Who Is Olive Uniacke? Everything About Robie Uniacke’s Daughter

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Who Is Olive Uniacke? Everything About Robie Uniacke’s Daughter
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Olive Uniacke is better known as the daughter of English businessman Robie Uniacke, the boyfriend of the Gone Girl actress Rosamund Pike. Further, she is a British WME literary agent, former associate producer, floor runner, and production executive. 

Olive has a handful of credits working behind the scenes in films like The Titan, The Autopsy Of Jane Doe, Collide, Fast And Furious 6, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, X-Men: First Class 2, In Darkness, The Titan, Revolt, and Sand Castle.

Know more about her life in the article below; take a look at her relationship rumor with Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe, her wedding, her husband, and more.

Key Takeaways

  • Olive currently works as a literary agent.
  • Her biological mother is Rose, who is an interior designer.
  • Since 2022, she is married to Dane Ensley.
  • Her wedding was held at the St Gabriel’s Church in Pimlico.
  • Uniacke is the stepdaughter of Rosamund Pike.
  • She currently doesn’t have any children.

Profile Summary

Date of Birth1991
MotherRose Batstone
FatherRobbie Batstone
HusbandDane Ensley
WorkLiterary Agent

Who are Olive Uniacke mother and father? 

Olive’s biological father, Robie is a city speculator and reformed drug addict. Her mother, Rose, on the other hand, is a renowned interior designer. Olive’s mother Rose was Robie’s second wife. Robie’s first wife was Emma Howard, the daughter of the late Earl of Carlisle.

Olive Uniacke former assistant at X: Men First Class and PA at Harry Potter
Former Harry Potter base runner and assistant at X Men First Class Olive Uniacke. Instagram

Mr. Uniacke also dated Sophia Hesketh, the daughter of Lord Hesketh, who was 24 years his junior. He now is the partner of the Gone Girl actress Rosamund Pike with whom he shares two sons, Solo Uniacke, and Atom.

The now 31-year-old Olive is also the stepdaughter of David Heyman, the multi-millionaire producer of the Harry Potter films.

Olive Uniacke Is A Literary Agent And A Former Film Set Assistant 

In Sep 2018, WME hired Olive Uniacke as a motion picture literary agent. After signing with WME, Uniacke presumably moved to its Beverly Hills office.

Prior to that, she was the vice president of Lionsgate. Olive had joined Lionsgate as a vice president of production and development in April 2017.

The studio hired her for the purpose of bolstering its motion picture group executive roster. At the same time, the studio also promoted Nirokhi Raychaudhuri to VP of production and development slots.

Her Previous Work Experience

Olive also worked for U.K. management-production company 42, for whom she co-produced Anthony Byrne’s 2018 thriller In Darkness.  Robie’s daughter got her start in film working as an assistant on the U.K. sets of such productions as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, X-Men: First Class, Fast & Furious 6, and Muppets Most Wanted.

Olive has also worked for a management company 42 and worked on films like “The Autopsy of Jane Doe” and “The Titan.” She was additionally an associate producer on Netflix’s “Sand Castle,” “Collide” and “In Darkness.”

Is Olivia married?

Yes, she is married to her partner, Dane Ensley. The pair exchanged vows on July 2nd, 2022, in an intimate ceremony at St Gabriel’s Church in Pimlico. They started dating in 2015.

For her big day, Rosamund Pike’s stepdaughter wore a radiant fuchsia gown. The pink frock was floor length and featured a high neck, was sleeveless, and had a structured, boned bodice. Moreover, she opted for a non-traditional no veil for her dress.

At the nuptials, there were many celebrities including her own family. Her father, Robie, step-mom, Rosamund Pike, step-dad, David Heyman, actor Nicholas Hoult, singer Dua Lipa, and many others joined in as they congratulated the new bride and groom.

Let’s find out how it all began between Olivia and her spouse, Dane.

Who is Olivia’s boyfriend-turned-husband, Dane Ensley?

Her husband, Ensley is an entrepreneur who founded Reconstruction Unlimited. As for what his company does, their official website says, “We design therapeutic ecosystems tailored for those affected by mental illness, substance use disorders and behavioral issues.”

