Jeremy Bloom Net Worth, His Salary, And Income Sources

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Jeremy Bloom is a former athlete who has had an undoubtedly successful career as a skier and footballer. Since a very young age, the 40-year-old sportsman had a keen interest in skiing; later on, the interest was also shared with football. Along with winning world championships, Bloom is a two-time Olympian. His remarkable skills of gliding through mountain-covered hills have always won the hearts of his fans.

Therefore, it is safe to say that Bloom indeed is one of the most beloved athletes in America. So, has this fame also gifted this player with great fortune? It sure has. While going through the Olympian’s social media feed, we can get a taste of how rich is Bloom. Then, what is Bloom’s net worth?

Total Net Worth$5 Million (2023)
Salary$445,500 (Average)
Income SourceAthlete & Endorsements
AssetsHouse, Cars

Jeremy Bloom’s Net Worth in 2023

Jeremy’s net worth is $5 million as of 2023. Looks like his great sportsmanship in two major sports, skiing and football, really paid it off! And most of his income comes from his career as a skier and football player.

Jeremy the ski star is worth $5 mil.
The ski star, Bloom on one of his lavish vacations

We can see glimpses of his extraordinary and sumptuous lifestyle all over his Instagram feed. The ex-skier is often seen traveling around the globe to new and exotic places and spending time with his family and friends at lavish restaurants.

What Is Jeremy Bloom’s Salary?

In the present day, no one knows what the average salary of Jeremy is. However, through our research, we found a 4-year binding contract between him and the football club, Philadelphia Eagles that lasted from 2006 to 2009. According to the contract, Jeremy was promised a sum of $1.7 million dollars and was initially signed off on $172,000 as a signing bonus.

Thus, as per the calculations, his average salary during that time was around $445,500. We assume that his earning in 2023 is also close to this sum.

The Olympian’s Mother Was A Ski Instructor

Born in Fort Collins, Colorado, Jeremy is the son of Charlene Bloom – a ski and fly fishing instructor. Thus, from a very young age, he was introduced to the great sport of skiing. Thanks to his mother, Bloom took skiing lessons since he was a child, alongside his elder sister, Molly Bloom.

Furthermore, along with having his mother as a ski instructor, growing up in Colorado helped flourish the young man’s skiing abilities. Colorado is rich with snow-capped mountains and numerous ski resorts. This, in turn, provided the future skier with abundant places to practice religiously – who knew this hard work would pay him off in the future?

Nevertheless, Bloom was just 15 years old when he was signed by the US Ski Team. This made him the youngest player to ever be selected for a team with such a great reputation all over the globe.

Among everything, this has indeed been one of his greatest achievements of all time!

His Dream Of Competing In The Olympics Began At A Very Young Age

The ex-skier watched the Olympic Games for the first time in 1992 with his family. At that time, he was around 10 years old and was studying in elementary school.

Bloom was 15 when he was selected by the US Ski Team
An old photo of Bloom, the former skier, in action

Watching players display their unique skills in each sport, athleticism, and patriotism, Jeremy was star-struck. He immediately turned to his parents and declared that he wants to compete in the great games of the Olympics in the future.

Bloom Was Just 20 Years Old When He First Got Into The Olympics

Bloom was able to complete his lifelong dream of competing in the Olympics in 2002 i.e., 10 years after his obsession with the game began!

The 2002 Winter Olympic Games took place in Salt Lake City – just a few hours away from the place Bloom grew up in. Therefore, it was the best moment for the skier to show his extraordinary abilities to the world. Unfortunately, he came in 9th in the freestyle skiing/moguls event. Despite this, he did not lose hope. Bloom came back with a bang in the 2006 Olympics as well.

As sad as it is, Bloom did not win during the Olympics. However, he has in fact won several other championships. If we keep count, he is the winner of 3 World Championships and an 11-time World Cup gold medalist.

He Loved Football; Bloom Flourished In Football During College

Interestingly enough, Jeremy balanced his dual sportsmanship side by side. That’s right, while he was drafted into the US Ski Team and preparing for ski tournaments, he was also flourishing in football.

Jeremy played football during college
Bloom was a part of the University of Colorado Football Team during his teen years

As a teenager, Bloom played football for his high school as well as for his university. Nevertheless, it was only after he joined the football team during his undergrad at the University of Colorado, that he gained immense fame in the sport. He was an asset to the team as their wide receiver and punt returner.

During a game against Kansas State on 5th October 2002, Bloom caught a pass that resulted in a 94-yard touchdown. This game thus became his first-ever success – he was able to set four new records for the Colorado team. Furthermore, the former footballer holds the record for the most combined return yards in a single game as well. The record was set during a game against Baylor University on 4th October 2003.

Jeremy sure was an all-rounder athlete!

Will He Return To Becoming An Athlete Again? His Career In The Present Day

After his massive success with both skiing and football, Jeremy Bloom is now all set to conquer the business world. Therefore, he has already left his sportsmanship behind – there is no news yet of his return to either of the sports. So, what is he up to these days?

Bloom has left his sporting career behind
Ex-athlete, Bloom, is all set to conquer the business world

As of 2023, 40-year-old Bloom is a co-founder/CEO of a Marketing Technology company named, Integrate. In addition to this, he is also the founder of a non-profit organization, Wish of a Lifetime, which grants the dreams of senior citizens. So far, he has experienced massive success in business as well. In 2013, Jeremy was a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Besides this, he is still connected to the world of sports and has not yet left his previous life behind. Jeremy frequently works as a college football and Olympic Sports TV analyst. To this date, he has worked as a commentator for ESPN, Fox, NBC, and The Pac-12 Network.


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