Angela Victoria Johnson Life Post Split With Ex-Boyfriend Kyle Chrisley

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Angela Victoria Johnson Life Post Split With Ex-Boyfriend Kyle Chrisley
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Angela Victoria Johnson is the ex-girlfriend of Kyle Chrisley, the estranged son of the real estate hero Todd Chrisley. With her ex-boyfriend, Angela also has a daughter Chloe, who is the little star of the TV reality show Chrisley Knows Best.

Besides, Johnson also got into a controversy in 2016 when Kyle’s ex was arrested by authorities over Medicaid fraud charges. While the news created a huge buzz at the time, Angela reportedly leads quite a low-profile life at present.

However, there are a lot of interesting things to know about her. Did Chloe Chrisley’s biological mother Angela Victoria Johnson marry following her split with Kyle? How is her relationship with her daughter? Further, also know about her parents, career, and many other interesting facts.

Who Is Angela Victoria Johnson?

Angela is a very private person when it comes to her professional life. But in one of her Twitter posts in December 2015, Angela has mentioned herself as a nurse. Besides, she also had her hands in a few modeling projects. In fact, she has shared her photoshoots on multiple occasions on her Twitter posts.

What is Angela Victoria Johnson doing now?
Chloe Chrisley’s mother Angela Victoria Johnson.

At present, she lives a very private life away from the media and spotlight.

Angela Victoria Johnson is the ex-girlfriend of Kyle Chrisley: Their past affair

Johnson is primarily recognized for her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Kyle Chrisley, Todd Chrisley‘s son. Angela gained immense exposure following her relationship with Business tycoon Todd’s son Kyle.

However, as fate had it, her relationship with her then-boyfriend didn’t prove to be as healthy. There were reports of several conflicts between Johnson and Chrisley.

Angela Victoria Johnson ex-boyfriend Kyle Chrisley
Angela Victoria Johnson’s ex-boyfriend Kyle Chrisley

In fact, she even accused Chrisley of abusing her while she was pregnant with their daughter.

Did Angela And Her Boyfriend Kyle Marry?

Though there were rumors that the two would get married, the wedding bell never rang. However, Angela and Kyle dated for a few years and, as mentioned above, also have a child.

But unfortunately, their relationship didn’t last as long. Just a few months after the birth of their first child together, the couple separated.

While they have not mentioned the exact reason behind their split, tabloids suggest Angela split with Kyle because of his addiction to drugs. Kyle’s alleged physical abuse could also be one of the reasons.

Angela Victoria Johnson’ Daughter, Chloe, with Her Ex-boyfriend

The beautiful lady Angela is already a mother. She has a daughter named Chloe Chrisley with her former partner Kyle. She welcomed her first child in 2012, and share a great relationship with her.

As for Chloe, she is famous for her appearance in Chrisley Knows Best and is already a media sensation. She has made several appearances with her father Kyle on the show.

While the 10 years old shares a great relationship with her mother, she is also very close to her grandparent Todd, and her father as well. The grandfather to two kids, Todd often shares beautiful pictures of his grandkids on his social media.

Well, the business tycoon wished Chloe her 8th birthday on November 11, 2019.

Johnson Is Very Close To Her Daughter Chloe

Like any mother, Angela shares a great bond with her daughter. Though she has been inactive on social media recently, Angela often shared beautiful pictures with her daughter on her Twitter handle.

Most of her Twitter posts are related to Chloe in one way or the other. Besides, Chloe too is very much into her mother and seems to enjoy her company. Check out this post of Chloe driving with her mother.

Kyle Chrisley Has a Sole Custody Of Angela’s Daughter, Chloe, At Present

Angela had custody of her daughter initially, but not at present. As of 2022, Todd has sole custody of the ten years old. Following the arrest of Kyle in 2013. Angela had combined custody of her daughter along with Todd. However, in 2016, she was arrested for alleged Medicaid fraud after which Kyle has been granted full custody.

Her Legal Troubles: Angela charged with Medicaid Fraud in 2016

The mother of one Angela got into trouble in 2016 after she was arrested for Medicaid fraud. She was reportedly arrested on April 27, in Anderson County for a “false statement on an application for Medicaid assistance.”

As per the arrest warrant obtained by Radaronline, Angela willfully tried to make false statements concerning the Medicaid program. Well, the warrant reads as follows.

Between September 2013 and present the defendant, Angela Victoria Johnson, did knowingly and willfully make, or caused to be make, a false statement or representation of material fact on an application for assistance, goods, or services under the state’s Medicaid program

Ex-Boyfriend Kyle Was Arrested in 2019

In May 2019, her ex-bae Kyle was charged with possession of methamphetamine. As per the reports, the police found a pouch of methamphetamine in his car.

The interesting fact is that the police only got to find the drug after cops pulled him over in Oklahoma for a broken taillight. Police reportedly discovered the drugs hidden in a cup after a search in his car.

Kyle Married Wife Alexus Whilby After His Split With Angela

Following the split with Angela, Kyle got married to Alexus Whilby. As per the reports, they tied the knot in 2014. The two reportedly dated for a while before they took the wedding vows.

The couple reportedly met online after which they eventually got in touch. Moreover, there are claims that they are high schoolmates, which is untrue as Kyle studied in a private military high school.

However, talking about Angela’s relationship status as of 2022, it still remains unknown.

 Angela Victoria Johnson’s Net Worth and Current Whereabouts

Unfortunately, the exact amount of her net worth is yet to be revealed. In the meantime, her ex-partner Kyle has an estimated fortune of $1.5 million as of 2022.

As Angela has kept her life entirely out of the mainstream any information about where is Chloe Chrisley’s mom Angela now is still missing.

Her Social Media

The beautiful Angela is not on any platform except for Twitter. Though he is on the platform, he is not active since April 2016. On her account, where she is active as Angela Johnson, she has over 1k followers.

Hopefully, we will get to see her on some other platforms very soon as well.