What Does Mikaela Testa Do For A Living? Her Career, Boyfriend, Net Worth & More

What Does Mikaela Testa Do For A Living? Her Career, Boyfriend, Net Worth & More
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Mikaela Testa is a rising social media star who has over 2.2 million followers on her Tiktok. She also posts modeling content on her Instagram and rose to fame after posting her bold and erotic pictures on different social platforms.

As Mikaela became one of the widely recognized faces in the media, people are intrigued to know about her personal life, especially about her love life. Thus, let’s find out who Mikaela is currently dating as of 2022. Besides, did you know the social media star received a backlash for spending $1.4 million in a year? How much does Mikaela make to live such a lavish life?

Here is everything you wanna know about Mikaela Testa. Stay till the end to know other interesting facts about her including her boyfriend, career, net worth, & more!

Mikaela Testa Early Life and Family

The beautiful Mikaela Testa was born on March 16, 2000, in Mackay, Queensland, Australia. The social star is currently 22 years old as of 2022. Her zodiac sign is Pisces and she holds Australian nationality.

Talking further, Mikaela remains quite low-key about her family and has not revealed anything about her parents. But, we do know that she has a sister named Brianna Testa.

Talking about her education, she completed her schooling in her hometown. After that, she joined a community college in Melbourne.

How Did The Mikaela Testa Gain Popularity? Her Career

Mikaela started getting media attention after her Tiktok started getting viral. She is a promising Tiktok star with over 2.2 million followers. She was able to catch the attention after posting her pictures and videos dressed as Jasmine a character from Alladin. She gained massive fame for her lip-sync and cosplay videos.

Mikaela Testa Portrait
Mikaela Testa gained popularity because of her Tiktok videos

Apart from her Tiktok account, she also got attention after posting bold and erotic pictures on her Instagram account. She usually posts partially dressed pictures and also works for swimming costume and lingerie brands.

However, that is not only the reason why Mikaela has been able to get into the limelight at a young age. She is also recognized as an Only Fans celebrity.

Mikaela Was Criticised For Spending $1.4 Million a Year

The social media influencer, Mikaela revealed that in 2020 she spent a total of $1.4 million a year to afford the lifestyle she is living. She received a massive backlash at that time.

However, she defended herself by saying that she has been working very hard to earn all that money and she loves to spoil herself. The media personality often shares her pictures of traveling to many places.

Who Is The Social Media Star Mikaela Testa Currently Dating?

Going through Mikaela’s social media profile, we can see that she has been in a long time relationship with her boyfriend, Atis Paul. She had been posting her picture with her boyfriend for a very long time. However, as per some authentic sources, it is revealed that the couples are not together anymore.

The long-time love birds recently parted their ways. But, Mikaela has not removed her pictures with her former boyfriend Atis to date. This has created curiosity among fans if they are still together.

Mikaela Testa and her ex-boyfriend Atis Paul
Mikaela Testa with her former boyfriend Atis Paul

Well, Mikaela addressed the questions stating that they are no more together but are on great terms. She said,

‘We will always be in love with each other. We never stopped. ‘Nothing bad happened, it’s just life getting in the way and certain things we want/need in life.’

She also added,
I’ve been getting asked so much if Mik and I are still together. We love each other so much and decided to be friends now, Everything is perfect between us. We both agree it’s better that way
Furthermore, she also revealed that she will not be covering her tattoo with the letter ‘A’ on her arm and said that whoever is going to marry her has to deal with that. As of now, she does not seem to be dating any boyfriend and also does not have any plans to tie the knot.

Mikaela Testa makes More Than a Million a Year From Her Only Fans Account

Not everyone can earn millions from their Only Fans account. Mikaela is one of the few Only fan celebrities who has been able to make a good amount of money from the platform. She revealed that she earns $160,000  a month just by selling her explicit photos. Mikaela revealed that she spends a lot of her time on the platform talking to people.

Furthermore, she also disclosed that she not only receives the money from the subscription but, her fans also send her lots of luxurious gifts.

Mikaela Also Works As An Instagram Model

As aforementioned, Mikaela also works as an Instagram model. She works with different clothing and cosmetic brands like Fashion nova. She has about 473k followers on her Instagram handle under the name @mikaelatesta and 207k followers under the name @mikkimouse404.

Mikaela Testa is active on social media
Mikaela also works as an Instagram model

Furthermore, she is also available on other social platforms like Facebook and Tiktok.

Mikaela loves  To Travel Places

If we go through Mikaela’s Instagram handle we can see that she loves to travel to different places. She seems to be very adventurous and mostly visits beaches.

She has posted many pictures of her traveling in places like Indonesia, Colorado, Bali, and many more.

What is Mikaela Testa’s Net Worth?

Testa has been able to amass a good amount of fortune from her journey. Her estimated net worth is around $7 million. She was able to gather this good amount of money through her social media and modeling career. Further, she also makes a decent amount through her Only fans account.

Her Body Measurement

Mikaela Testa has been able to get attention from many fans because of her eye-catching looks. She appears to be fit and slim with a curvy figure. Her beautiful blonde hair complements her dark brown pair of eyes. She has a fair skin complexion.

Talking about her height Mikaela stands 5 feet and 6 inches.