Is Catherine Tate Married? Who Is Her Husband? Her Past Affair with a Singer

Is Catherine Tate Married? Who Is Her Husband? Her Past Affair with a Singer
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Catherine Tate has been famous for her comedic roles in several movies and shows in the early 2000s. Her starring as six characters in her recently released Netflix comedy series, Hard Cell has increased immense hype among Tate’s fans.

Despite her very known professional life, Tate has impressively managed her personal life to be a secret. Her fans are very keen to know much about her personal life, especially her relationships.

So, is Tate married? Who is her husband? Here we will know all about the beautiful comedian’s love life and all about her past and present partners.

Let’s start.

Catherine Tate Is Engaged to be Married

To your surprise, the 54 years old actress is not married yet. Although she has not decided to start a married life yet, she is happily engaged today.

A picture of Actress Catherine Tate
Actress Catherine Tate is not married yet. Source: Getty

After being in several romantic relationships with several people, Catherine decided to get engaged with screenwriter, Jeff Gutheim. The couple got engaged to each other in the year 2019.

Despite being engaged for 4 years as of 2023, the couple has not decided to get married yet. Guthiem was previously married to his wife Tracey.

Why has Tate not Married her Fiance yet?

Well, at first, the pair had decided on a 2020 Summer wedding, however, due to Covid-19 pandemic, they had to call it off. And since then, it looks like they just haven’t found the right timing yet.

Who Is Catherine Tate’s Husband?

As you read earlier Tate is yet to get married to anyone hence does not have a husband. Since 2019, she has been committed to screenwriter Jeff Gutheim. Nevertheless, the lovebirds will marry soon.

The divorced father of three went down to his knees and proposed to Catherine in the year 2019. Although being happily engaged for more than years, the couple has not decided to get married yet.

Catherine Tate with her fiancé Jeff
Catherine and Jeff got engaged in 2019.

Besides, Jeff is a 51-year-old popular movie screenwriter. He has been active in the field of the movie industry since early 2000. Jeff has recently worked in the upcoming six-part comedy series, Queen of Oz which is also starring his fiancé, Catherine. The movie will release by end of 2023.

About Tate’s Past Relationships; Once Dated a Singer

Catherine has been active in the field of the movie industry for the past three decades. Being in the limelight for this long, she has a fair share of relationships.

Tate was in a long-term relationship with Twig Clark who is a stage manager. They were together since 2002 and totally committed to each other for 8 years straight.

Catherine with her ex-boyfriend Clark Twig
Comedian Actress Catherine with her ex-boyfriend Twig Clark. Source: Hello

Catherine and Twig gave birth to a child during their relationship, a daughter, Erin Johanna Clark. Unfortunately, Tate and Twig’s relationship didn’t last long and they sadly separated in the summer of 2011.

After her breakup with Clark, Tate was in a short-term relationship with Take That vocalist, Jason Orange and Adrian Chiles from 2011 to 2012 and 2012 to 2013 respectively. She met both of them through her work in the Television industry.

Catherine Is A Mother To A Daughter

Tate gave birth to her only child with her ex-partner Twig in January 2003. Tate had to give birth to her child through an emergency C-section due to a few complications. She suffered from post-natal depression and also suffers from regular panic attacks at present too.

Catherine Tate with her daughter, Erin
An old picture of Actress Tate with her daughter, Erin. Source: reddit

Tate has been able to keep her daughter out of the media till today. She is currently 21 years old and probably might have completed her high school by 2023.

Where Is Catherine Tate Today?

Catherine has been actively working as a comedy actress for the past three decades. Presently, she is still working for several movies and television shows.

Tate is not much active on social media and is quite secretive about her personal life. Today, she is living a happily engaged life with her fiancé, Jeff. Hope we will get to witness their wedding soon too.