Alex Meyers Wife: Did You Know He Was Actually Married?

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Animator/narrator, Alex Meyers is known for his comedic reaction to renowned TV shows/movies on YouTube. He has a self-titled channel with over 3 million subscribers. Despite the fame, Meyers has managed to keep details of his personal life away from the radar. His fans are always concerned about his love life, wonder how he began his YouTube journey, and want to find out details about his early life.

Well, the wait is finally over! In this article, we will present you with all the known information on Alex’s life. Dig deeper below to learn all the exciting facts.

Alex Meyers’s Love Life; Does He Have A Wife?

You’ll be surprised to know that he was once married to his long-term girlfriend. For those who have not followed him since the beginning, Meyers casually announced the news in June 2018. Reportedly, a fan noticed a ring on his finger and wanted to know more.

Furthermore, he replied on Twitter,

“We got married back in January (2018), but had the rings custom made so it took a while.”

Even before that, he had introduced his “wife” on his channel in 2016. Fans noticed that she was Japanese with fluency in English. The YouTube narrator also revealed that they had been together for several months.

Unfortunately, life took a massive turn and the two of them separated in early 2020. The couple did not have any kids but had a pet dog named Charlie; his ex took the dog as they got divorced. To this very day, the reason for their break up isn’t known.

He Is Allegedly Dating A “Mystery” Woman In 2023

Following the separation, in November 2020, he tweeted that he had a new “girlfriend”. Of course, he did not reveal her identity, but the comedic content creator posted a photo of them online.

Now, the tweet and the photo have been deleted, however, fans speculate that he is still in a relationship with the “mystery” woman. Moreover, Meyers’s silence on the topic has prompted them to spread the rumors even more.

Meyers Was Initially An IT Expert

In 2012, Alex used to work and live in Japan. He formerly had a job in a pharmaceutical business in Tokyo. Meyers was a part of their IT team. His work, back then, was focused on answering phone calls from troubled clients.

Moreover, he recalls his earlier days as “agitating” and “boring”. In addition to this, his former job also did not live up to his expectations. During an interview with Creator Handbook, he said,

“After a few months, I just realized that it was very boring and unfulfilling.”

Alex always thought of himself as a creative person. Thus, upon leaving his job in Japan he explored other ways to use his creativity to earn money. That is how he came across YouTube.

He Worked Hard All By Himself To Make His Channel Grow

After a lot of brainstorming, he began his YouTube journey in July 2015. His first-ever video was titled, The History of GFW Radio; it was dedicated to Games for Windows. He further posted two more videos on the topic and gained his first 100 subscribers.

A Screenshot of Alex's YouTube video
Alex’s animated character

However, he did not receive much attention in the earlier days as he had hoped. For the next two years, he posted content on numerous movies, series, games, anime, and music. Sadly, his videos barely had 12-20 views.

Therefore, it was about time that he found a “niche” for his career to reach greater heights. Furthermore, he leaned on animation to make his content stand out. He soon began posting a series of comedic reactions to popular TV shows and films; his first one was on Riverdale.

To this very day, Meyers continues to use his animated persona to entertain his millions of subscribers. On a similar note, he is also quite popular on Twitter.

Alex Also Has A Podcast; What Is It About?

He began a podcast, Doin’ the Devil’s Tango, in August 2020. The central idea for it was to provide relationship advice to his subscribers. Alex used to reply to the emails from his followers who sent him their personal stories.

Unlike the other videos on his channel, the podcast, however, did not receive as much love. Nonetheless, they’re still part of his long journey on YouTube.

Alex Meyers Is A Native Of Iowa; His Life Before Fame

Born on 17th May 1988, he is [calculate_age birthdate=”1988-05-17″] years old as of [write_year]. He originally comes from Sioux City, Iowa. Unfortunately, further details of his life as a child are unknown. Even more so, the names of his parents and whether or not he had any siblings are not available on the Internet.

YouTuber, Alex is from Iowa
Alex Meyers

Nevertheless, we do know for a fact that he moved to Japan in 2006; it was regarding his higher studies in IT, and eventually, his job in Tokyo.

Is The YouTuber Rich? His Net Worth

Yes, Alex is indeed very rich. According to several sources, he has a whopping net worth of over $2 million in [write_Year]. A huge chunk of his salary comes from his YouTube channel alone, while a part of it comes from his podcast too. Moreover, based on our calculations, he earns almost $250,000 a year from his channel, making videos by reacting to TV shows/movies.

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