What Happened Dominique Elwes? Everything You Should Know

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What Happened Dominique Elwes? Everything You Should Know
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Dominique Elwes is the daughter of the Princess Bride actor, Carey Elwes, and his longtime wife and photographer, Lisa Marie Kurbikoff. Dominique is the only daughter of the British actor, Cary, who people also know for films including The Crush, Robin Hood: Men In Tights, A Castle For Christmas, and Saw.

Elwes’ father has had quite a wide range of roles in an acting career that has spanned over four decades. The London-born actor in addition still manages to remain in the spotlight with a few or two appearances in modern hits like Mission Impossible seven and Stranger Things.

Despite his popularity, Cary has always preferred to keep his family affair to himself only and that includes his teenage daughter as well. Although Cary’s daughter, Dominique has just started her modeling career, hardly anything has been put into words about her. Know how else is she starting her career in the fashion industry, what her life was like being the daughter of an actor, who is her mother, and even her personal affairs.

Dominique Elwes Is A Californian Born In The Late 2000s 

Dominique was born on April 23, 2007, on Tuesday at 10:41 pm at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. During her birth, Cary and Kurbikoff’s only child weighed about 7 lbs and 2 oz. Cary says so far his proudest accomplishment is his daughter, Dominique.

Dominique Elwes, Malibu born 15 year old daughter of actor Cary Elwes and his wife, Lisa Marie Kubikoff.
The Princess Diaries actor, Carey Elwes’ daughter and up-and-coming model, Dominique Elwes. Instagram

Elwes studied at Malibu Middle School. Though it is a mystery where she is pursuing her high school.

Who Is Dominique Elwes Mother; How She Met Her Actor Father, Cary Elwes? 

While Dominique’s father, Cary is British, her mother, Lisa is a native of Agoura Hills, California.

Dominique’s mother, Lisa Marie Kurbikoff is a photographer by profession. Kurbikoff in addition to being a photographer is also an actress. She has had minor roles in movies like Wonderland (2003), The Cool Surface (1993), and Rent Control (2003).

Dominique Elwes' father and the Saw actor, Carey Elwes and her mother and a photographer, Lisa Marie Kurbikoff.
The Princess Diary actor, Carey Elwes, and his wife, Lisa Marie Kurbikoff. Image Source: Getty / Steve Eichner

As for photography, Lisa has shot for the MTV reality series, Pimp My Ride which has also been featured in magazines like Autoweek. Dominique’s mother, who is a stills photographer went to high school with future actresses like Heather Graham, Aimee Graham, Shane Stanley, and model, Beverly Peele.

Dominique’s parents, Cary Elwes and Lisa Marie Kurbikoff met in 1991 at a chili cook-off in Malibu, California. After noticing Dominique’s mother, Cary asked Kurbikoff to take a few rides with him. They however didn’t start dating until it had been a couple of months since their first meeting. They got engaged in 1997. The Unholy actor proposed to his daughter’s mother in Paris.

Cary and Kurbikoff married each other in 2000. Seven years after the wedding, Cary and Lisa would have their first child, Dominique at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

What Dominique Thinks Of Her Father’s Career; Does She Have An Interest In Acting? 

When Malibu90265 Magazine in March 2020, asked Cary what his daughter Dominique thinks of his career and if she was going to follow in his footsteps, the Westminster native said,

I’m not quite sure what she thinks. I might’ve become a tad cooler for a second when I got cast in Stranger Things.

Cary added his daughter Dominique in fact only develop an interest in the showbiz industry after seeing her father in the Netflix Supernatural thriller series, Stranger Things. The now 59-year-old actor nonetheless said he would support Dominique in following her dreams no matter what they are.

Dominique Elwes Is Quite Serious About Climate Change

Apparently, Cary’s daughter, Dominique is also quite aware of climate change and global warming alongside her father. Whilst talking to a magazine in March 2020, Cary revealed his daughter and her friends at school had developed knowledge of what climate change was doing to the environment.

Dominique, in the middle, her actor father, Cary, and her mother, Lisa Marie Kurbikoff.
The Saw actor, Cary with his daughter, Dominique, and his wife, Lisa Marie Kurbikoff.

He also said how Dominique and her pals were more conscious than the adults who actually had more responsibility for the issue. Cary at the time was being quite vocal about the terrible fires in Australia and Southern California on his social media. The subject is something that the British actor feels about strongly.

Is Elwes On Instagram? 

Dominique does have an Instagram account. The youngster however only has a handful of posts. In fact, Cary’s daughter only launched her handle on the image-sharing platform on June 13, 2021. Her first ever Instagram image features a series of images where Dominique is wearing black tank tops and ripped jeans. The stills apparently come from her native Malibu California. Alongside the caption, the teenager wrote nothing but “Summer.”

Dominique, the Princess Diary actor, Carey Lewis' only child, Lisa Marie Kurbikoff in Aug 2022 in Hawaii.
Dominique in Hawaii in Aug 2022. Instagram

Since then Dominique has been fairly active on her Ig; she mostly shares her poses taken in the backdrop of the Californian and Hawaiian summer. Worth noticing is the fact that Dominique already has a couple of thousands of followers with only half a dozen of posts. The content is relatively thicker on her TikTok where the blonde young lady seems more in play. On the musical app, Dominique can be seen routinely making acts with her friends and even her mother, Lisa Marie Kurbikoff.

Dominique is presumed to be residing in Malibu California as her actor father once said the place holds a special place in his heart as it was where he met his wife, Lisa for the first time.

Does Dominique Have A Boyfriend? 

Cary and his wife, Kurbikoff haven’t let out that many details of their one and only child, Dominique. Wherefore, there are only too few sayings regarding what the 15-year-old Lewis is doing now. Considering that her relationship matter is nothing but a laborious head-scratcher. While it’s been only a couple of years since the teenager, Dominique launched her Instagram, it might be a while before she lets her followers know who her boyfriend is or if she has any.

Dominique Elwes Other Facts

  • Paternally, Dominique is of English, Irish, Scottish, Croatian-Jewish, and Serbian ancestry. Her paternal grandfather (also Cary’s father), Dominic Elwes was a portrait painter while her grandmother was an interior designer and socialite.
  • Cary dedicated his 2014 memoir, As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride to his daughter, Dominique.


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