Venom. Louis allegedly gave a pivotal input to his father, Tom for playing the role of Eddie Brock in Sony/MCU’s Venom.

In 2018 he told Entertainment Tonight:

“He was pretty much in the driving seat for most of it. And I did use him as my anthology and mythology wizard.”

As per the actor-father, his son, Louis told him what he was doing wrong. And Hardy was doing more things wrong than he was doing right. He knew that because Louis then being a child was deeply honest. The 14-year-old was his father’s little spirit guide in that aspect.

Tom in July 2018 while attending the red carpet of the film, said,

“My son’s a massive fan of Marvel and Venom. And he was very clear about what I can and can’t do. It’s very odd being told what to do by your son who’s 10 and him being right.”

Hardy believes he eventually passed his son’s [test] that day.

Why There Aren’t Proper Images Of Louis Thomas Hardy And His Siblings

The husband of Charlotte Riley has intentionally done his best to keep his kids’ names out of the press including Louis.

In fact, Hardy tries so hard to shield his family from prying eyes. So much so that the gender of his children with Riley was not among the public’s knowledge for quite some time, as mentioned earlier.

The Venom actor Tom Hardy with his eldest child Louis Thomas Hardy in Sep 2020.
Louis Thomas Hardy with his actor-father Tom Hardy in Sep 2020. Daily Mail

When it comes to his children, Hardy keeps that on lockdown, as he explained to Esquire UK in Aug 2018. Hardy stated he is fine with people snapping pictures of him and his wife. But when it comes to his kids, cameras are a no go zone.

Explaining his take on paparazzi pursuing his children, Louis’ father said,

‘If someone takes a photo of my kids, all bets are off. I will take the camera off you and beat the fucking shit out of you.’

Tom added he understands the tabloids chasing celebrities in the streets. He, however, believes there is no difference between them taking out cameras & a weapon.

He apparently finds that odd. And having said that, the media trying to take pictures of his children is a “hard no.”

It henceforth might be a while before people get to see clear-cut imagery of Louis; unless the soon-to-be mid teenager chooses to launch his own Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Other Facts

Hardy once admitted to playing with Louis’ toys more than he did. He said the best thing about being a dad was being able to go to the toy store with his boy and try to get him to buy the things that he wanted.

Below Hardy’s tattoo of “Till I die SW” and a dragon on his left arm are the words “figlio mio bellissimo” commemorating his son Louis’s birth.

Contrary to popular rumors, Louis Thomas Hardy is yet to appear in any movies.


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