Is Pedro Pascal Married? Who is His Wife? His Love Life & Relationship

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Is Pedro Pascal Married? Who is His Wife? His Love Life & Relationship
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Pedro Pascal is one of the most renowned actors of the current time. He is famous for his role in many movies and TV series for which he won many awards as well. Although we know a lot of things about Chilean-American actor’s professional life, his personal life is a different story.

The handsome hunk who is in his late 40s is yet to come forward with a wife or a girlfriend. As surprising it is to know that Pedro might be single, he is yet to talk about his dating life. Just in case he is married, who is Pedro Pascal’s wife? Who is he married to?

Let’s talk more about Pedro’s personal life and find out if he is secretly married or not.

Who Is Pedro Pascal’s Wife? Is He Married?

To answer these questions, let us address them one by one. As of 2022, Pedro is not married to anyone so naturally, he doesn’t have a wife. Further, the Chilean-born actor does not have a partner as well.

Going through his social media account, we found no evidence whatsoever regarding his current relationship status. The man is incredibly secretive when it comes to his dating life. Even though there are a lot of celebrities who tend to not reveal their private life in public, Pedro is a rarity amongst them as well.

Not only has he said nothing about his personal life, but there has also been very little evidence of his affairs as well. That being said, he has been linked with a couple of actresses here and there which we will discuss later down the section.

Now many of you might be thinking about what might be the reason behind Pedro’s single relationship status. Well, there are two assumptions. We are saying assumption because the Mandolin actor himself has not said anything on the matter. Seems like Pedro isn’t really interested in getting into a committed relationship just yet, or he just has not found the right one yet.

Is Pedro Pascal Gay?

We all know how the internet works these days. If an actor is not in a relationship or is secretive about their romantic life, tabloids will often report them as gays, who are yet to come out of the closet.

Similarly, Pedro is also a victim of such rumors. Speculations regarding his sexual orientation first started when he played Oberyn Martell in the TV series, Game of Thrones. The character, for those who haven’t seen the series, is a Pansexual.

Pascal was in love with how the character was written as was evident from his interview with GQ. Talking about how his character is really into living life the way he wants, Pedro said,

“He’s this person who does not regard these medieval morals that control most of this world. He doesn’t behave the way he does to prove a point—it’s simply what makes sense to him.”

Looks like Pedro got a lot of inspiration from his role in the hit HBO series.

Pedro Pascal’s Past Affairs & Girlfriends: He’s Had Link-ups With Big Actresses

As we mentioned earlier, Pedro is one of those actors who rarely ever talk regarding their dating life. But then again, he cannot hide it always. He was linked with multiple ladies in the past.

Back in 1990, when he was just an up-and-coming actor, he dated his Law & Order co-star Maria Dizzia. The pair dated for a while in 1990 and broke up in the same year.

In 2014, he was linked with Lena Headey, his Game of Thrones co-star. Although in the series they were arch-nemesis, well, apparently behind the scene was a different story. However, the pair never confirmed their relationship with the public.

Pedro Pascal Lena Headey
Pedro and Lena out and about in London.

Initially, rumors of their relationships started when they were spotted hanging out together quite a lot. Around the same time, Lena became pregnant with her second child and many people speculated Pedro might be the father of her child. But afterward, it was revealed her ex-husband Dan Cadan was the father.

Dating Rumor With Robin Tunney

Then in the year 2015, he was reportedly going out with the actress, Robin Tunney. And yes, she is also Pedro’s co-star from the show, The Mentalist. Rumors of their affair first started when they were spotted leaving the Sushi Park restaurant in Los Angeles. They had a fun-filled date night. In addition, the pair also attended HBO’s Official Emmy After Party at The Plaza in September 2015, in Los Angeles, California. And similar to his previous affairs, this one wasn’t confirmed either.

Pedro Pascal Robin Tunney
Pedro and Robin coming out after dinner.

Apart from all of them, for years Pedro has been linked with actress Sarah Paulson. The couple has been friends for over decades and many times they share photos together on their respective social media account. Despite all the rumors, they have neither confirmed nor denied their romance.


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