Who is Elizabeth Lambert husband? What is she doing now?

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People know Elizabeth Lambert for not-so-great reasons. Can you guess why she is so famous? Well, she was a female athlete, a soccer player, who is famously known for showing anger during matches. That’s right, she would constantly be physically aggressive toward the players from the opposite team. Furthermore, she is even famously known as the “Ponytail Girl” because of her famous “move” of pulling her opponents’ hair.

So, what would exactly go down during such matches? Did her aggressiveness become the end of her soccer career, or is she still a player? How does Lambert herself feel about the things she did while playing? We’re here to answer all these questions and help erase all the confusion.

Therefore, this article is all about Elizabeth and her infamous career as a female soccer player. What is she up to these days? Let’s find out!

What Was Lambert’s Life Like Before All The Soccer Drama? Details On Her Super Private Early Life

As mentioned, Lambert has been very secretive about what her life was like before she joined the career as an athlete. Therefore, to dig up intimate information about her life like her date of birth, where she was born, or who her parents are is next to impossible.

Lambert used to play for the University of New Mexico
Lambert during an interview after the incident in the field.

On the contrary, we do know that she attended the University of New Mexico for her undergrad. She was recognized publically as an asset to the university’s female soccer team. With this information, we can also guess a few details about the Ponytail Girl, although uncertain – she might be from New Mexico or any other neighboring states. In addition to all this, looking at her pictures, she seems to be Caucasian and was born and brought up in the United States.

She Was A Soccer Player; Her Short-Lived Career As An Athlete

Lambert was a student at the University of New Mexico in the early 2000s. She was one of the team members of the university’s female soccer team. Her main job on the field was as the defender.

Elizabeth hit her opponents during the play
The Ponytail Girl in action!

However, this sports player did not gain popularity for the right reasons. As a defender, she would often show aggression toward the opposition players. Further, we will discuss what actually happened in one of such games that led to the end of Lambert’s infamous career.

All You Need To Know About The Ponytail Girl’s Drama On The Field; What Happened?

On 5th November 2009, the Mountain West Conference semifinal game was going on. The match was against Elizabeth’s team versus the players from Brigham Young University. At that time, she was just a junior in college. Despite being of such a young age, Lambert elbowed a girl and pulled another down by her ponytail. Hence, the name, “Ponytail Girl”.

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How she reacted to her opponent’s play was very unsportsmanlike. Furthermore, she got a yellow card for her action, and a video of the whole thing went viral over the Internet. This led Lambert to become one of the most infamous athletes in the USA. Even more so, the famous sports channel, ESPN aired the footage as a highlight segment – this fueled Lambert’s reputation as the Ponytail Girl.

Did She Apologize For Her Notorious Behavior?

Following the unfortunate incident, Elizabeth Lambert gave an interview with the New York Times. Here, she apologized for the way she acted and said she felt immense regret for doing whatever she did to her opponent players. She said,

“I look at it and I’m like, ‘That is not me.I have so much regret. I can’t believe I did that.”

Even though she could not believe what had just happened, it looks like Elizabeth took full responsibility for the heinous act. In addition to all this, she also revealed in the interview that she was referred to a clinical psychologist to work on her aggression.

Does Lambert Still Play Soccer? The Consequences Of Her Not-So-Favorable Behavior

As a consequence of her unfavorable act, Lambert was suspended from the further two games in that same league. Also, she was banned from all athletic activities, especially soccer, till 2010 as well.

Similarly, Elizabeth was even suspended by her university because of her indifferent behavior during the match.

It seems, she did receive all the punishment she could after what happened.

Is Lambert Single Or In A Relationship?

Like details on her early life, or life before her infamous career in sports, we are not certain about what her dating life is like. After the “soccer fiasco”, Lambert has kept a very low profile and is off the radar. Hence, we do not know if she is single, in a relationship, or even married today.

What Is This Ex-Athlete Up To These Days?

After being named the “Ponytail Girl” and banned from continuing her career as a soccer player, Elizabeth has tried to lay low. She does not appear in the public eye so often and has an even more private life than she had before. Because of her notorious behavior in the field, most people have not yet accepted her as well. Thus, we can only imagine how hard things must have been for Elizabeth over the past years.

Ponytail Girl would hit, pull hair, and elbow her opponents
Lambert’s final match as a player for her university’s female soccer team was a disaster.

Regardless of what happened, we do hope that she is living happily and healthily even today. People, especially her opponents, cannot forget how she reacted during those matches, but we hope that she has worked on herself to become a better version of Elizabeth Lambert.

Therefore, even if we do not know what she is up to these days, we believe that she should get a chance at forgiveness.

Are Miranda Lambert And Elizabeth Related?

Miranda Lambert is a famous American country singer and guitarist. This Texas-born musician has been in showbiz for the last 22 years and has yet to fail her audience. Her first album, Kerosene, has been certified Platinum. Not only this, but the songs from her debut album, even reached the top 40 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

This Lambert is an American country-song singer and guitarist
The famous country singer from America, Miranda Lambert

So, now the question is, is the Ponytail Girl related to this country singer? These two have the same surnames, but, they do not seem to be related to each other.

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