Who is Maria Caroline Ingraham? Was adopted by Laura Ingraham

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Maria Caroline Ingraham is the adoptive daughter of Laura Ingraham, a conservative radio talk host. Her adoptive mother currently serves as the host of the Fox News Channel‘s show The Ingraham Angle.

The renowned media personality adopted Maria at the age of three from Guatemala. She isn’t the only kid Laura was adopted but the host also adopted two more kids from Russia. All of Maria’s adoptive siblings are quite close to each other.

Let’s know life of Maria before and after adoption!

How old is Maria Caroline Ingraham? Was Adopted at the Age of 3

The exact birth detail of Maria is, however, yet to be revealed. But, in fact, Caroline was three-year-old when her adoptive mother Laura espoused her from the foster home.

Is Maria Caroline Ingraham married to a husband?
Maria Caroline Ingraham is the daughter of Laura.
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The conservative radio talk host announced the adoption of a little girl from Guatemala on her radio show. She described her trip while picking up her daughter as, “the most amazing few days that I’ve ever spent in my life and the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Laura further told her radio audience,

“That door opened and my life changed.”

As a matter of fact, the TV host was trying to adopt Maria for a couple of years. Before welcoming her first child, Laura also spent several years with her friends’ kids to prepare herself as a mother and create a strong bond with kids as well.

After the adoption process was confirmed, Ingraham promptly traveled to the foster home and received a warm welcome from all of the children in the orphanage including Maria. The little girl Caroline was standing by the door holding a single plastic bag at the time.

Additionaly, Maria has one adoptive uncle named, Curtis Ingraham.

Her Childhood; Is there anything about Maria’s biological parents?

The information regarding her biological father and mother, however, still remains behind closed doors. A little is known about her early life is Maria was born in the mid-2000s, in Guatemala. But, following her adoption, she had most of her childhood in the United States. It is where she also goes to school. Besides, she holds an American nationality and belongs to mixed ethnicity.

Looking back to the days of Maria before her adoption, the then-little girl used to live in the orphanage along with ten other children.

Maria also Has Two More Adoptive Siblings

Caroline grew up along with her two adoptive siblings. Her younger brother named Michael Dmitri was adopted by her mother Laura when Michael was just 13-moth from Russia in mid-2009.

Two years later, the most listened-to woman in political talk radio espoused her third kid, a son named Dimitri, from Moscow.

Back in July 2011, in an interview with Today, Ingraham opened up about defending the culture wars as a new mom.

“My friends called me insane. Within the last three years, I have adopted three children who are all under the age of six.  Overnight I went from carefree social butterfly to a working mom, regularly fried. When you are a new parent, the culture comes roaring at you with all sorts of advice and pressure to perform (you and your kids).”

Prefers to Stay Out of the Spotlight

Maria loves to live a life away from the media. She rarely makes her public appearance. One of the rare appearances she made with her mom was back in Dec 2019 when they were seen, listening to President Doland J Trump Speak at Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach.

Additionally, the young girl is also not active on any social media platforms.

Where Does Maria Caroline Ingraham Live?

Ingraham currently resides at her mom’s home in McLean, Virginia with her two other siblings. Talking about her lifestyle which although remains behind closed doors, the young girl undoubtedly has a wonderful way of living.

Her Net Worth

Unfortunately, Maria’s net worth is still under review. But, talking about her mom’s fortune, Laura has an estimated fortune of $40 million as of 2023. And her annual salary is $15 million.

Is Maria’s Mother Laura Ingraham Married? What About Her Love Life?

The single mother of three adoptive children, Laura doesn’t have a husband yet but was in a few relationships in the past. She previously dated Keith Olbermann. There were also rumors that the TV host was once linked to political writer and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza.

Furthermore, Ingraham once engaged James V. Reyes, a Chicago businessman in April 2005. The former flames met on a blind date, but their relationship couldn’t hold out for long. At the moment, Laura is single and doesn’t seem to have any plan to marry any time soon.

In addition to her personal life, Laura was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent treatment for cancer in 2005.

Most Asked Question About Maria Caroline Ingraham

Apart from all the informations mentioned above, there are a lot of curiosity surrounding other aspect of Maria’s life. Here we have answered all the unanswered details.

What Does Maria’s Mother Laura Inghram Do?

Her mother is an author by profession and has writter 6 books so far. She worked as the ghost writer at Fox News Channel and also is a co-founder of Laura Ingraham Media Group.

Who Is Her Biological Father?

Maria’s mother Laura adopted her when she was three. Unfortunately, she has not revealed the details about the biological father of her kids.

Is Maria Caroline Ingraham Dating a Boyfriend?

Well, to be precise, she is not dating at present. In fact, she is too young to get involved into a romantic relationship.

What Is Maria’s Birthday?

She was born in May 2008.


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