Facts about Dan Bongino daughter Isabel Bongino: College, Age, Mother

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Facts about Dan Bongino daughter Isabel Bongino: College, Age, Mother
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Isabel Bongino is the lovely daughter of the conservative political commentator, Dan Bongino. Her famous dad frequently appears on FOX News and worked as a police, before joining the political world. Furthermore, he and his wife, Paula Bongino, are the parents to the beautiful Isabel, who is just 18 years old.

As sad as it is, Isabel’s life has been off the radar since the very beginning of her life. Even more so, her parents do not post much about their darling daughter online, except for a few photos here and there. So, who exactly is Isabel Bongino? What is she up to these days? And, what’s her lifestyle like being the daughter of a famous dad? We’re here to answer all these questions.

Therefore, in this article, we’ve brought all that we could find about Dan’s daughter, Isabel. So, let’s get started!

Isabel Bongino Will Be Turning 19 In 2023; Details On Her Low-Profile Early Life

Isabel is the lovely daughter of the former officer in NYPD, Dan Bongino, and his wife, Paula. The beautiful couple welcomed their baby girl into this world almost 22 years ago on 15th January 2004. Since then, she has been the center of both of her parents’ worlds.

Conservative political commentator, Dan Bongino is a family man
An old Christmas picture of the Bongino Family together.

Unfortunately, despite having a parent with great social stature, the life of young Isabel has been kept off the radar. In a way, she’s been protected by her strong dad since the very beginning. Thus, despite not being certain, we do believe that little Bongino had a lovely childhood in a family of 4.

Furthermore, as she will be turning 19 in 2023, we believe that Isabel is planning on graduating from high school and soon will be pursuing an undergrad degree. We wish her all the best for that!

Beautiful Isabel Is Not The Only Daughter Of Her Parents; Who Is Her Sibling?

That’s right, 18-year-old Isabel is not the only apple of both of her parent’s eyes. She has a younger sister as well.

Amelia Bongino is the younger daughter of Dan and Paula Bongino. Like her younger sibling, intimate information on Amelia as well is not readily available. However, some sources confirm that she and her sister share a very small age gap. She was born on 20th January 2012.

Both Isabel and Amelia seem to be very close to each other. They also have a very less age gap between them which makes it easier for the sisters to form an unbreakable bond.

Despite Being An American Citizen, She Has Vastly Different Ethnicities; What Is Her Ethnic Background?

By birth, this political commentator’s daughter is an American. However, because of her parents’ mixed ethnic backgrounds, she is a gifted child with ethnicities that come from around the globe.

On her father’s side, young Bongino is 50% Italian/Sicilian. The rest of the 50% contains a mixture of German and Irish. Similarly, we came to know that her mother, Mrs. Bongino is from Colombia. Therefore, the teen also has a hint of South American genes.

Bongino’s Dad Used To Be An NYPD Officer; Will His Daughter Follow Him Into The World Of Politics?

As mentioned earlier, Mr. Bongino’s daughter is in her late teens, figuring her way into college. So, we cannot say for certain that she will follow her dad into the world of politics. Furthermore, since her life is a mystery in itself, it is even hard to determine what her hobbies or interests are. Regardless, we should leave the girl as she is and let her live her life on her own terms. In the near future, who knows, we might come across her being as famous as her dad too!

The political commentator
Dan Bongino – a radio show host today, who used to be a police officer before

So, what exactly is Isabel’s dad famous for? Dan Bongino is an American conservative political commentator, a radio show host, and an author. In recent days, we can see him frequently on the FOX News Channel. He often is known to comment on the current political climate of America. Furthermore, on 24th May 2021, the man also introduced his own radio show, The Dan Bongino Show, airing on Fox Nation.

However, he was not always a political commentator. Before all the fame, Dan was a simple police officer in the NYPD. He served the department from 1995 to 1999 as an officer and as a Secret Service Agent from 1999 to 2011. To add, this 48-year-old man has even run for Congress thrice in his life but lost all three times.

In simple words, you could just say that this guy is an all-rounder when it comes to working with governance and politics.

What Does Isabel’s mom, Paula, Do?

Paula Andrea Bongino is Isabel’s mother and the love of Mr. Bongino’s life. To date, she has been overshadowed by her famed husband, but we’re here to tell you who she actually is.

Born in Colombia, Paula is a businesswoman. Together with her husband, she runs three different businesses from home. This duo works together to sell martial arts equipment, design websites, and provide consultancy on security and risk management.

Isabel learned Jiu Jitsu

Just as expected from someone who is the daughter of a cop. Isabel’s dad Dan has made sure his daughter is well-protected even when he is not around. He reportedly enrolled her in a jiu-jitsu course.

We first came to know about Isabel’s journey in Brazilian martial art when her father shared a picture of her commemorating her achievement. According to the post, Isabel got her first stripe in martial arts in January 2018.

Isabel has learned Jiu Jitsu.
Isabel with her Jiu-Jitsu teacher.

Currently, there’s no news if she is still continuing Jiu Jitsu or not.

Is Isabel Bongino in a Relationship?

By now, you can guess that we do not have a definite answer for Isabel’s love life. Unlike her dad, she likes to lay low, and thus, it is very difficult for us to find even the most basic information about her.

Paula Andrea Bongino is Dan's wife
Dan and Paula Bongino, Isabel’s parents, have been together for almost 20 years.

Furthermore, as she is in her late teens, we do believe that she’s had a fair share of boyfriends by now. As she soon steps into adulthood, we’ll know more about who’s she dating and what’s their relationship like.

Isabel’s Parents Have Been Together For Over 2 Decades; What’s Their Secret?

On the other hand, the girl’s parents, Dan and Paul have been in a wonderful relationship for almost 2 decades.

Details on where they met, or when they got married is not known, but we do know that this couple shares a deep and loving bond with each other. Despite the long duration of their marriage, both Paula and her husband seem to be totally head over heels for each other still. To add, with their two daughters by their side, the love just keeps on growing.

Isabel Bongino Has A Luxurious Lifestyle; What Is Her Net Worth?

According to our research, Bongino lives quite a sumptuous lifestyle – all thanks to her famous dad. As of 2023, Dan stands at a whopping net worth of $10 million dollars. Thanks to his money, the whole Bongino family lives an exquisite life.

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