Who Is Tatiana Zappardino? Her Bio, Net Worth, Boyfriend

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Who Is Tatiana Zappardino? Her Bio, Net Worth, Boyfriend
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Tatiana Zappardino is a comedian and actress known mainly for playing Tilly in the SyFy mystery drama series, Superstition. She also has had cameo appearances in a handful of TV shows along with having credits in short movies, docuseries, theater plays, and others.

Zappardino additionally is the owner of an all-comedy group in Atlanta named Fine China Comedy. She also used to be public affairs officer in the US Marine Corps. In fact, Zappardino rose to the production and acting genre through US Marine Corps.

She is also a director who spends most of her time on indie films, performing sketch comedy, and scripting screenplays as well. There’s significantly much more to her than acting only. Read all those in the rundown below; get acquainted with how she turned into a notable face. Also know about her love affairs, boyfriends, and so on.

Tatiana Zappardino Bio: Her Parents Divorced When She Was A Child

The now 33 years old, Tatiana Zappardino was born on Oct 2, 1989. Zappardino is a child of divorced parents. Also, she apparently grew up mostly with her mother and stepfather.

In fact, it was Tatiana’s stepdad who introduced her to the Marine Corps’ Officer scholarship. He himself used to be one of them.

Tatiana Zappardino Studied At Jacksonville And Also In Ireland 

The San Diego-born Zappardino studied at Jacksonville University in Jacksonville, Florida. She did her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in Theater Arts. Tatiana also has some more educational credentials in addition to her art degree from Jacksonville University.

When she was still a college student at Jacksonville, the brunette actress also did a semester studying Irish Folklore and Music. There she learned Fencing as well.

Zappardino further was a student of legal ethics at Liberty University. As for her master’s, she studied at Kent State University. There she majored in communication, journalism, and likewise programs. When Tatiana was at Jacksonville, she also took classes in modern hip hop, ballet, and modern tap dancing.

Zappardino Was In The Us Marine Corps Before Getting Into Acting 

Having loved acting since childhood, Zappardino wanted to skip higher education and straight go to Broadway. She at the time, however, was a shy kid.

Seeing that, her stepfather being an ex-marine enrolled Tatiana into the Marine Corps. She initially joined the Marine Corps so that she could get a degree, grow up, and can also pursue acting after the end of her service.

Tatiana Zappardino Parents, Childhood
Atlanta-born ex-theater actress and Superstitions alum, Tatiana Zappardino.

Tatiana during an interview in Oct 2019, revealed her childhood and growth phase during the Marine Corps wasn’t actually good. She also referred to those periods as the most challenging years of her life.

Though Zappardino says it helped her gain mental fortitude and tenacity. During her time in the Marines, she developed the ability to take on the no’s that usually came to the struggling actors. The Superstition alum also says her spell in the Marine prepared her for the fear of failure.

Her Time In The Marine Corps Helped Her With Her Acting Career

Tatiana admits because of her time as a military officer she was able to set herself up for success in the acting world. It reportedly also helped her to make bold choices and take chances.

In the marine, she worked as a Public Affairs Officer. She got her commission through the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps program in the Marine Corps and did her bachelor’s at Jacksonville in tandem.

Her job in the Corps included advising her commanding officer on potential public perceptions. She provided her insights on each course of action that they chose to take. Zappardino also used to conduct interviews and answer media questions from the local news hounds. She would likewise answer her unit’s mission in addition to any other specific topics.

Her LinkedIn states she is still somehow connected to United States Marine Corps.

Actor Jim Carrey Inspired Tatiana Zappardino To Pursue Performing Arts 

Oftentimes in interviews, the five-foot-seven or eight inches tall actress, Tatiana, has stated she always wanted to be an actress since she was a young girl. It was her watching Jim Carrey movies and reciting his lines afterward that cemented her passion for acting.

Another actor, the California-born actress says inspired her to pursue acting was the Kung Fu Panda actor Jack Black. As a child, she would also make her parents laugh which used to make her feel important.

Tatiana Zappardino Is 33 years of Age
Fine China Comedy owner and actress and writer and director, Tatiana Zappardino. Instagram

One other reason for her to choose acting, Tatiana said was because it brought light to her life that used to be sad all the time.

