Who Is Mandisa Glover? Interesting Facts About Danny Glover’s Daughter

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Who Is Mandisa Glover? Interesting Facts About Danny Glover’s Daughter
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Mandisa Glover is an ex-film production assistant turned online chef who is better known as the daughter of the Lethal Weapon and the Predator 2 actor, Danny Glover.

While Danny has been in the movie industry since the 70s, his daughter never once appeared in any screen projects. Being the only child of the Shooter actor, Mandisa often attracts some eventful consideration to her name. Yet her father never substantially let any information be out in the large regarding his daughter.

Read what career Mandisa pursued instead of acting, whether his mother is married/has children, & others whilst scrolling through the subsequential headings.

Danny Glover’s Daughter, Mandisa Glover Is A Californian

The only child of Danny Glover and his ex-wife, Asake Bomani, Mandisa, fully Mandisa A. Glover was born in January 1976 in San Francisco, California. Mandisa’s grandfather and Danny Lebern Glover’s father was a postal worker, James Glover. Her paternal grandmother, Carrie Hunley was also a postal worker.

The Lethal Weapon actor, Danny Glover with his and his ex-wife daughter, Mandisa Glover.
The Color Purple actor, Danny Glover with his only child, Mandisa Glover. Getty

The Witness actor Danny and his ex-wife raised their daughter, Mandisa in a three-story Victorian house in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood.

Mandisa’s mother, Asake Bomani was an English major from Wilmington, Delaware.

Her Education

The Emmy nominee’s daughter, Mandisa, who is now 47 years old, studied at the New York University. It though is unclear what she majored in or what year she graduated.

Mandisa Glover Parents; Her Mother Has A Degree In English

Mandisa’s parents, Danny Gover and Asake Bomani met in the 1960s. At the time Danny was in his junior year at San Francisco State University studying for a degree in economics.

Back then, the actor/philanthropist was also a young activist who delivered civil rights speeches for the Black Students Union. Mandisa’s mother, Asake, on the other hand, was an English major.

Predator 2 actor, Danny Glover's ex-wife and Mandisa Glover's mother, Asake Bomani.
Asake Bomani, Mandisa Glover’s daughter, and The Lethal Weapon actor, Danny Glover’s ex-wife. Instagram

Danny, however, once in an interview said Mandisa’s mother was a challenge to attract. He apparently somehow couldn’t string up enough sentences to ask Asake out on a date.

The Sorry To Bother You actor 2004 while talking to the Independent said he somehow got tongue-tied when he tried speaking to Bomani and couldn’t get a lot of words out. Speaking to People in 1992 about the time when he first saw Mandisa’s mother, Danny recalled how Bomani had a strong sense of self and morality.

After developing an infatuation with Bomani, while the San Francisco actor was initially too shy to talk to her, he waited outside her English class for her. Danny eventually greeted her, asked how she was doing, and walked away when she came out of the class.

The actor/activist repeated this move several times until he ultimately call her and ask her out on a date. Danny later stated how he was just “blown away” by his love interest after she told him how she loved him for loving people unconditionally.

After The Marriage, Mandisa’s Mother Inspired Her Father, Danny To Become An Actor

Glover and Bomani married in 1975. Mandisa’s mother, Bomani worked as a jazz singer and supported Danny when he quit his San Francisco Model Cities program evaluator job.

The English major student also encouraged the SFSU graduate to pursue acting as a profession. Danny then joined the Black Actors’ Workshop of the American Conservatory Theatre. Mandisa’s mother, Bomani’s support eventually led Danny to star in the play The Blood Knot and Muster Harold, in the 1987 film Mandela, Predator 2, and the Lethal Weapon series.

Asake and Danny, however, would divorce in 2000 after being married for 25 years. Danny, in an interview, said even though they weren’t together anymore, he and his ex-wife still had a great friendship.

Mandisa’s Step-Mother And Danny Glover’s Current Wife

After divorcing, Mandisa’s mother, the ex-American Conservatory Theater actor Danny started a relationship with Eliane Cavalleiro. The two eventually married her in 2009.

Mandisa Glover's actor father, Danny Glover with his seconf wife and college professor, Eliane Cavalleiro.
Dreamgirls actor, Danny Glover with his current wife and university professor, Eliane Cavalleiro. Getty

Eliane apparently is a University professor. In a 2017 Facebook post, Danny said his wife, Cavalleiro was preparing to start a new teaching or professor job at Stanford University.

Golver’s wife, Eliane is originally from Brazil. The couple has been together for over a decade.

Both Danny and his current wife are philanthropists. The Color Purple actor has been serving as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for years. He likewise is also a public speaker about topics like social justice, activism, diversity, and global citizenship.

