What Happened To Carmine Gotti Agnello? Facts About John Gotti Agnello’s Brother

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What Happened To Carmine Gotti Agnello? Facts About John Gotti Agnello’s Brother
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Carmine Gotti Agnello or Camine Agnello Jr is a former musician and an ex-auto parts business owner who is better known as the son of Victoria Gotti and the grandson of John Gotti. Carmine Jr’s grandfather, John throughout much of the 1980s was notorious for being the leader of an organized crime group, the Gambino family.

The granddad made headlines with numerous high-profile trials and good skills for evading the police. John Gotti was one of the most infamous crime figures of the twentieth century. Gotti died in June 2002 whilst still in prison. People, however, still show interest in his story and the next generations of his.

Quick Facts

Full NameCarmine Gotti Agnello
Date of BirthApril 8, 1986
Birth PlaceLong Island, New York, NY
ParentsVictoria Gotti, Carmine Agnello
SiblingsJohn Gotti Agnello, Frank Gotti Agnello, Justine Gotti Agnello
GrandparentsJohn Gotti, Victoria DiGiorgio
Height5′ 11″ (180 cm)
Marital StatusUnmarried
Famous AsThe Gotti Family

Carmine Gotti Agnello Birth, Parents

The first son of Victoria Gotti, aka, Carmine Gotti Agnello was born on April 8, 1986, in Long Island, New York, NY. The now 37 years old Carmine Gotti Agnello Jr. got his name from his father Carmine Agnello.

His Father’s Arrest

Carmine’s father came from a family that used to run a scrap metal recycling operation. Agnello’s dad, however, went on to serve seven years in federal prison for racketeering (from 2001 to 2008). He met detainment again in 2015 for running a stolen car-scrap metal scam at his own junkyard in Cleveland.

Former convict and Carmine Gotti Agnello's father, Carmine Agnello and his mother, Victoria Gotti.
Carmine Gotti Agnello’s mother, Victoria Gotti, and his father, Carmine Agnello Sr. Shutterstock

Agnello Sr once again became a felon in 2017, this time for the possession of a firearm. The father of three though got a plea deal the same year to avoid jail time.

Carmine once said because of his father’s prison time he saw a lot of ups and downs in his childhood and lived 12 years of his life without a father.

Reality star and book author Victoria Gotti with her eldest son, Carmine Gotti Agnello.
Former musician and grandson of John Gotti, Carmine Gotti Agnello with his mother, Victoria Gotti. AP

Her Mother’s Family Background

His mother Victoria, on the other hand, grew up in a two-story house in Howard Beach, New York, with her siblings. Despite claims that state otherwise, Victoria once said she and her family lived a lower-middle-class life with old-fashioned family values that hailed from their Russian and Italian ancestry.

Carmine Gotti Agnello Siblings; His Older Sister Died At Childbirth

Two of his brothers are Frank Gotti Agnello and John Gotti Agnello.

Carmine also had an older sister, Justine Gotti Agnello who though died as she was stillborn nine months after Victoria’s 1984 wedding to now ex-husband Carmine.

far left, Frank Gotti Agnello, John Agnello, and Carmine Gotti Agnello
from right, Carmine Gotti Agnello, his two brothers, John Gotti Agnello, and Frank Gotti Agnello. Getty

As mentioned, Carmine Gotti Agnello, along with his two brothers, starred in the reality show “Growing Up Gotti.’’

Carmine And His Brothers Were Business Partners 

The three brothers were also partners in the auto parts store business. The parts shop used to belong to Carmine Jr’s father, Carmine Agnello.

But he gave it up after serving his prison time, separating from Victoria, and moving to Cleveland. Following that, it was Carmine Jr and his two brothers who were running the business.

As for the present, whether the business or the partnership exists or not is a mystery. On the professional front though, Carmine’s brother, John, who was named after his famous grandfather, is currently married to a woman named Alina with a son.

