Is Alexandra Daddario Married? Truth About Her Engagement To Logan Lerman

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Logan was once engaged to Alexandra Daddario.
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Alexandra Daddario is a 36-year-old American actress, who is famous for her roles in Baywatch, San Andreas, and Percy Jackson film series. Unlike other Hollywood celebrities, Daddario hasn’t kept her relationships secret. But what about her marriage? Is Alexandra Daddario married secretly?

Daddario reportedly has had several romantic relationships. In fact, she was even engaged to now ex-fiance Logan Lerman. Why didn’t they get married?

What is Actress Alexandra Daddario’s Marital Status?

Well, Alexandra Daddario is not married as of 2022. The Can You Keep it Secret? the actress hasn’t yet talked about her plan regarding her marriage, however, she once talked about her love life in the June 2017 issue of Women’s Health.

Back then, Daddario said that she dates, however, she gets nervous in front of boys. She also admitted to signing up on Tinder in the hope to find the love of her life. But, she said it ended up in embarrassment after people recognized her.

American actress Alexandra Daddario

American actress Alexandra Daddario is currently single
Source: Fanpop

Daddario eventually said that she’d love to have a family, however, she said she is focused on her career currently.

Even though Daddario is yet to tie the knot, she once got pretty close to become a wife. We’re talking about her engagement to actor Logan Lerman.

Alexandra Daddario and Logan Lerman’s Relationship and Their Engagement

Alexandra Daddario has dated a couple of actors over the years, however, her relationship with Logan Lerman is the one that her fans would remember the most. Lerman was her co-star in the Percy Jackson film series.

The lovebirds first met while they auditioned for their parts in the film in 2009. As per the sources, Lerman instantly liked Daddario when he saw her, however, he couldn’t approach the actress first. Instead, Daddario asked her if he would practice his lines with her. And it was the beginning of their journey as the lovebirds.

Alexandra Daddario and her ex-boyfriend Logan Lerman heading to lunch in West Hollywood

Alexandra Daddario and her ex-fiance Logan Lerman
Source: Just Jared

Daddario and Lerman started dating while they were shooting the first installment of the film series: Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. They kept their romance relatively private, however, they were caught hanging out together sometimes.

According to Daily Mail, Daddario and Lerman were engaged during 2016. However, neither Daddario nor Lerman has ever spoken about their engagement to the date.

Other Relationships of Alexandra Daddario

Daddario’s first known relationship is with actor and screenwriter Jason Fuchs. The ex-lovebirds reportedly dated from 2006 through 2009.

Most recently, Daddario was in a relationship with actor Brendan Wallace, who is the ex-boyfriend of the Harry Potter star Emma Watson. They started dating in early 2019. Later in July 2019, they went on a vacation to Italy.

Alexandra Daddario (left) in a white polka dot shirt and black shorts and her ex-boyfriend Brendan Wallace (right) in white t-shirt and cream chinos

Alexandra Daddario and her ex-boyfriend Brendan Wallace
Source: Daily Mail

Meanwhile, Alexandra Daddario also dated American attorney and journalist, Ari Melber during 2018. They remained in the relationship for a few months starting in July 2018.

Besides all these relationships, actress Alexandra Daddario was once rumored to be dating her Baywatch co-star Zac Efron. They first met on the sets of Baywatch. They frequently went out together even after the release of their film, which sparked their romance rumor. But in March 2018, Daddario told People she and Efron were just friends.