Mason Crosby’s Wife’ Tweet Suggests his Career End; Their Relationship And Children

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Mason Crosby’s Wife’ Tweet Suggests his Career End; Their Relationship And Children
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Recently, a tweet circulated around, suggesting the end of kicker, Mason Crosby‘s 16-year-long career with Green Bay Packers. Crosby, a free-agent placekicker was chosen by the Packers during the 2007 NFL draft. For many years, he has been an asset to his team. However, this seems to be coming to an end according to Mason’s wife, Molly Ackerman.

So now, in this article, we will be exploring the truth behind the end of Mason Crobsy’s career. In addition to this, we will also talk about his relationship with his spouse, Molly, and the beautiful children that the couple are raising together.

Without delay, let’s jump right into it!

Croby’s Wife’ Tweet That Shook The American Football Fans

In May 2023, Mason Crosby’s life partner tweeted a simple piece of information that shook his fans all around the country. As per Molly Crosby, her husband is leaving his 16-year-long career as a Green Bay placekicker behind. That’s right, her tweet suggested that your favorite footballer will no longer be playing with his team.

Furthermore, Molly’s tweet was a response to a post by the Olympian, Simone Biles. Biles went to Twitter to congratulate her hubby, Jonathan Ownes, who was just recently signed by the Packers. Along with wishing them the very best, Mrs. Crosby revealed the sad truth of how she and her husband “just ended a 16-year run with the team”.

Ackerman’s full response was,

“Sad we will miss you, we just ended a 16 year run with the team. That being said… I’ve got stuff I need to share with you. Little city with big heart and some AMAZING stores and restaurants. We loved our time there and so will you! Let’s talk coats, boots, custom packer gear…”

Following many responses and retweets, Mason’s wife also explained how the whole situation felt “like graduating high school, but sadder”.

Is Mason Crobsy’s Career Actually Ending After 16 Years? The Truth

Crosby’s contract with the Green Bay Packers reportedly came to an end after 2022. However, despite this, many admirers of the footballer thought that Cosby would be re-signed from the team he stayed loyal to for 16 years. In addition to this, since the team did not have any new placekickers signed recently, it was likely believed that they would continue their journey with the 38-year-old athlete.

Mason playing for Colorado
Young Mason Crosby during his college football days.

Unfortunately, in reality, the truth seems the exact opposite. After examining Mrs. Crosby’s tweet, Mason’s fans have understood that their favorite kicker will no longer work on the field with his team. Besides this, there is also a possibility of Crosby being signed by another team.

Regardless of what might be, the truth we are sticking to is that Mason Crosby is leaving Green Bay Packers. It is saddening to see the team give up on one of their best players. Nonetheless, we wish Crosby all the very best in the days to come.

38-Year-Old Crosby Is Married To His Wife, Molly Ackerman; The Athele’s Relationship With His Better Half

As many of you are already aware, the former Green Bay Packer is married to his partner, Molly Crosby nee Ackerman. For 14 years now, Molly has been her husband’s biggest supporter and the woman behind his success.

Molly Crosby with her hubby Mason
An old picture of kicker, Mason, with his better half

Talking more about the beginning of the lovebirds’ relationship, Mason met Molly in college – the University of Colorado Boulder. That’s right, these two are college sweethearts! Additionally, the pair also has a movie-like love story. Elaborating on this, Molly used to be on the cheerleading squad in college. On the other hand, her future hubby was the star of the university’s football team.

Moreover, due to the constant meetings between the two during games, Mr. and Mrs. Crosby fell in love with each other. So, you see, these to have had the perfect start to an even more perfect relationship!

Mason Married His College Sweetheart 14 Years Ago

After dating throughout college, Mason and Molly decided to spend the rest of their lives together. On 28th June 2008, the lovely couple walked down the aisle together and vowed to spend eternity in each other’s arms. Moreover, the wedding to

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ok place in a gorgeous setting with the couple’s close family and friends surrounding them.


In the coming June 2023, Ackerman and Crosby will be celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary. For the near and far future, we wish nothing but the best for this wonderful duo.

What Do We Know About Mrs. Crosby?

Born on 6th October 1984, Molly Crosby is a Colorado native, raised in Glenwood Springs. As an infant, she was put up for adoption by her biological mother. She was later adopted by Dan Ackerman and Lillian Cheryl Ackerman who gave her a better life. Additionally, at the Ackerman home, she grew up alongside a sibling, Robyn Sarah.

Molly relaxing and reading a book
Molly Crosby enjoying her “me time”

Following her high school graduation, Mason’s better half pursued a degree in Chinese Language and Civilization at the Univeristy of Colorado Boulder.

As far as we know, Molly does not like the hustle and bustle of media that her footballer husband is used to. Hence, she keeps a very low profile. Due to this reason, we are unable to confirm what she does for a living. Nevertheless, we do know that she is the perfect wife to her placekicker partner!

Did Mason Crosby’ wife have cancer?

In Mason and Molly’s journey together, the pair has overcome many hardships; one of them being Mrs. Mason Crosby’s cancer. Right after 11 years of tying the knot, in June 2019, Crosby’s wifey was diagnosed with cancer. Initially, what was thought to be pneumonia, later turned out to be a deadly disease.

Mrs. Crosby
Molly’s picture taken during her time at the hospital

Moreover, following a series of rigorous examinations, the doctors concluded that Molly had a tumor developed at the bottom of her right lobe. According to an interview by the footballer himself, the tumor inside his wife was “two centimeters” wide and “close to her spine and heart”.

Thankfully, Molly’s cancer was caught early. Therefore, there was hope of her getting better; she had to undergo surgery to remove the tumor from her lung. However, just before the operation, doctors found a blood clot in her veins and noticed many small tumors in her liver as well. Thus, her surgery was postponed.

Furthermore, after ruling out all the possible risks, the needed surgery was finally conducted. It was a success as a few years later, Molly Ackerman bounced back to her original form! In the present day, she lives a healthy, happy life.

Ackerman And Crosby’s Family Life; The Pair Has 5 Children

In the 14 years that Ackerman and Crosby have been a couple, they have become parents to 5 beautiful children. As per sources, the kicker is a father to one son and four daughters.

Molly Crosby family
Footballer, Mason Crosby with his lovely family

After just 2 years of marriage, Mason and Molly were blessed with their first child, Nolan James. Little Nolan came into this world on 15th August 2010. Likewise, the pair’s daughters, Charlotte and Elizabeth were born on May 2013 and 2015, respectively. Finally, in 2017, Crosby and his wife gave birth to twin girls, Felicity and Christine.

As of 2023, the lovely family of Mason Crosby resides in Texas.


Will Mason Crosby play for the Packers in the next season?

According to Mason Crosby’s wife’s tweet, he will no longer be playing for the Green Bay Packers. However, the athlete is yet to confirm this by coming forth with the truth.

Is Mason Crosby married?

Yes, he is married to Molly Crosby since 2008.

How many kids does the placekicker, Mason Crosby have?

The placekicker, Mason Crosby has a total of 5 children – 1 son and 4 daughters.

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