Here’s What Allison Holker Has To Say About Weslie Fowler’s Biological Father

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Here’s What Allison Holker Has To Say About Weslie Fowler’s Biological Father
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A lot of questions have come into view in the wake of the sudden and tragic death of the freestyle hip-hop dancer, choreographer, actor, and television producer Stephen Twitch Boss. One of the most highlighted calls-out regarding the very subject is the biological father of Boss’ daughter, Weslie Fowler.

Despite the late Boss appearing as fatherly as he could with Fowler, he wasn’t the teenager’s birth father. To add to the question mark, Holker has also always saved herself from letting out any truth in this regard. But has she ever talked about the real dad of Weslie? Find out in the article below.

Allison Holker About Weslie Fowler’s Biological Father

One of the mysteries of Holker and her family is that Twitch’s widow has never revealed who really is the biological father of her daughter Weslie Fowler.

Neither Boss nor Holker said anything about Fowler’s father of the same blood. The one that has remained the most private in this is Fowler’s own mother Allison Holker.

Dancer and actress Allison Holker with her daughter Weslie Fowler.
Young social media star Weslie Fowler with her mother Allison Holker. Instagram

Of the many other things Holker has talked about her family in all the years, not once has she ever so much as given a hint on who her daughter’s real father is.

And given what she and her family have been going through in recent times, it looks like this matter is going to remain a mystery for quite a while.

Weslie Fowler’s Father Committed Suicide

Boss ended his own life at a nearby hotel with a gunshot to his head. The Ellen DeGeneres show dancer was 40 at the time of his death. TMZ states the police found Twitch dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in a Los Angeles hotel room.

The late hip-hop dancer and rapper Twitch Boss and his wife Alison Holker, Weslie Fowler's Biological Father
Dancer and social media personality Alison Holker with her late husband Stephen Twitch Boss. Instagram

Moments earlier Holker ran to an LAPD station and informed that her husband had left their house without his car which was unusual for him.

It is yet to be known why Twitch killed himself.

Twitch had adopted Weslie Fowler following his wedding to Holker.

Allison Holker Daughter, Weslie Fowler

Weslie Fowler, fully Weslie Renae Fowler was born May 26, 2008, in Los Angeles. She also has a half-brother Maddox, born in 2016, and a half-sister Zaia, born in 2019. In recent years, Fowler has emerged as a social media star with over 100,000 followers. Weslie additionally is a dancer similar to her mother.

Weslie Fowler in the right with her half sister Zaia and mother Allison Holker, Weslie Fowler's Biological Father
Allison Holker with her daughters Zaia and Leslie Fowler. Instagram

As of the recent reports, Weslie was about to launch her own clothing line. Fowler also has an Instagram account though it’s her mother and father who mostly run it.


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