Larry David’s Daughter Romy David: Her Career, Boyfriend, & Other Unknown Details

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Romy David is an American actress known for her work in the 2006 TV sitcom Hannah Montana. But apart from her professional accomplishments, she is also recognized as the sister of American actress Cazzie David.

Apart from her sister, her parents are also successful public figures. Though her parents have already divorced, she shares a great relationship with both her mother and father. Unfortunately, Romy has not achieved as much success as her parents and sibling, but what is she doing in her career.

Here, we are going to reveal every fact about the Hannah Montana actress.

Romy David Is Cazzie David’s Younger Sister

As we mentioned, Romy David is the younger sibling of successful American actress Cazzie David. She was born on March 2, 1996, in Los Angeles, to father Larry David, and mother Laurie David.

Romy David Is The Younger Sister of Actress Cazzie David
Romy David With Her Elder Sister Cazzie David

Both her parents are renowned public figures. While her father is a successful comedian, & actor, her mother is an American activist and writer.

Talking about Romy’s academics, she is currently at George Washington University, which she joined in 2014.

David Is an Actress

Not many know, but Romy like the rest of her family members tried her luck in acting. Back in 2006, she appeared in the American sitcom Hannah Montana as a child actor. The series also stars her father Larry, sister Cazzie and other cast members like Miley Cyrus, Emily Osment.

Larry David's Daughter Romy David
Larry David’s Daughter Romy David

Well, though, she tried her hands in the acting world, she does not seem to have achieved success like her sister and father. After her appearance in Hannah Montana, Romy seems to have completely moved away from acting. Since her last appearance, she has not even made any public appearances.

Romy’s Parents Lead a Successful Career

Unlike Romy, her father and sister lead a successful professional life in the movies. In fact, her father is not only an actor but a writer, director, producer, and comedian as well. So far, he has made appearances in dozen of movies and TV series, and also makes stage performances as a comedian. 

Romy’s father Larry began his career in 1977 as a cameo in the movie It Happened at Lakewood Manor. Later, he appeared in a supporting role in Can She Bake a Cherry Pie?. However, he gained major exposure following his appearance in the HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm, for which he was also a creator.

Romy David's Parents Larry David And Laurie David
Romy David’s Parents Larry David And Laurie David

His other successful acting credits include Whatever Works, The Three Stooges, Love & War, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, The League, among others. Along with all these, he has also been the writer of Saturday Night Live, along with others including Rob Schneider.

Like her father, Romy David’s sister Cazzie also has a stable career in the movies and TV. Beginning with Hannah Montana in 2006, she has so far given some successful performances. Some of her successful works include Eighty-Sixed (2017), The Umbrella Academy (2019), and Half-Empty (2019).

Her Mother Is An Activist

Unlike her sister and father, Romy’s mother Laurie has tried her hands in a slightly different professional field. She is a reputed American environmental activist. In fact, she even serves as the trustee on the Natural Resources Defense Council. Along with this, she is also a member of the Advisory Board.

Besides, she has also produced an Academy Award-winning film An Inconvenient Truth in 2006, which is about global warming. Later on, she also partnered with Katie Couric as an executive producer for the movie Fed Up, a film to raise awareness about obesity in the United States.

Romy David Boyfriend And Romantic Relationship

The love life of a celebrity is always a subject of media and public interest. And the case is the same with Romy. As the daughter of Larry David, Romy gained recognization pretty early in life and for the same reason, her love life too has lately become a subject of interest for people.

But unfortunately, unlike most other celebrities, Romy has so far not revealed anything about her love life. Apparently, going by her social media posts, the star kid seems to be single at present.

There is no social media post that indicates her having a boyfriend. However, it is also quite possible that the Hannah Montana actress does not want to reveal her love life in the media.

For now, all we can do is wait until she comes out to speak on her relationships.

Social Media Presence

Talking about her social media presence, Romy is on Facebook and Instagram and is in fact, pretty active on both the platform. But unfortunately, she has kept her Instagram private. However, on her Facebook profile, she pretty much gives insight into her life via her posts.