Meet Amanda Seyfried’s Son Thomas Seyfried Sadoski- Untold Facts About Him

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Thomas Seyfried Sadoski is a celebrity kid and media personality who is popular as the second son of actress Amanda Seyfried and actor Thomas Sadoski. His mother is popular for Mean Girls, whereas, his father is popular for The Newsroom.

The young star kid was born three and half years after his older sister Nina Sadoski Seyfried. She is five years old now. The two Sadoski siblings live in a farmhouse owned by their parents.

To find out more about the star kid Thomas Seyfried Sadoski, stay with us until the very end. More details of his age, parent’s relationship, and family are down below.

Thomas Seyfried Sadoski Is The Second Child Of Amanda Seyfriend & Thomas Sadoski

The celebrity kid Thomas Seyfried Sadoski was born on 29th September 2020 in the United States. He was born to actor parents Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski.

American star kid Thomas Seyfried Sadoski lives in a farm with his parents
Thomas Seyfried Sadoski is the second son of Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski

Thomas’ birth was announced in a statement to INARA and War Child by his parents who wrote,

“Since the birth of our daughter 3 years ago our commitment to the innocent children that are so brutally affected by conflict and war has been a driving force in our lives. With the birth of our son the work of INARA and War Child has become our North Star.”

As of 2022, he is just two years old. Likewise, as his parents are quite private regarding him and his sister’s upbringing, not much information about them is available at the moment.

Thomas Seyfried Sadoski Is Living & Thriving On A Farm

As mentioned above, Thomas’ parents are very private regarding their children’s life and tend to share as less as possible with the media. The parents maintain their privacy so much that no one but the family and close friends has seen his face.

Likewise, in order for her children to grow and thrive away from the hassle of media and the public, Amanda and Thomas are raising their kids in their Catskills farmhouse alongside Amanda’s mother.


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During an interview with Style Caster, Seyfried talks about how she and her mother raise their kids on a farm teaching them new things about almost everything.

She said,

“My mom lives with us — she’s our nanny. My life is awesome because she is our third parent for us.  I am so lucky, I know I am, When my daughter gets up, she either comes in our room or she goes downstairs. And if we’re still sleeping it’s great, ’cause she can hang out with my mom. She wakes up early.”

Similarly, she further added that she is lucky that her family is in this together. Likewise, she is also thankful that this sole farm lifestyle has made her marriage even stronger.

Thomas Seyfried Sadoski Has An Older Sister

The two-year-old future star has an older sister named Nina Sadoski Seyfried. She is currently 5 years old and is three and half years older than Thomas.

Just like him, his sister Nina is also a full-time farm girl helping their grandma and parents around with anything they can.

Thomas Sadoski with his older sister and mother
Thomas a a newly born baby alongside his mother Amanda and his sister Nina and their pet dog

Going through Amanda’s official IG handle @mingey, we can see a back view and a long-distance glimpse of the Sadoski siblings enjoying life. In the posts, we can watch Thomas and Nina helping around the farm feeding chickens, watering plants, and all.

This lifestyle has definitely made him and his sister fearless of animals like cows, goats, horses, and donkeys. Well, I don’t think any other kids of their age would go straight to animals and pet them.

Thomas Is Named After His Actor Father- Who Is His Father?

For anyone new, it may sound confusing to address the father-son duo as they both have the same name and surname, Thomas Sadoski.

Thomas’ father is also a stage, film, and television actor widely popular for his role as Don Keefner in the HBO television series The Newsroom. Similarly, he is also known for playing Matt Short in the CBS series Life in Pieces.

He began his professional journey as the undercover for A-list actor Mark Ruffalo in the critically proclaimed play This is Our Youth. After that, he starred in several theatrical productions like Gemini, The Hot I Baltimore, The Skin of Our Teeth, Street Scene, Reckless, Becky Shaw, reasons to be pretty, Belleville, and White Noise.

Likewise, the father of two made his film debut as Chris in the 2000 movie Loser directed by Amy Heckerling. Moreover, he made a big name for himself in the film world with his role as Chad Stahelski in John Wick’s film sequel starring Keanu Reeves in the titular role.

Thomas Seyfried Sadoski and his father Thomas Sadoski are very close to each other
Thomas alongside his actor father Thomas Sadoski on a day out

As of 2022, he is set to appear as Dick Cevoli in the upcoming J.D. Dillard film Devotion. In a similar way, his other upcoming project is Lilly which is currently filming an Apple TV+ series The Crowded Room.

Thomas Seyfried Sadoski’s Parents Went From Being A Reel-Life To Real Life Couple

As we’ve already revealed, the parents of the two are both actors by profession and crossed paths during a shoot. They first met one another on the set of The Way We Get By and started dating only after meeting again on the set of The Last Word.

In the movie, the pair played a couple which quickly turns into a real-life thing. The couple’s chemistry took off very quickly as they announced their engagement in September 2016 only a few months after dating.

After being engaged for about a year, the pair eloped and exchanged their marital vows in a private ceremony on 12th March 2017. During their marriage, Amanda was nine months pregnant with their first child Nina.

Thomas mom Amanda Seyfried during her pregnancy with him
Mean Girls star Amanda Seyfried on a beach outing whilst pregnant with Thomas

Several years later, Thomas talks about their elopement on The Late Late Show with James Corden saying

We eloped. We just took off into the country with an officiant and, just the two of us, and we did our thing,”

They welcomed their first child two weeks after marrying on 24th March 2017 in New York City. Similarly, their second child Thomas was born on 29th September 2020.

Thomas Seyfried Sadoski Lives A Luxurious Life

The two years old Thomas is too young to have a career of his own although he lives a lavish lifestyle alongside his older sister. Thanks to their millionaire parents, the star kids are living a luxurious lifestyle at a such young age.

Talking about his actress mother, Amanda Seyfried’s current net worth is around $16 million. She earns her fortune as an actress, endorsement deals, and a modeling career.

Likewise, his father, Thomas Sadoski is worth around $4 million as of mid-2022. Like his wife, he is also an actor by profession. Besides that, the couple is board members of the non-profit organization Fortify Rights and INARA.

The family of four currently lives alongside Seyfried’s mother in their renovated farmhouse located in Catskills, upstate New York. Their farmhouse includes a barn where they keep their cows, goats, chicken, & horses.