Ashley Groussman: Every Truth About Tom Arnold’s Ex-Wife

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Ashley Groussman: Every Truth About Tom Arnold’s Ex-Wife
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Ashley Groussman is a professional home organizer who is better known as the ex-wife of Tom Arnold, an actor, and comedian. Groussman’s former spouse, Arnold is best known for his Arnie Thomas in the ABC sitcom, Roseanne (1989-1993).

His other credits include Jackie Thomas on The Jackie Thomas Show (1992-1993), and Tom Amross on The Tom Show (1997 – 1998). Groussman was the wife of Tom Arnold from the late 2000s to the late 2010s.

However, after more than a decade of being together, the couple ended up in the divorce process in a rather bittersweet way. Although they are no longer together, Arnold’s fans have often wanted to know a few or two things about his and Groussman’s relationship; from how they formed a union to why they split up.

Read all those along with some details exclusive to Ashley Groussman in the write-up below. Get a latch on to her birth specifics, her parental whatevs, her profession, and more.

Who Is Ashley Groussman Other Than The Ex-Wife Of Tom Arnold? 

Ashley Groussman fully Ashley Lyn Groussman in actuality is rather a closed book when she is taken out of Arnold’s world. Not even the numbers behind her birthdays are in the viable discussions much less who are her parents. And so is the case with the question, “What is her age?”

While Ashley is on Instagram and Facebook, the brunette ex-celebrity spouse is only about her work in those spaces. Groussman, the woman alleged to be in her late 40s to early 50s, is yet to shed a light on what her ancestral facets look like.

True Lies actor Tom Arnold's ex-wife and a home organizer Ashley Groussman.
Los Angeles-based home organizer and Tom Arnold’s ex-wife Ashley Groussman.

What’s reported or assumed (as a popular opinion) though is that she is a native of Los Angeles, CA. Some reports suggest Groussman is also a Jew much like her ex-husband.

Ashley Groussman Is A Home Organizer And Crystal Expert

The Roseanne star’s former partner, Groussman is a professional home organizer based in Los Angeles. She specializes in crystal-based home decors. Of her profession, former Mrs. Arnold says

On my own journey to loving myself I discovered the incredible powers of crystals. Every crystal type has a different purpose.

She also admits to feeling a deep attraction for Amethyst for the healing of the body, mind, and soul it provides.

Groussman has been collecting all forms of crystals for several years. She believes each crystal magnifies its own properties and they radiate positive, energizing, and calming vibrations.

Ashley is strongly passionate about organically putting different grids together. She thinks the grid is powerful in encompassing all that one desires, needs, and wants. She is also passionate about creating crystal grids for special spaces.

Ashley Relationship With Tom Arnold

Arnold and Groussman married in Maui, Hawaii in a “vintage Oriental style wedding,” on Thanksgiving weekend, 2009 alongside Helen Hunt, Mike Myers, Dax Shepard, and 100 guests. The now ex-couple met through mutual friends the year prior in April 2008 at a seder. The two dated for 19 months before tying the knot.

Roseanne actor Tom Arnold, right, with his ex-wife and home organizer, decorator, Ashley Groussman.
Home organizer, a crystal decorator, Ashley Groussman, left, with her former husband Tom Arnold. Getty

This was the Nine Months star fourth marriage. Before Groussman, Tom’s former wives were Shelby Roos (from 2002 to 2008), Julie Armstrong (from 1995 to 1999), and Roseanne Barr (from 1990 and 1994).

More than 75 families and friends attended Tom and Ashley’s ceremony at Shep and Renee Gordon’s home. Actor Dax Shepard served as Arnold’s best man. The bride’s relative, Andrea Groussman was the maid of honor who had also designed the couple’s rings.

Amidst the time of their wedding, Arnold said,

“I knew that if I could get Ashley to fall in love with me, I’d never have to worry about anything else as long as I lived,”

The Iowa-born actor asked Groussman to marry him in March 2009 at Arnold’s 50th birthday party. Not long after, Groussman, on her socials, had written

“I’m the luckiest girl in the world!”

