Inside The Life of Dorothée Lepère, François-Henri Pinault’s Ex-Wife

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Inside The Life of Dorothée Lepère, François-Henri Pinault’s Ex-Wife
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Over the past couple of years, Dorothée Lepère has been a regular in the mainstream media. All because of her association with Mexican actress Salma Hayek. She is the a french citizen and ex-wife of billionaire Francois Henri Pinault. Ever since Salma tied the knot with this French billionaire, we’ve all been curious to know about his ex-wife, Dorothee.

In this article, let’s find out intricate details regarding Francois-Henri’s ex-wife Dorothee.

Dorothee Lepere Early Life

Lepere was born on November 11, 1967, in France. Information on her parents and siblings is pretty scarce. On the other hand, her ex-husband Francois-Henri Pinault is the only son of the French businessman François Pinault and Maryvonne Pinault.

The former wife of a billionaire, since divorcing her hubby, is living a rather secretive life. However, she was never really an open person, even when she was married to Francois. As of now, she is relishing a life without any media attention. She lives in Offaly, France.

What is Dorothee Lepere Doing?

François-Henri Pinault’s ex-wife is the sole-owner of a freelancing company named Madame Dorothee Pinault. She registered the company back on 1st January 2007, and it is still running smoothly.

However, any other detail about the company remains behind closed doors. As for her academic qualification, Dorothee attended Louis Pasture College.

Let’s talk about her failed marriage with the French business magnate François-Henri in the following section.

How long were Dorothee and Francois married?

The former duo tied the knot back in 1996 in a low-key wedding ceremony. Online sources suggest the couple was in a relationship for some time before they exchanged their vows.

Nevertheless, the exes kept their marriage low-profile throughout their marital relationship, which ended in 2004. But, neither Dorothee nor her ex-hubby ever revealed how their long-time relationship ended unanticipatedly.

After their divorce, Dorothee maintains a low-key existence and has yet to make a single public appearance. But, on the other hand, her ex-spouse is still a regular on the media.

They Share Two Kids

Dorothee has two kids with her former husband, François-Henri. The couple welcomed their first child, a son named François, in 1998. Their second child, a daughter Mathilde was born in 2001.

Talking bout her relationship with her kids, Dorothee reportedly maintains a close relationship with both of them.

Like Her Father, Mathilde is Pretty Into Fashion

The young celebrity kid is extremely interested in the fashion world. She appeared in an exclusive Harper’s Bazaar exhibition back in Feb 2020. Being the daughter of a chairman and CEO of the luxury fashion group Kering, Mathilde also looks like she is following her father’s career path. The rising youngster has already worked for some well-known brands such Olgana, Mitsuki, and Sadh Leven.

Dorothee's daughter loves horse riding.
Dorothee’s daughter Mathilde Pinault.
Source: Instagram

Besides, Mathilde is an avid horse rider who has shared a number of photos of her horse riding on her social media handles.

What is Dorothee Lepere Relationship Status?

Following her separation from Pinault, Lepere has never come out with her relationship. She is reportedly relishing a single relationship status. On the other hand, her ex-hubby, after their split, moved on with supermodel Linda Evangelista. The former flames started dating in September 2005. And they broke up eight months before Linda gave birth to their son named James Evangelista in October 2006.

The businessman later linked to the actress Salma Hayek. The two tied the knot on 14 February 2009 in Paris and are still together. They also have a daughter Valentina, born in September 2007.

 Salma and her hubby Pinault are married since 2009.
François and his second wife Salma Hayek.
Source: Instagram

Also, Pinault and his second wife Hayek have already renewed their wedding twice; the first one was organized in Venice, and the second in Bora Bora. The latter event was attended by their daughter Valentina and her half-sister Mathilde.

Dorothee Lepere Ex-Husband François-Henri Pinault is a Billionaire

François-Henri has an estimated net worth of $43.4 billion. He has racked such a tremendous figure of riches from his family business. His billionaire father Francois is the founder of Kering and the investment company Artémis.

Besides, Dorothee’s wealth is around $500,000. She currently resides in France.


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