Is Jenna Ortega Vegan Or Not; Why Did She Quit Veganism?

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Is Jenna Ortega Vegan Or Not; Why Did She Quit Veganism?
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Jenna Ortega, the actress, who is lately adding to her popularity through her performance as Wednesday in the eponymous Netflix series, has been marking other headlines as well.

Be it her impressive rise to stardom or her current hit series Wednesday, Ortega, currently, appears to be one of the most talked about celebrities in Hollywood. And down lies one of the hot topics with respect to this young actress’s personal life; her vegan nutriment.

For the most part of her life or in a predominant manner, Ortega has been a vegan but lately, the actor is reported to have quit it. Unravel the real issue in the write-up below.

Jenna Ortega Was A Vegan; Why Did She Quit Veganism?

The Wednesday actress Jenna Ortega was Vegan in the past. In fact, up until the filming of the Netflix series, Ortega was only for plant-based diets. However, during an interview with Wired, Ortega said she stopped the vegan diet after landing the role of Wednesday Addams in the appellative Netflix show.

The Californian explained she had to put stop to her long eatable model because the food at Wednesday’s shooting location was very different from what she was used to consuming.

During the interview, Ortega, talking about her veganism, said

I was vegan for a really long time but I stopped being vegan when I went to Romania to shoot Wednesday actually because the food is very different there.

The actress added since she wasn’t meeting her nutritional requirements, she started eating fish again, and she since has been identifying herself as a pescatarian.

Ortega first announced her no-meat policy a couple of years ago through her Twitter account. The young adult, in 2020, in one of her tweets, had said,

I’m vegetarian! But I stray from dairy as much as possible and if there’s a cruelty-free option available I’m all for it.

The tweet however seems to be no longer on Jenna’s feed. After knowing all about the actress’s change in dietary plans, while some sympathized with her, others questioned why the set couldn’t provide her nutrients through plant-based foods.

One Twitter user also asked about the inability of Netflix to provide Ortega vegan meals.

People’s Reactions On Jenna Ortega Quitting Veganism

Although the actress insists she was short on nutrition by just being on a vegan diet, many who watched her YouTube interview had mixed opinions about it. Some argued Ortega needn’t change her food habits and had still gotten all the nutrients she needed on a plant-based diet.

Another commenter wrote the actress might have accidentally had some other forms of deficiency and that the doctor must have recommended she adds fish back into her foods. This commenter said it is something that usually happens to other vegans as well.

Jenna Ortega as a titular character in Netflix new series, Wednesday
American actress of Puerto Rican and Mexican descent Jenna Ortega.

Others hypothesized that Ortega may have converted to pescatarian after failing to find quality vegan meals since Romania is traditionally a heavily meat-consuming country. Attesting this was one Romanian in the comment section who said that the country indeed has a large number of dishes that heavily depend on meat. This commenter added that vegan in Romania while not possible, is still hard to achieve.

Some on the other hand have expressed that Ortega turning to meat isn’t really a surprise since a lot of vegans and vegetarians do go back to eating meat once they discover how difficult it is to maintain the nutritional requirements from just plants. For many people (vegan or vegetarian), the usual solution for this is supplements like B12.

Meanwhile, Know How Jenna Led Series Wednesday Is Doing

Ortega and Catherine Zeta-Jones starrer Wednesday as mentioned is doing extremely well on Netflix. It currently has 8.3/10 on IMDB and about 97% like the score on Google. Upon release, the show predominantly received positive reviews from critics. It took the series less than three weeks to become the second most-watched English-language Netflix show. The dark supernatural comedy show furthermore holds the record for most hours viewed in a week for an English-language Netflix series. This Netflix original gained a total of 341.2 million hours watched in its first week of release.

It additionally went on to receive two Golden Globe nods; one for Best Television Series (Musical or Comedy) and Best Actress for Ortega (Television Series or Comedy).


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