With the sole intention to become an actress, Tatiana moved to Atlanta around 2015. This was after the end of her service in the Marine Corps. Following her move to Atlanta, she would work as a waitress for about a year but would quit it eventually.

In the meantime, Zappardino also formed her comedy group, Fine China Comedy. Later she would land the role of Tilly on SyFy Superstition.

Fun Fact: During the audition for Superstition, Tatiana had warnings not to use props in front of the casting directors but she went ahead with it anyway. Ironically she did get the part in the series.

Superstition was Zappardino’s first role for a full season on a TV show.

Zappardino Once Did Odd Jobs To Make Ends Meet

Tatiana did face hardships during the early stages of her career. It began when she moved to Atlanta to pursue acting

Right after moving to Atlanta she started waitressing and would do it for about a year. Later, Tatiana, however, found herself working after a three-day weekend of double shifts. She then would also experience sore feet and exhaustion parallel to a drunk person.

She eventually quit the waitressing job but soon found herself living off of credit cards. Zappardino admits during those intervals, she stole napkins from Starbucks. She apparently did so in order to use them as toilet paper.

She would also hunt her couch for change to pay her gas fees. Remembering those times, Tatiana once said she was at the end of her rope almost every time. The cameo actress in This Is Us, however, never stopped focusing on becoming an actress. Tatiana as per her own words was dealing with financial troubles and calls from creditors up until the moment she got a part on SyFy’s Superstition.

However, sometime after she became a series regular on Superstition, Tatiana’s pulled herself out of debt and also went on to have her own house.

Tatiana Zappardino Also Faced Gender Biases At Work

Zappardino in an interview said she at one time couldn’t get the lead role simply because she was a woman. It apparently happened during her stint on a sketch team a long time ago where there was a majority of men.

She had just moved to Atlanta and was with the stand-up and sketch team. Though, Zappardino said it was very male-dominated. The Remnant actress was one female actress with 5 male actors.

Remnant 13 actress and former theater actress Tatiana Zappardino working as a director.
Fine China Comedy owner, Tatiana Zappardino- working as a director.

At the time she was getting the roles of cheerleader, sexy nurse, mistress, and others. Though all of the characters, Tatiana said, were based on woman stereotypes. She reportedly didn’t like any of the parts.

Then one day when she asked for the lead role, she just wouldn’t get it simply because they thought men are funnier when it’s about comedy.

I asked to be one of the leads in a sketch. I really enjoyed where I would be playing a Mad Scientist but they said no it’s a male part. The only issue I saw was that nowhere in the script did the Mad Scientist pee standing up or whip out a penis. So I didn’t see what the issue was. Then the real reason came out, “I’m sorry but men are just funnier.”

said the Homicide Hunter actress to Voyage ATL. She eventually left the group and decided to form an all-female team which she would name Fine China Comedy. The group would be a mixture of writers and directors around female-focused sketches.

The writer/actress states she formed Fine China Comedy so that talented women would never have to compete for gender-based roles and that they could be whatever they want. Tatiana and her group initially produced shorts in video format in order to deviate from traditional stage models. Zappardino and her colleagues found it amusing promptly. Later with an intent to go bigger they produced Swiped for which Tatiana and her team worked for about two and a half years.

Zappardino Career With Fine China Comedy 

Zappardino’s comedy group, Fine China Comedy is a sketch team out of Atlanta, Georgia. Other members of Fine China Comedy are Sailor Larocque, Amanda Maddox, Candace Marie, and Paige Hamilton.

Atlanta native actress, Tatiana Zappardino, top right, with her Fine China Comedy co-stars.
33 years old actress, Tatiana Zappardino, top right, with her co-stars from Fine China Comedy.

Fine China Comedy work within the Atlanta film community ranging from different DP’s and sound. The squad also works with several outside talents and other teams in Atlanta. They, however, do all of their own editing, writing, and producing.

The group though does not do live performances. Despite facing gender biases, Tatiana does have men working on her team. While occasionally on schedule, the 33 years old actress’ Fine China Comedy took a pause when she became busy with Netflix’s Superstition.

