Where Is Jessica Wesson Now? Her Life Before & After Retirement

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Where Is Jessica Wesson Now? Her Life Before & After Retirement
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Jessica Wesson is a retired American actress who is best known for her recurring role as Jennifer Sudarsky, Brad’s first girlfriend on the ABC’s sitcom Home Improvement. She is also famous for having supporting roles in the Universal films Casper, in which she worked alongside Christina Ricci and Flipper in the 1990s.

She was well on her way to becoming the next child icon. Things, however, changed after she vanished from the public’s radar at the turn of the century and has remained so since 2001.

Keep scrolling to know more about the Casper star’s rise to fame and how she became a has-been celebrity, including rumors surrounding Wesson’s disappearance.

Jessica Wesson’s Made Her Debut In Movies At 10

Not much about her early life is known. She, however, is said to have attended college in Alabama in the 70s.

Wesson (born January 1, 1982) started appearing on screen quite early. At 10, the actress starred as Jennifer Sudarsky in the sitcom Home Improvement. The then adolescent star quickly rose to ranks after making her debut, and by 1993 she had already received a nomination for the Young Artist Award.

Jessica Wesson (right) with Christina Ricci in Casper 1995
Jessica Wesson (right) with Christina Ricci in Casper 1995. Source: Instagram

She then went on to appear in films like Milk Money (1994) and Longshot (2001), all of which would become classics. The year Milk Money hit theaters, Jessica guest appeared as Bridget in Baywatch’s 19th episode of its fourth season.

Wesson also had recurring roles in Boy Meets World and Judging Amy. In the former, she portrayed the character of Wendy Jansen in the show’s second and fifteenth episodes of its second season. In Judging Amy’s second season, the blonde child actress played the role of Katie Albright for a total of four episodes.

During her childhood career, Wesson bagged several achievements, including Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy nominations.

Jessica Wesson Sudden Retirement: Rumors of Suicide

Things were turning out to be quite promising for Wesson. Then came her surprising retirement that stopped her career dead in its tracks in 2001.

Jessica Wesson starred as Jennifer Sandusky In ABC's sitcom, Home Improvement
Jessica Wesson starred as Jennifer Sandusky In ABC’s sitcom, Home Improvement. Source: Instagram

After featuring in the 2001 film Longshot as Kelly Montgomery, she stopped appearing in any movie or TV show. In fact, Wesson hasn’t acted in any projects ever since. This, of course, led to numerous speculations regarding the whereabouts of the former child star.

There were also rumors about her suicide among several groups of people. That, however, never got any prominent attention nor some confirmations.

Where Is Jessica Wesson Now?

While what Wesson did after her last movie remains a mystery to date, people had caught her; yet on few occasions — primarily during the first decade of the 21st century. In 2002, the Flipper star appeared at Los Angeles Fashion Week in California.

Jessica Wesson, Sole Alberti and Sofia Alberti during Los Angeles Fashion Week - Frederick's of Hollywood Fall 2002 Collection at Star Shoes in Los Angeles, California, United States. (Photo by J. Vespa/WireImage)
Jessica Wesson (far left), Sole Alberti, and Sofia Alberti during Los Angeles Fashion Week – Frederick’s of Hollywood Fall 2002 Collection at Star Shoes in Los Angeles, California, United States. Source: J. Vespa/WireImage

Eight years later, in 2010, Wesson served as a script supervisor for two short films: The Other Way Around and The Weird Ones. And that was the last time she had any noticeable mention in Hollywood.

Wesson Still Has Quite An Impression

Although Jessica may have disappeared, somehow her performance in The Home Improvement was enough to make her childhood crush of many 90s youngsters.

There are still plenty of fan pages and communities all discussing Wesson’s childhood fame and her current affairs. If nothing at all, she has definitely turned into a mark of nostalgia.

Is Jessica Wesson Married To a Husband?

It would be an understatement to say, Wesson is yet to get married to a husband. Considering she could be in her 40s, she may tie the knot soon.

Well, it’s rather unfortunate for her fans that they didn’t get to see her growing into an adult. Or a bit about her personal life.

One could comfortably bet that she is way ahead in a marital relationship. In fact, she most possibly could be enjoying or have enjoyed motherhood, even.

As to know what actually is the deal, we just have to wait till she comes up with a noticeable and approachable social profile of her own.

What Is Jessica’s Net Worth?

Though Wesson made quite an impression as an actress initially, she has been living her retirement for a while. Undoubtedly with a successful career initially, she banked a good amount of fortune. But when it comes to her net worth at present, things are a bit unclear. However, there are estimates that she could have a few thousand dollars in net worth in 2021.

Is She on Social Media?

Unfortunately, Jessica Wesson is not on any social media platforms be it Instagram, Twitter, or any other platform. Over the years, she has kept herself completely away from the spotlight. Hopefully, she chooses social media platforms to connect with her fans in the days to come.


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