Danny Says Being The Father Of Mandisa Glover Is His Greatest Role

The now 77 years old actor, Danny Glover once said being the father of Mandisa and grandfather to her son has been his most important role.

Chef, Mandisa Glover with her actor father, Danny Glover.
Ex-film production assistant, Mandisa Glover with her father and the Lonesome Dove actor, Danny Glover in May 2022. Instagram

While talking to The Review in June 2017, the Grammy nominee said being a father, has been the greatest project that he has ever been involved in.

He at the time also said how he took the lesson of fatherhood after his own dad, who also “loved being a father of four knucklehead boys and one wonderful daughter.”

Mandisa Is A Single Mother Without A Husband

While Mandisa Glover does have a son who is now a full-fledged teenager, the actor’s daughter hasn’t revealed who her baby father is. Further, from the looks of her Instagram, it seems Mandisa is currently a single mother.

Danny Glover's daughter, Mandisa with her son in Jan 2022.
The Predator 2 actor, Danny Glover’s daughter, Mandisa with her son in Jan 2022. Instagram

For all the pictures on her social media anonym, the Bomani’s daughter is still nowhere to be seen with a lovesome partner. It nonetheless is anyone’s guess whether she ever had a husband or not.

What Does Mandisa Glover Do; What Is Her Profession? 

Although previous web journals suggest, that Mandisa worked as a film production assistant, her Instagram evidently describes, Danny’s only child is now some sort of a chef. Most of her posts include shuffles of cookeries from different cultures.

In fact, Mandisa is apparently one of the chefs at Shef, an online marketplace for locals. They claim to have food safety certified cooks to connect with customers in their community and earn a meaningful income selling homemade dishes.

Mandisa Faced Racial Biasness During Her College Period

Back in Nov 1999, Mandisa’s father revealed the time when his daughter would get less treatment from the cab drivers which he believed was because of her color.

The humanitarian said he realized this when he, himself experienced it during one of his visits to his daughter, Mandisa. She at the time was then studying at college.

Danny said it happened at about 1 a.m., one day in Oct 1999. Glover, his daughter, and her friend, were trying to get a cab on the corner of Houston Street and Second Avenue.

San Francisco native, Mandisa with her actor father, Danny Glover.
Chef, Mandisa Glover with her father and the Lethal Weapon actor, Danny Glover. Getty

A taxi stopped at a red light after which Mandisa tried to open one of the cab’s back doors, but found it locked. The driver unlocked the doors and Danny’s daughter with her friend got in the back seat.

Danny said he climbed in the front seat but the driver objected and pushed him. The ex-member of the Black States Union explained he then had a bad hip and had found the back seats of taxis confining. He also wanted to give his daughter and her friend more room by sitting next to the driver.

Danny reported how the cab driver threatened to call the police on him for insisting to sit on the front seat.

Glover Filed A Complaint Saying His Daughter Had A Hard Time Getting A Cab

The activist, later, at a news conference in the lobby of the Taxi and Limousine Commission, said he was already angry because several hours earlier five yellow cabs had failed to stop for him, his daughter, and her roommate at 116th Street and Seventh Avenue. The Roger Murtaugh actor at the time had been visiting his daughter from San Francisco.

Mandisa’s father also filed a complaint with the City Taxi and Limousine Commission against the cab driver who discriminated against him. Danny revealed it made him angry when he additionally found out how his daughter would always stand on the corner waiting to get a cab, yet she couldn’t get one.

Is Mandisa Glover’s Father, Danny Glover Rich; What Is His Net Worth?

For all his work in the industry, there are often some concerns with respect to the richness of Mandisa’s actor father, Danny Glover. Given that he was raking in no less than millions throughout the 80s and the 90s, Danny has been a rich movie star for quite a while.

To an extent, Danny’s alleged net worth of around $40 million does represent him as a longtime Hollywood actor.

His wealth nonetheless still pales in comparison to his former Lethal Weapon co-star, Mel Gibson. The Braveheart actor is whoppingly one of the wealthiest actors with a net worth of almost half a billion-dollar.

Conversely, though, no such readouts with respect to Mandisa’s net worth are pre-eminent. In any case, it seems very implausible that she is anywhere near as rich as her celebrity father.

Mandisa Glover Other Facts

  • Mandisa when young appeared on the cover of a magazine called Jet with her actor father.
  • Mandisa’s favorite film of her father is the 1985 film The Color Purple.
  • People often mistake Danny Glover’s daughter, Mandisa for 2007, American Idol contestant singer, Mandisa Glover.
  • The singer finished ninth in Season Five of the reality show, singing everything from Whitney Houston to Gospel.
  • Mandisa’s name is South African for “sweet.” However, her father spent so many nights rehearsing and performing at the theater that she as a child was famous as “the workshop baby.”


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