What is Corey Tyler’s ex-wife Stephanie Luby doing now? Interesting facts here!

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What is Corey Tyler’s ex-wife Stephanie Luby doing now? Interesting facts here!
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Stephanie Luby is the former wife of singer Corey Taylor. She became a big subject of curiosity ever since her association with the Slipknot singer. The pair enjoyed married life for several years before calling it quits.

During the tenure of their marriage, Stephanie and Corey were an ideal couple. The Slipknot fandom even went as far as to call her a perfect fit for their icon, Corey. Unfortunately, like all good things, their relationship too came to an end. Since then, fans have been eager to know what Stephanie is up to now.

Today in this article, let us find out all the interesting facts about the former celebrity wife and take a look at some intricate details of her career!

Stephanie Luby early life and childhood

She was born on December 26th, 1978, in the United States. As per her nationality, she is an American and belongs to Caucasian ancestry. According to reports, she was born and brought up in the state of Nevada. At the moment, she lives in Henderson, NV.

Stephanie Luby Corey Taylor
Stephanie is famous as Corey Taylor’s wife.

Not much information about her childhood is available. But we do know she relocated quite a few times during her childhood. She completed her formal education at Roosevelt High School in Des Moines, Iowa.

Talking about her parents and siblings, Stephanie has never mentioned anything about them. She was always quite serious about her privacy. Even when she was married to Taylor, she refrained from opening about her family life.

She was also involved in the music industry

Many of you might not know Stephanie used to work behind the scenes for several bands. For instance, she worked in the production coordination department for Linkin Park’s fifth EP, LP Underground 5.0. The album had six tracks, all from their performance at Live 8 back in 2005.

In addition, back in 2006, she helped out with additional management for Fort Minor Militia EP, Linkin Park’s vocalist Mike Shinoda’s first EP.

It is safe to say, during her relationship with Corey, she might’ve helped out the band with behind the scene works.

What is Stephanie doing nowadays after her divorce from ex-husband Corey?

Since separating from Corey, she has literally vanished from the mainstream media. Luby doesn’t seem to have an active social media account. Looks like she is using a different alias for her social media profile.

Besides, her husband Corey is quite active on social media. His Instagram account has over two million followers.

Nevertheless, Stephanie is living a low-profile life. Here’s hoping her life is going smoothly without any problem.

Stephanie and Taylor’s Relationship: Their Marriage

The former couple reportedly started dating somewhere around the year 2008. At the time, Corey was fresh out of a divorce from his first wife. After Steph and Corey came across each other for the first time, they fell for one another and coupled up.

Stephanie Luby Corey Taylor wife
Stephanie and Corey were married from 2009 to 2017.

After dating for a couple of months, they got engaged, and subsequently, wedding bells came for the pair. They exchanged vows on November 13, 2009, in an extravagant ceremony.

The former flames walked down the aisle to Metallica’s For whom the bell Tolls. It was an intimate affair with around 350 guests in attendance. The matrimonial took place in Las Vegas’s Palms Hotel.

The ceremony was less like a marriage and more like a concert with big names such as Mark McGrath, Dave Navarro, and Billy Morrison, who performed a song. And yes, the groom also joined his pals on the stage.

Their divorce became an inspiration behind one of Corey’s songs

Their marital bliss was going great until everything started falling apart. According to reports, it was Corey who decided to pull the plug on their years-long marriage in early 2017.

Interesting fact, his song Solway Forth was somehow inspired by his divorce. Apparently, that time was one of the worst of his life. The song was the culmination of his struggle with divorce and how he stopped the urge to substance abuse.

Initially, not many knew about their separation, and it was only in December of 2017 when Taylor dropped the bombshell. He was planning to keep mum on the matter, however, when people started gossiping on his son Griffin’s social media handle, the Slipknot frontman decided to come forward with the truth.

In a tweet that bashed all the gossip mongers, Taylor said,

“Because ‘people’ want to gossip on my son’s Instagram, I’ll set the record straight, even tho some of you don’t deserve it. I’ve been separated for almost 10 months now. I started dating someone a couple months ago. My FRIENDS have known. Now YOU know. I’ll ask ONCE: DROP IT.”

Their divorce was finalized in the same year as their separation, i.e., 2017. The former couple didn’t share any biological children between them.

Meanwhile, Corey is married to Alicia Dove since 2019. She is the founder of the all-girls dancing group, CHERRY BOMBS. They started dating right after Corey broke up with his wife. This is the third marriage for Taylor, who was first married to Scarlett Stone from 2004 to 2007.

Altogether Corey is a father of three children, Angeline Taylor, born in 1992, Griffin Parker Taylor, born in 2002, and Aravis Taylor.

How much is Stephanie Luby net worth?

One thing is for certain that after separating from Corey, she received a good amount of money in her divorce settlement. Considering the fact that her husband Corey is worth $10 million, she might’ve scored a couple of million from their divorce settlement.


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