The Shocking Thing Larry Bird Said About His Son Conner Bird

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The Shocking Thing Larry Bird Said About His Son Conner Bird
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Back in Feb 2013 the basketball legend Larry Bird’s son Conner Bird created quite the headlines when he ended up behind the bars after allegedly trying to hit his girlfriend with a car. There obviously were stories involved however to this day, the people, in general, have never heard a single comment from Connor’s father Larry himself.

Having known that, there are some who have been wondering if things are or were ever good between Conner and his NBA legend father Larry. Read that in the inside story below.

What Larry Bird Said About His Son Conner Bird After His Arrest?

Larry has hardly spoken about any of his children including Connor. The Boston Celtics legend has rarely let out any family details of his during his interviews.

Larry Bird's adoptive son Conner Bird was charged with criminal mischief in early 2013.
Former NBA player Larry Bird’s son Conner Bird.

However, in the book, When The Game Was Ours, there are some details of Conner that more or less explain his childhood but not his adulthood. According to the legends, when Conner was little, he kept his mother and father awake half the night during the Olympic Games. He apparently loved to jump on the leather couches. Conner additionally used to throw balls from the pool table down the hotel’s steps.

Larry’s son also loved NBA and his father’s team, the Pacers.

However, that’s that from Conner being mentioned in any form other than the time when he infamously breached the law in Feb 2013.

What Larry Bird Son Conner Bird Did?

Campus Police at the time reported they received a complaint from a woman that Connor hurled a cell phone at her during an argument at Bird’s apartment. According to the authorities, the phone struck her wrist. Later that night, the woman said she and Connor went to the stadium in the latter’s car, and on the way, they started arguing again. Following that, the woman got out of the car. Shortly after, Connor who was still in the car driving began chasing her and even tried to run her over.

One of the greatest basketball player of all time Larry Bird.
Power forward Larry Bird and the father of Conner Bird. Yahoo Sports

The police later arrested Larry’s son. The arrest report furthermore stated that Connor had a deadly weapon, and was in possession of marijuana and paraphernalia. He also met charges including criminal mischief.

After trials, Connor received 12 months in jail.

Conner Bird Isn’t The Biological Son Of Larry Bird

Connor isn’t the biological child of Larry. The former NBA player adopted him when he was a child. Due to this, it is unclear when exactly Connor was born.

Three time NBA champion, Larry Bird with his college girlfriend turned wife, Dinah Mattingly.
NBA Hall Of Fame, Larry Bird with his wife, Dinah Mattingly. Getty
Larry has also another adoptive child Mariah Mattingly. The NBA Hall Of Fame adopted Conner and Mariah with his current wife, Dinah Mattingly whom he married in 1989. Larry also has a biological daughter Corrie whom he had with his first wife, Janet Condra.


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