All About Ronnie Radke Wife, Girlfriend, Ethnicity, Net Worth

All About Ronnie Radke Wife, Girlfriend, Ethnicity, Net Worth
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Ronnie Radke, the sensational rock singer has been in the eye of many people since his involvement with the professional wrestler, Saraya Jade Bevis. Apart from this, Radke has several other girlfriends and controversies related to it too.

The Blackfoot Indian and Portuguese musician was previously engaged with model Crissy Henderson. So, what might be the reason for their separation? Who is Radke’s wife or girlfriend today?

Here, in this article, we will get to know about Radke’s relationships, ethnicity as well and net worth.

Who Is Ronnie Radke’s Wife?

Radke is yet to get married. Despite his several romantic relationships, Radke still seems to be taking time to be ready for marriage and commitment.

Although Ronnie has never got married, he was once engaged to model, Crissy Henderson which sadly ended after only a year. Radke had several other girlfriends before and after his engagement with Crissy.

Ronnie Radke’s Ex-Fiancé; Crissy Henderson. Did He Cheat on Her?

As you all read earlier, Radke was in a relationship with Crissy Henderson for more than a year. They both first met at a concert and started dating each other since then.

Ronnie Radke, ex-fiance, Crissy Henderson, girlfriend
Singer Ronnie Radke with his ex-fiancé, Crissy Henderson. Source: Tumblr

The relationship seemed pretty serious as both of them decided to get engaged. Crissy was pregnant with Ronnie’s child when they got engaged. Although Henderson was all into Ronnie, there was infidelity from his side.

The couple separated on a very bad term since Ronnie cheated on Crissy during her pregnancy.

Ronnie Radke’s Unstable Dating Life; How many Girlfriends Did He Have?

Ronnie had uncountable involvement with several women in his lifetime. Several names rise when it comes to the list of Radke’s girlfriends.

Ronnie Radke’s Girlfriends / Partners


Lexus Amanda Unknown
Mandy Murders2004-2007
Audrey Kitching 2007-2008
Emily Elison2008-2009
Sally Watts2009-2011
Crissy Henderson2012-2013
Alexa PenaVega2012
Jenna King2014
Caroline Burt2015-1016
Saraya-Jade Bevis2018- current


All of his relationships were mostly short-term and did not last more than a year or two. The first ever known girlfriend of Radke was Lexus Amanda. Similar to Ronnie, Amanda was also a rock musician. After ending terms with Amanda, Radke started dating Mandy Murders in the year 2004. She was an adult and glamorous model. Their relationship too ended after nearly 3 years of dating.

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Following all these, there were several other women Radke dated. He was with a fashion blogger and model Audrey Kitching for only about 9 months. Consecutively, he dated, Emily Elison for about 10 months. This relationship ended with a rumor of them being secretly married. Immediately after separating from Emily, Radke started dating Sally Watts which lasted for nearly two years.

Ronnie Radke, ex-girlfriend,
Ronnie Radke with one of his ex-girlfriends, Many Murders

After Sally, Radke was in a relationship with his ex-fiancé Crissy. During the relationship with Crissy in the year 2012, Radke was rumored to be also dating actress and singer Alexa PenaVega. Although it was never confirmed there is an assumption that Radke cheated on his ex-fiancé Crissy with Alexa.

A couple of years later, Ronnie started dating TV actress, Jenna King. They separated when Radke was jailed. After Jenna, Radke dated Caroline Burt for less than a year which was till the year 2016.

Was Ronnie Radke Abusive to His Girlfriends? Why was He Jailed?

In the year, 2012, Ronnie Radke was arrested on the accusation of being physically abusive to his partner, Sally Watts. Sally claimed that Radke gave her a black eye and he was someone of whom you should be afraid. Ronnie refused to appear at the scheduled court hearing of the case which indicated him being guilty. The singer was charged with misdemeanor false imprisonment and was let go after paying a bail of $30,000.

Radke had a criminal history as well. He was jailed for going against the probation linked to his involvement in a murder in 2006. Later, in the year 2012, he was charged with aggravated assault. Following this he was also falsely accused of rape and sexual assault.

Who Is Ronnie Rakde’s Girlfriend at Present? Is He Married?

After being in several problematic and controversial relationships, today Ronnie is in a stable relationship with wrestler Saraya-Jade Bevis aka Paige. They started dating in late 2018 when Saraya split up with her former partner, Alberto El Patron.

Ronnie Radke, musician, girlfriend, Saraya Bevis, WWE champion
Ronnie Radke with his girlfriend, Saraya Bevis Source: Saraya’s Instagram

They both are constantly posting each other’s pictures on their accounts and seem very happy together. They are also helping each other to cut off drugs and alcohol which is making their relationship much healthier. In the podcast “Talk Is Jericho”, Bevis said,

I’ve been sober from drugs a lot longer time. When I first came back to WWE I had to stop taking drugs. Alcohol I was still drinking and then I and Ronnie (Radke) got together, and he had the idea of completely cutting out alcohol.

The couple admires and appreciates one another through social media platforms and seems to have a very peaceful and lovely life. Although they have a long-term relationship, this couple is still not near marrying each other.

Ronnie Radke’s Girlfriend, Saraya is a Wrestler

Ronnie Radke’s long-term girlfriend belongs to a professional wrestling family. She started her career at the early age of 13 with the ring name Paige. Following a stint in the WWE, she also performed in NXT Women’s Champion, Divas Champion, and Women’s Revolution. Since the year 2022, Saraya has been working with the All-Elite Wrestling.

Besides her wrestling career, Saraya also has several business ventures. In the year 2015, she launched a coffee company but signed off from it in 2016. Following it, in 2017 the WWE champion launched an online clothing store under her name which outgrew to open a store in Anaheim, California.

Saraya Bevis, Ronnie Radke's gf, Wrestler, musician
Ronnie Radke’s Girlfriend, Saraya Bevis Source: Her Instagram

After the big success of her clothing line, Paige introduced her makeup line, Saraya Jade Cosmetics in 2016. Her business flourished and she seems to have made a good income out of it.

Ronnie Radke Has a Daughter

As mentioned earlier, Ronnie has a child with his ex-fiancé, Crissy Henderson. They have a daughter, Willow born on June 11, 2013.

Radke is often seen cherishing his daughter’s achievements on his Instagram account. But in comparison to Radke, his ex-fiance Crissy seems closer to their daughter. She has shared several pictures of her daughter spending time together and going on vacations. This might indicate that Willow gets to spend more time with her mother than her father.

Willow, Ronnie Radke's daughter, ex-fiance Crissy Henderson
Ronnie Radke’s ex-fiancé, Crissy, and their daughter Willow. Source: Crissy’s Instagram

Despite of separation of her parents, Willow seems to be getting equal love and affection from both of her parents. She also has an Instagram account which is not active.

Where Does Ronnie Radke Come from? His Ethnicity

The talented singer and songwriter is a native of Las Vegas, Nevada. He belongs to a mixed- ethnicity of Portuguese and Blackfoot Indian ancestry.

Radke had quite a troubled childhood as his mother was a drug addict which made his family life tough.

Ronnie Radke, musician, singer
Ronnie Radke in one of his concerts.

His musical career came to rise after he joined as the lead singer for a post-hardcore band. Similarly, he also released solo albums and rap mixtapes. The singer is also popular for his energetic and hyped concerts and live shows.

Roddie Radke’s Net Worth

The rock singer and songwriter is worth $5 million as of 2024. He has been making a healthy amount of income as a musician for a long time.

On the other hand, his girlfriend, Saraya makes about $3 million. The couple is living a wealthy and fulfilling life.