After the marriage, the couple welcomed two children, a son Jax Copeland Arnold (b. April 6, 2013), and a daughter Quinn Sophie Arnold (b. December 18, 2015).

Ashley Groussman And Tom Arnold’s Divorce

The pair first filed for divorce in February 2019. The couple then moved their divorce case in July of the same year to Los Angeles County Superior Court citing irreconcilable differences.

As part of their agreement, Arnold and Groussman shared the custody of their children Jax and Quinn.

After the separation, the duo issued a statement saying that they were continuing to work with a co-parenting therapist and were committed to raising their family in a healthy and cooperative manner.

Arnold confirmed to PEOPLE in January 2020 that he and Groussman were going their separate ways.

Groussman Alleged Tom Of Being Abusive 

The same month when Tom publicly announced his and Groussman’s divorce, the latter asked for physical and legal custody of the kids and asked for spousal support.

She filed a restraining order against her ex after he allegedly did not abide by their custody agreement.

Groussman had filed two Domestic Violence Restraining Orders against Arnold. In that application, she cited his “erratic and abusive behavior.”

The Jackie Thomas Show actor Tom Arnold with his wife of more than 11 years Ashley Groussman.
Home organizer Ashley Groussman from Los Angeles with her former spouse Tom Arnold. PICTURE GROUP

The home organizer alleged Arnold ran away with the children during her custodial time, then refused to drop them off per their custody agreement until she involved the police.

According to Grossman when she asked Tom to bring her kids, he continued to insist she pick them up from him instead, which led to her threatening to call the cops if they were not back home by 2 p.m.

Apparently, Tom had also feuded with his ex-in-laws during their separation. Arnold, on the other hand, posted a video to his Facebook page accusing Groussman of pulling “stunts” on a regular basis.

The actor claimed in the social media post the mother of his kids made up stories & staged reckless, foolish & dangerous stunts, some with her family all for trying to get him behind the bars.

Ashley Groussman And Tom Eventually Settled Their Dispute

The then divorcing couple later, however, made amends and subsequently issued a joint statement saying “pleased to report that we have arrived at an amicable resolution to our custody issues.”

Their divorce settlement term read Groussman would receive $4,383 in spousal support per month till her ex-husband’s 65th birthday. The court also ordered her ex-spouse to pay child support until his kids turn 18.

What Were The Reason Behind Ashley And Arnold’s Separation? 

While they started the process of their separation in Jan 2019, according to Arnold, they had begun to experience rifts in their union three years earlier.

Actor and comedian from films True Lies, Nine Months, and others Tom Arnold with the mother of his two children Ashley. Wire Image
Ashley with the father of her two children Tom Arnold. Wire Image

Explaining the reason to People, the Happy Endings actor said,

“We tried to make it work. It wasn’t a big dramatic thing. It wasn’t all of a sudden. We definitely grew apart. It’s been a rough couple of years. Because I’m a father, I genuinely have the best life I’ve ever had and I’m so grateful to Ashley because I would not be a father if not for her.”

Arnold also mentioned the good years he and Ashley had had but acknowledged the fact that people could change. He wished Groussman to not feel guilty and said that he was grateful for what the two had.

What Is Ashley Groussman Net Worth? 

While Groussman might not have accumulated much from her decorating profession, she reportedly gained quite a good amount amidst the divorce settlement from her ex-partner, Tom Arnold.

As such, following the announcement of their split, Arnold listed his and Groussman’s Los Angeles residence for sale; the house had a price tag of nearly $4 million.

Worth mentioning is Ashley’s net worth at the time was also entitled to be added by 50 percent of Arnold’s net income from his acting jobs.

Though the question that still waits around is what really is the wealth of Groussman? Unsettlingly though presumptive exchange of views is yet to come on that one.


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