Who Is Todd Bowles’ Wife? His Love Affairs, Girlfriends, & More

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Todd Bowles is one of the well-known names in the field of American football. He identifies as a defensive coordinator for a national Football team, Tampa Day Buccaneers all over the world.

Globally recognized as one of the skilled football coaches as well as a past player of American football, Todd has made a huge impact on his fans through his works. Along with his professional life, fans are keen to know about his personal life, especially about his wife and love affairs.

This handsome macho has been married twice to date. How is his relationship at present? All about his girlfriends or relationships? Read further to know all about the coach’s life.

Todd Bowles’ Is Married To Second Wife For Over A Decade

Todd has been happily married to his long-term girlfriend, Taneka Bowles for more than a decade. The lovely couple first met in 2007 and started dating after Bowel and his ex-wife separated.

The couple gave birth to their first child, a son after 4 years of dating. Tonn and Taneka developed much more love and a strong connection after the arrival of their baby. Hence the couple finally decided to get married after a year of being parents.

Although being together for such a long time, the husband and wife prefer to live a private life. None of them are active on social media. In fact, they have shared very limited pictures of them in public.

About Todd Bowles’ Life Partner, Taneka Bowles

Taneka is not recognized by the public as much as her husband. Her name started to roam around the media only after her involvement with Todd.

Todd’s wife Taneka was born on January 1st, 1976, in an African-American family. She grew up in the United States and hence holds an American nationality.

Todd Bowles' wife, Taneka Bowles
A picture of Bowles’ wife, Taneka.

As a wife, she has been very supportive towards her hubby. Being a better half to a head coach of the NFL and a very busy personality, Taneka has to be responsible for looking after the kids single-handedly.

When Did Tonn and Taneka Marry?

The couple got married after 5 years of dating each other. They exchanged their vows in the year of 2012 in an intimate wedding. It was a small ceremony that was attended by their relatives along with their firstborn.

Todd Bowle with his wife Taneka
Todd with his wife Taneka have been married for a decade. Source: Digestwire

Taneka has been a huge cheerleader in Todd’s personal and professional life. She not only helped Todd during their relationship but also to get out of his divorce. The couple is going strong together even after 10 years of marriage. The powerful couple has been growing and glowing together.

Where Is Todd Bowles’ Ex-Wife Now?

As you read earlier, Todd was a divorcee before marrying his now-wife Taneka. He was a husband to Jill Jenkins until they separated after 7 years of marriage in 2008. The valid reason for their separation is still unknown but there’s a high chance of it being due to internal conflicts.

Bowels has two sons from his marriage to Jill and also a daughter from Jill’s previous marriage. Unfortunately, Jenkins is no more in the world today. She passed away in the year 2017, at the age of fifty. Despite the couple’s separation, Todd held full responsibility for their three children and proved to be a responsible guardian.

Todd Is A Father To Four Children

The Bowles family consists of six members today. The NFL Coach and Taneka have four children. Three are from Todd’s previous marriage and one from their own.

The two sons from Todd’s previous partner, Todd Bowles Jr., and Troy Bowles are living with their father and stepmother, Taneka at this time. Bowles also adopted his stepdaughter, Sydni Paige Russel from Jill’s previous marriage. Further, Todd and Taneka welcomed their son, Tyson in 2011. Tyson is the only son they have together till today.

Todd and Taneka with their three sons
Todd Bowles Wife along with their three sons, Todd Bowles Jr.(right), Troy Bowles (left), and Tyson(center). Source: the athletic

Bowles’ family has a pretty secretive life. There is no information about what their kids are doing. However, we know that Sydni previously was a cheerleader for the New Orleans Hornets, an NBA team. Furthermore, she is in a long-term relationship with Tyrann Mathieu, an Arizona Cardinals player, and has a child with him.

Todd and Taneka are not only a strong couple but also very good parents. They have given a very good and resourceful life to all their children and are living a happy family life.

Key Takeaways

  • Bowles is an established Football coach and also an ex-player.
  • He is married to his long-term partner, Taneka Bowles.
  • Todd was previously married to Jill Jenkins and separated in 2008.
  • He has a total of four children from two of his marriages, three sons and an adopted stepdaughter.