What Does Trinity Morisette Do For A Living? Her Career, Boyfriend, & More

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Trinity Morisette is a young influencer advocating for “body positivity.” Through her popularity on TikTok and Instagram, she focuses on health and beauty but not according to standard definition; the teenager is concerned more with mental health and inner beauty.

Morisette prioritizes mental health by focusing on kindness, empathy, and positivity. Within a span of a few years, she managed to garner a lot of fans and prominence.

She is also a person to watch out for off the social media spotlight with her above-average educational background. She furthermore has quite a successful reach on social media platforms (including nearly 4 million followers on TikTok and over half a million on Insta). Know all about her life, some outstanding feats, and also find if she has a boyfriend.

Trinity Morisette Started College At 14 

Trinity was born on March 25th, 2003. While the youngster hasn’t said much about her family, in an interview, she once revealed she has a brother and he has Down syndrome.

Influencer Trinity Morisette started college at 14.
Trinity Morisette studied neuroscience and biology at Florida Atlantic University. Source: Facebook

Morisette started off college at an impressively young age. She began her University education straight out of middle school.

The Florida Atlantic University accepted her application when she was just 13 and by the age of 16, she was already a junior.

Trinity Morisette Has A Double Major In Neuroscience And Biology

Explaining why she chose the specific study, Morisette said her fascination with the human brain was what sparked her interest in the sciences. She says the physiological and psychological aspects [of the human brain] intrigue her.

Speaking of her university journey, the 18-year-old said,

“College has been an adventure. FAU has been good to me. I wouldn’t change a thing and will forever be grateful!”

She claims her successes have been the result of her own perseverance, dedication, and schedules.

The blonde media star explained she literally had every class, test, homework assignment, allotted study time as well as rest/play time written on her calendar.

She thinks it’s important to schedule downtime in order to refresh and refuel.

She Has Participated In Several Curriculum Outings 

Since her early teen years, Morisette has been involved in all respects.

In 2018, she participated in the world robotics competition held in Texas.

Trinity Morisette has volunteered for several summer camp programs.
Trinity Morisette has been a science and tech enthusiast since her early teens. Source: Facebook

That summer, Trinity also volunteered her time to the Tech Charge summer camp in Florida, Boca Raton. She worked with underprivileged children of all ages and created a fun and safe learning environment. She additionally taught them about computer-aided design (CAD) software and other high-tech equipment.

Further, she has also volunteered for Ride 2 Revive, an organization that provides children, who are undergoing medical treatment for life-threatening illnesses.

Trinity Morisette Career As An Influencer

Morisette started her influencer journey in July 2018.

In an interview, the Florida Atlantic University graduate confessed, for her positivity means diffusing negativity through kindness and empathy.

Capitalizing on her beauty, Trinity has modeled for Palm Beach outlets and for multiple issues of Cars and Coffee Palm Beach. She likewise has posed and represented Lamborghini Broward, Lamborghini Palm Beach, as well as HGreg Lux.

Other brands she represents include Elf Cosmetics, Flighthouse, Ivory Ella, Fashion nova, among others.

She Says She Wants To Create Her Own Music 

She also once participated in the Special Olympics. Morisette says it allowed her to first-hand experience the inspiration and sense of pride, self-worth, and community that the organization instills in everyone.

She has also appeared on YouTubers React. She made her debut in episode 183, titled Try To Watch This Without Laughing Or Grinning.

When asked what are her upcoming plan, the neuroscience student said she was looking into releasing some music of her own.

Does Trinity Morisette Have A Boyfriend?

Morisette is currently dating a six-foot-five-inches tall Cuban American, David Ramos. Ramos can be found on the teenager’s Instagram and TikTok getting himself involved in some of her internet doings. He is a collegiate baseball player and a pre-medical student.


We have to much fun! ❤️ @david_a5_ramos

♬ TWINNEM – Coi Leray

This love interest of Trinity first made his appearance on her Ig on Dec 4, 2021. In the specific post, the Instagram model with over 600k followers can be seen doing Koala Challenge on her. The same year on Christmas, the very man showed up on Morisette’s moblog, this time the chemistry between the two insinuated as if they were more than just some fellow internet collaborators.

While Morisette is yet to talk clearly about her relationship with Ramos, she has on several occasions referred him with a classic red heart emoticon.

How Much She Earns As An Influencer?

It is quite evident and apparent that the teenage influencer long ago achieved her financial freedom. It, however, is unclear as to what figures she brings in for promoting all those exotic products and luxury vehicles.

Trinity has been influencer promoting body and mid positivity since her teens.
TikToker and body influencer Trinity Morisette in Aug 2021. Source: Facebook

While there’s no one particular way that digital stars like Trinity are known to make, they still by stats pull a considerable amount of wealth in a relatively short period.

Taking the number of all her followers into consideration and the extent of her popularity, she could very well have a net worth – anywhere from tens of thousands to even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Other Facts About Trinity Morisette 

Trinity prefers eBikes and thinks everyone in the world should have one. She says it is the most practical choice for all ages and abilities around the world.


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