John also had launched a music career and in the past had said he was going to release an album that was going to include a tribute to his late gangster grandfather.

Carmine Gotti Agnello Once Pursued Music 

After the end of Growing Up Gotti, Carmine decided to try his hand at singing. Whilst pursuing music, he first put in a 2015 appearance on VH1’s short-lived reality show But Can They Sing.

He then attempted to create his own album. In fact, during the year, 2010, the eldest Agnello brother was working on a record deal and making cameos in videos by rappers Khia and Fat Joe. He appeared as one of the “bad boys” in risqué rapper Khia’s video, “Been a Bad Girl,” and was also in Fat Joe’s video, “(Ha Ha) Slow Down.” 

The late gangster, John Gotti's grandson and Victoria Gotti's son, Carmine Agnello Gotti.
Carmine Agnello Gotti, the grandson of the late John Gotti and son of Victoria Gotti.  Sabo News

Also for some years, Carmine had been in and out of Yonkers’ Power House Studios, made famous by rappers DMX and the Ruff Ryders.

Carmine Gotti Agnello Illegal Buisness And His Arrest 

Agnello had a little too much trouble back in 2018 with his and his brother’s auto parts business.

The police arrested Carmine, then in his thirties, and charged him in July 2018 for the crime of operating an automotive scrap and recycling yard in Queens, N.Y. without a license. His lawyer Stephen Mahler at the time said his client was a legitimate businessman who just entangled himself between licenses.

former reality star and VH1 But Can They Sing contestant, Carmine Gotti Agnello controversy
Victoria Gotti’s daughter and John Gotti’s grandson, Carmine Gotti Agnello. AP

Agnello’s license had lapsed in December 2016 but the police arrested him only in July 2018. He applied for a new license in June — but later withdrew the application, according to a DMV investigator.

He was initially let go of his own recognizance and ordered to return to court on Sept. 25. Carmine Gotti Agnello Jr, later, dodged prison time by copping a plea deal for operating an illegal scrapyard.

Queen’s criminal court Judge Gia Morris agreed to reduce charges against the scion of the late Gambino boss, to a misdemeanor in exchange for a $1,000 fine and a forfeiture of $4,605 in ill-gotten gains. This was after Carmine Jr agreed to have operated a salvage pool that was not registered with the appropriate authorities.

Does Carmine Jr Have Social Media?

Although Carmine does have social media accounts, he shares quite less with his fans on such platforms. What’s more, his locked-out Instagram has also made him a sort of nobody for the outsiders in recent times.

He though occasionally pops up every now and then on his mother’s Insta handle; the blonde mother of three doesn’t miss a chance to give a shoutout to her sons during their birthdays including Carmine.

Is Carmine Gotti Agnello Married; What Does He Do Now?

Much to his recent low-key life, it is substantially ambiguous as to who Carmine’s significant other is. Unlike his younger brother, John who has a family of his own, Agnello hasn’t let out the details regarding his married life or if he is dating at all. He, though, in the mid-2000s was allegedly dating a girl named Lizzie Grubman.

Ever since the end of Growing Up Gotti, the three sons of Victoria have been living a significantly non-celeb life. It consequently is unclear what the boys are doing behind the scenes personally or professionally.

How Rich Was Carmine Jr’s Grandfather And His Mother? Their Net Worth

Although Carmine’s family didn’t have a good reputation, they certainly were quite the wealthy group of people. The main man John Gotti was the 9th richest criminal in the world with a net worth of over $30 million.

And while his daughter and Agnello’s mother, Victoria Gotti doesn’t have as much fortune, the former reality star is by definition still a millionaire. The woman who has a reported net worth of about $2 million is also the owner of a lavish Old Westbury mansion worth nearly $3 million.

Though the point that has been missing in all these to these days is the approximation of John’s grandson’s net worth. It is still up to debate and guesses as to what wealth John, Carmine Jr, and Frank hold for themselves.

Other Facts 

  • During school, Carmine was an above-average Honor Roll student.


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