What Happened to Moses McKeehan? Know The Disease of TobyMac’s Son

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Moses McKeehan is the adopted son of TobyMac, a Christian musician and record producer. In the last few years, TobyMac and his family have been in several headlines for some tragic incidents that happened to their kids. Moses also has some unfortunate scenarios of his own.

Know what are they in addition to his full bio. En route also read about McKeehan’s upbringing, his relationship with his father TobyMac, his siblings, and more.

Moses McKeehan’s Birth Details and Original Name

Moses was born on April 29, 2002, at 12:03 pm weighing 4lbs 6oz. According to Moses’ birth mother, his original name was Malachi. Besides, the star kid is an African American.

TobyMac with his son, Moses McKeehan
McKeehan with his father TobyMac

He also has a twin sister Marlee who was born on April 29, 2002, at 11:57 am. Similar to Moses, Marlee also had a different moniker, initially. She was Makayla. Marlee is now a musician.

As for his education, McKeehan attended Franklin Christian Academy.

Moses McKeehan Is The Adopted Son Of TobyMac

TobyMac and his wife Amanda adopted Moses and his sister Marlee in 2002. The couple said adoption was a God-ordained process rather than a calculated decision. As such they were praying for another pregnancy and even asking God for twins. It was some random woman at a church who asked them if they’d ever considered adopting. Amanda and TobyMac took it as an answer to their prayers.

Moses McKeehan with his family
The McKeehans: Back row, left to right: Truett, Amanda, Marlee. Front row, left to right: Toby, Moses, Judah, and Leo. Instagram

Moses McKeehan’s Biological Parents

TobyMac hasn’t said much about Moses and his sister’s biological parents. However, according to Life Defenders, Moses’ birth mother goes by the name, Jina. In the article, Moses’ biological mother says she was seeing Moses’ biological father during the 9/11 incident.

They apparently never married. Moses’ birth mother at the time was living with her mother in Norfolk, Virginia. She was already a mother of two and a single mother. Jina said she was 20 when she became pregnant with Moses and his sister. While she never mentioned the name of the biological father, she revealed he was also young and he, too, was a father of one boy with another woman. In fact, he was about to welcome one more with his then-girlfriend.

As Jina was already a single mother and the biological father of Moses and his sister, too, was a father on his own, she decided to put her next two children up for adoption.

Right after the birth, Moses and Marlee spent a week in the special care nursery. Jina stated she regretted her decision to put her children up for adoption and later decided to bring them back to her. But after failing to care for them, she reversed her thought and sent them once again for adoption.

After giving Moses and Marlee to TobyMac and Amanda, Jina continued to see her biological children through photos, videos, and even visits. Jina now works in activism. She spreads awareness of adoption and informs women seeking abortion that they have life-affirming options available to them.

McKeehan’s Half Brother And TobyMac’s Son Died Of Drug Overdose

McKeehan’s brother and TobyMac’s biological son, Truett died on October 23, 2019, from an accidental drug overdose of fentanyl and amphetamines. Truett was 21 at the time of his death. He was an aspiring rapper. Speaking of his deceased son in an interview, TobyMac said he was forever going to be a different man.

TobyMac with his late son, Truett
The late Truett McKeehan with his singer father TobyMac. Instagram

Meanwhile, Moses has two more adoptive siblings, Leo McKeehan and Judah McKeehan. They are the biological children of TobyMac and Amanda.

Moses’ Disease; The Reason Why He Is On Wheelchair

Moses has Duchenne muscular dystrophy. He was diagnosed in 2015. This disability made Moses need constant care, stricken in a wheelchair, and his life expectancy is expected to last only till his early 20s.

TobyMac’s adopted son Moses McKeehan
Moses McKeehan, the adopted son of TobyMac. Twitter

Speaking of his son’s condition, TobyMac said after having a son in a wheelchair his eyes opened to things he never saw before. But TobyMac has been facing the challenges by turning to God and pulling together to face whatever comes. The rapper once said that even his kids are part of the process as they often rally together to serve Moses.


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