Tatiana Zappardino Theater Credits 

As a theater actress, Tatiana’s first role was Hesione Hushabye in the 2008 Heartbreak House. She then would act on close to dozens of theater projects namely Dog Sees God-2009, Ragtime-2009, Raise The Roof-2010, Hamlet-2011, and Little Women: The Opera-2011.

Other likewise credits include the 2013 Mulan, Valentine Cabaret-2014, Broadway After Dark 4-2014, Pippin-2014, Cocktails With Mini-2014, and Mama Won’t Fly-2014. The last two also went on to win the People’s Choice Award in 2015.

Zappardino Movies And TVs 

Tatiana Zappardino’s career outside theater started in the early 2010s when she landed supporting roles in the 2013 film, The Burn Vinnette. The following year, she did a film, titled, Paper Thin.

After that, the five-foot-eight inches tall actress would do a couple of short films and likewise-number of TV series documentaries. Her most notable role as Tilly would happen to her in the late 2010s. Zappardino portrayed the character of Tilly on Superstition for a total of 11 episodes.

Other series, where she has appeared as a minor character, are Remnant 13, NCIS: New Orleans, In Between, and The Consultant, among others. Zappardino has also had a cameo in the NBC drama series, This Is Us.

On the other hand, some of her films include Orthus-2018, Between-2018, Heart Of Life-2018, The Parting Of Ways-2020, and others. There’s also the 2022 film BillyFord which, though, is currently under post-production.

Does Tatiana Zappardino Have A Boyfriend? 

Notwithstanding her frankness on domains like Instagram, Facebook, and such, Zappardino is yet to confirm whether she has a boyfriend or not. Nevertheless from the looks of her on the web posts, the ex-theater artist comes across as a single lady who seemingly is choosing to stand on her for the given time.

American Menage actress, Tatiana Is Not Dating A Boyfriend
33 years old The Consultant actress, Tatiana in April 2022. Instagram

Either the aforesaid or the brunette theater performer is extremely versed in concealing her love life. That is if she has one behind her out in the open social life. While currently, the point at issue regarding her relationship is anybody’s guess, Tatiana once mentioned she did go through a series of bad relationships.

When talking with Voyage ATL in Oct 2019, she revealed had she had the opportunity to go back, she would have stopped herself from drinking so much. She also confessed how she wanted to avoid being with boys who didn’t deserve her. Zappardino said because of her drinking problems and bad boyfriends, she couldn’t do much in terms of productivity and her emotional state.

Zappardino Is Right On Active On Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter,…

The southern actress Tatiana Zappardino might be private when it comes to giving in to the latest developments in her relationship. For the time being, Tatiana, however, is overtly expressive about her life on and off the camera. It is especially true in the case of her social media presence.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Tatiana Zappardino (@tzappar)

Her internet stories on handles like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are all about her work, holidays, the actress hanging out with her friends and costars, and so forth.

How Rich Is Zappardino; What Is Her Net Worth? 

It is pretty straightforward that Zappardino is now living an enjoyably moneyed life or at least a financially sound one if not a millionaire lifestyle particularly in accordance with her social media image.

The exotic holiday locations of the In-Between actress make it quite obvious that Tatiana is far ahead of the days when she used to scrounge her resident for pennies.

What’s still lacking in all these nonetheless is a clear-cut reckoning of her net worth or such like estimation. In any case, it might be unambiguous to claim, that Tatiana mostly possibly has a wealth well within the innards of six figures or so.

Tatiana Zappardino Other Facts

  • While not much about her parents is in the records, Tatiana allegedly does have at least one younger sister.
  • Zappardino once revealed she has lived in almost ten different states but Atlanta was the first place she wanted to reside permanently.
  • Zappardino is also the lead spokesperson for NewDay USA Veteran Home Loans and has also been on their commercial videos.
  • During her time in Marine Corps, Tatiana also acquired licenses and certificates including combat life-saving, open-source intelligence, intermediate Marine Air-Ground task force information operations, and casualty assistance calls officer.
  • She in addition has studied 200 hours of Vinyasa Teaching, and Maritime Prepositioning Force.
  • Her military skills include martial arts, drilling, color guarding, mountain warfare, and others.
  • Tatiana also did some lessons in Equestrian and Trapeze.
  • Tatiana allegedly is also an employee at AWA-Alexander White Agency.


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