Nicole Tuck Wiki: Untold Truth About DJ Khaled’s Wife

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Nicole Tuck Wiki: Untold Truth About DJ Khaled’s Wife
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Nicole Tuck is a philanthropist and an art graduate who is better known as the longtime partner and wife of DJ Khaled, a DJ, record executive, author, and record producer.

Tuck and Khaled have been together since the 90s with two children. Khaled’s wife, Nicole is just another name behind a famous celebrity musician who albeit not famous as their romantic counterpart, has quite a story to tell.

The Lean Back singer has been pretty expressive about his relationship with his wife, Tuck, yet the complete narratives with respect to their early relationship have been few and far between. In addition, the inside specifics concerning her prior life are also equally matters of estimations and shots. Decode, what’s Nicole Tuck’s true history in the arrays of statements below.

How Old Is DJ Khaled’s Wife, Nicole Tuck; Her History, and All 

The No Brainer singer, Khaled’s wife, Nicole Tuck who was born in Dec 1975, as of 2023, is 47 years old. She is a native of New Rochelle, New York.

While not official, it is presumed Nicole is also a child of immigrants from Palestine similar to her husband.

Who Are Tuck’s Father And Mother?

Although neither Tuck nor her artist husband, Khaled talks about her parents that often, the former apparently is still close with her parents and often even shares their pictures on her social media profiles.

DJ Khaled with his wife and Marymount college graduate, Nicole Tuck.
Louisiana-born DJ, DJ Khaled with his fiancee and ex-fine arts student, Nicole Tuck. Getty

Nicole, nevertheless, once mentioned her mother was with the PTA and was also a one-time substitute teacher in her school. Tuck’s mother now reportedly is a yoga teacher or something.

Her father, on the other hand,  is now in his late ’80s though he apparently is still working full time. Tuck’s father, Elwood Tuck apparently was an important figure in the community of Palestine where the family used to reside.

Nicole Tuck Was A Fine Arts Student 

Tuck studied at Marymount Manhattan College from where she graduated in 2003 with a degree in Bachelors in Fine Arts. Following that, Mrs. Khaled studied at Fordham University. There she pursued a degree in Business Administration and graduated in the year 2005.

Tuck Used To Run Her Own Clothing Brand

Tuck started her own clothing line in the early 2010s reportedly in 2011 though it now reportedly is no longer in the run. It apparently went by the name, Always Be You. As per sources, Nicole’s apparel business focused on the funky and streetwear fashion that is prevalent in New York and Miami.

Nicole Tuck Husband DJ Khaled
Philanthropist and unofficial manager, Nicole Tuck with her fiance and Suffering From Success, DJ Khalid. Getty

Nicole did have help from her artist husband as it was him who endorsed his wife’s line. However, while the company enjoyed some success at the beginning, it later had to stop its operation as it failed to compete against its rivals.

What Does Nicole Tuck Do Now? 

Only within the limits about her current professional pursuits have been discussed. Nicole, however, for all one knows is presumably an unofficial manager of her husband, Khaled. She reportedly oversees many aspects of her partner’s musical back-door works and others.

When Did DJ Khaled Meet His Wife Nicole Tuck? 

While reports vary as to when and where Khaled and Nicole met each other, it has been widely presumed that the couple started dating sometime in the 90s.

When they first met, the Billboard chart-topper was just starting his career. The news of their engagement, however, didn’t come to the media’s attention until 2016.

Nicole Tuck Dated His Boyfriend-Turned-Husband DJ Khaled
The daughter of immigrant parents, Nicole Tuck with her partner and record executive, DJ Khaled. Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock

While they were in a relationship for over a decade, Tuck and Khaled got engaged only after the birth of their son in Oct 2016. That year they welcomed their first child, a boy, named, Asahd Tuck Khaled. Four years later, Nicole and her spouse had their second son, Aalam Khaled in Jan 2020.

Are DJ Khaled And Nicole Tuck Really Married; When Did Their Wedding Take Place?   

Despite the internet knowing Tuck as Khalid’s wife, there never really has been a wedding story in regard to the Spies In Disguise actor and the mother of his two sons. Further for all that the Grammy winner is open about his life on his social media, not once has he mentioned anything as close to marriage with Tuck. What, nonetheless, has been a prevailing reminder is that the couple is indeed husband and wife; though the philanthropist pair is yet to tell tales about their nuptials.