How did Olive meet her hubby?

The couple started dating in early 2015, Olivia and Dane came across in a dinner party hosted by her own wedding’s maid of honor, Gala Gordon. Ensley first introduced his then-girlfriend Olive to his Instagram followers on June 25, 2015.

It was Olivia who first approached Dane after he somehow tempted her to ask him for dinner. While he was assuming they’d be dining with a bunch of friends, it turned out to be only two of them. Eventually, they started dating, however, it was challenging at first due to the fact that both of them lived in two different countries.

When the time was right, Olivia moved to Dane’s native, Los Angeles.

WME agent Olive Uniacke with her boyfriend Dane Ensley
English film set assistant Olive Uniacke with her boyfriend Dane Ensley. Instagram

On the other hand, the former base runner didn’t post her partner’s picture on her Insta until Aug 2021.

The reason for Olive taking so much time to mention her relationship with Dane publicly might be because the English film assistant wasn’t on socials up until that very point.

Nonetheless, her first image on her social media handle does include her boyfriend.

Uniacke Enjoys Luxuries And Parties In The Past

From the late to early 2010s, the media and her close ones would describe her as a socialite. She reportedly was also used to luxury things. Her pals once described her as someone who loved holding some of the best house parties, and great bashes.

Fast and Furious 6 assistant Olive Uniacke
Production executive in the 2016 film The Autopsy Of Jane Doe Olive Uniacke. Instagram

Olive reportedly was also quite a wild one who loved to drink champagne, particularly Moet, and chain-smoked Camel cigarettes. Robie’s daughter was also fond of going to nightclubs.

One of her friends described her as,

‘Olive is renowned for holding some of the best house parties, really great bashes. She can be quite wild, loves to drink champagne, particularly Moet, and she chain-smokes Camel cigarettes. She also loves to go nightclubbing.’

The Britisher also had an affinity for exotic vacations. Uniacke reportedly used to live in a £ 1.2 million house in Hammersmith, West London.

Olive Uniacke Relationship With Daniel Radcliffe: Were They Dating?

People started their link-up rumor after they had noticed Olive with Radcliffe in St Petersburg and Moscow in 2010 for a round of drunken celebrations to mark the British actor’s 21st birthday.

After that, the photographers kept on catching up with Daniel Radcliffe with Olive at several places and incidents. Uniacke has had a much talked about relationship with fellow English actor from the fame of Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe.

WME literary agent Olive Uniacke with her rumored ex-boyfriend Daniel Radcliffe
Olive Uniacke with her alleged former boyfriend Daniel Radcliffe.

Since then, her friends had spoken to the British media about them and Olive too talked about him and his projects on Twitter.

At that point, Olive and the London-born actor had known each other for ages. At the time, one of Olive’s friends explained:

‘Olive and Dan have known each other a long time, ever since the Harry Potter films started.

They reportedly were also close for a short time but the relationship fizzled out. The one-time rumored couple after the separation remained friends. There were rumors that Daniel and Olive were back together after splitting up though now it seems like that never happened.

Of that relationship, some insiders at the time added,

‘Olive has money in her own right so is certainly not a gold-digger. But Dan’s not traditionally her type. She has usually gone for bad boys and Dan is quite preppy.’

She worked with Daniel in Harry Potter

Olive also worked alongside Radcliffe on the final Potter film, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows as a set PA. Of their relationship, one colleague said: ‘Olive is a lovely young lady – and she and Dan have been close for a long time. She was always in and out of his dressing room during filming and she has always been really protective over him.’

During the hearsay, many people and the media spotted them watching events several times. Later Radcliffe’s publicist, however, told ABCNews.com in an email that the two were friends and they “are not dating.”

The publicist added, while Radcliffe at the time did have a girlfriend but it wasn’t Olive. Also, he didn’t reveal who the Guns Akimbo actor’s real girlfriend was.

Other Facts

Uniacke studied at the prestigious Gordonstoun School in Scotland, the same institution where Prince Charles studied.

She also studied at the French Lycee in Kensington, West London, where Madonna’s daughter Lourdes is a pupil.


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