Khaled Posted The Birth Of Nicole And His Child On Snapchat

Nicole’s husband, Khaled made headlines in late 2016 when he aired the video of their first child’s birth on his Snapchat. The Louisiana-born musician had reportedly asked the doctor, who delivered his and Tuck’s baby if he could record his wife giving birth to their child.

The doctor allowed after which Nicole’s husband went on to capture his wife’s labor and subsequently posted the footage on his Snapchat. As for their second kid, Aalam, Khaled only went as far as saying thanks to Allah, his wife, Nicole, and the doctor on his Instagram.

Nicole Tuck And Khaled Are Open To Having One More Child 

Although Nicole and Khaled are already parents of two and seemingly content with what they have, the New York Times Bestseller once revealed he and his wife are still somewhat down to having more children.

In an episode of Moms Like Us in July 2021, Khaled confessed while he and his partner, Nicole are open to having the third kid, they first are going to wait for Tuck to be in perfect health. In the interview, the singer/author said,

Whatever God gives us, I’m ready.

Khaled also revealed Tuck and he often talks about their third baby. The GREECE singer though said he would like to be certain of Nicole’s good health before they go and try making a new child.

Khaled Won’t Give Oral Sex To Nicole 

Back in 2015, the record executive, Khaled made headlines when he confessed he doesn’t perform oral sex on his wife Nicole Tuck. Of this particular bedroom rule between him and his wife, the Wild Thoughts singer said he doesn’t need to perform oral sex because of his belief that he is the king in his household and for that, he shouldn’t have to.

Nicole's Son Aasahd & Hubby
Author and record producer, DJ Khaled with his wife, Nicole, and their son, Asahd. Shutterstock

Khaled, however, said he expects to receive oral sex from Nicole. The Major Key singer’s this revelation later made a ripple in the Twitter community where his fans as well as other users slammed him and defended Nicole. They argued Tuck deserves better and even advised her to leave Khaled.

Even Dwayne The Rock Johnson joined and implied as a man one should take pride in mastering all performances.

Nicole Tuck Charitable Pursuits 

In addition to supporting her husband with his behind-the-music work, Nicole is into charity as well as she has been reported to endorse several charity organizations through her Instagram. The member of the Terror Squad often posts to her Instagram about her philanthropic endeavors including Hope For Harvest.

The organization focuses on raising money to aid the young kids of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Via her socials, the Hype Man’s wife also urges other people to consider such causes. She additionally is equally partaking in her husband’s charity, We The Best Foundation.

Both Nicole and the Pitch Perfect 3 actor are always ready to give back to the community. As such on their son, Asahd’s second birthday, Tuck and her spouse invited many underprivileged children from their local as their guests. Some 150 such kids came and during the celebration, Khaled and his wife also launched another for the people charity, Asahd Initiative.

Tuck Brother Died During A Robbery Gone Wrong 

In Feb 2018, Nicole lost her brother, Jonathan Tuck in quite a tragic incident.

Jonathan apparently passed away from a gunshot in the face which happened when four people broke into a Belmont apartment in the Bronx, New York where Jonathan at the time was visiting. TMZ claims Nicole’s brother died after a drug deal went wrong.

The magazine also reports Jonathan had gone to the apartment to fetch some weed. He afterward got into an argument with his dealers and later one of them ultimately shot him dead.

Jonathan died after the medic had taken him to the hospital. Sometime late in late 2018, TMZ, however, changed its prior statement and this time it said Tuck’s brother apparently died because he happened to cross paths with the drug dealers when they were battling against each other.

What Really Happened?

People close to the Tuck’s family said Jonathan was at his friend’s house to watch the Super Bowl. Then an attempted robbery happened and when Nicole’s brother tried to interfere, one of the robbers shot him out of life.

The same year in October, the police arrested the rest of the intruders including Jonathan’s murderer. The killer later went to prison for 20 years. The man who killed Tuck’s brother was 22-year-old Richard Jimenez.

During the trial of her brother’s death, the mother of two wrote a letter to the Manhattan courtroom’s judge where she urged him to sentence her brother’s murderer to the extent of “life for a life.” She didn’t concur with any leniency. Nicole, however, couldn’t attend the hearing as she was eight months pregnant at the time.

She also didn’t want to see the man who took her loved one away. Jonathan’s killer, Jimenez asked for forgiveness from Jonathan’s family. Tuck’s brother, Jonathan was a father of a two-year-old daughter and was also close to his sister and Khaled’s wife. Later, Nicole and Khaled jointly issued a statement where they thanked the people for their condolences.

Nicole Tuck Other Facts

  • Nicole was also a production staff in the HBO comedy series, Sex And The City.


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