Who Is Brandon Walker Wife? His Childhood, Marriage, & More Facts

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Who Is Brandon Walker Wife? His Childhood, Marriage, & More Facts
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For someone as famous as Brandon Walker it is imperative people are curious about his wife. What we do know is that he is a married man, so what’s the identity of his partner? Do they share any kids?

A sports gambling analyst who works for Barstool Sports, Walker provides punditry on college and commercial sports. He has worked the majority of his life as a sports writer, analyst, and occasional host.

Walker is known for his great comedic timing, willingness to be self-deprecated, and above all, for his ridiculous knowledge of football. His rise to fame is something that deserves attention.

And so the piece down below discusses an un-cut version of Brandon Walker’s marriage, wife, children, and other details from his childhood.

Key Takeaways:

  • Brandon comes from a middle-class household in Mississippi which is where his parents raised him and his siblings.
  • Walker is happily married to his secretive wife for more than a decade.
  • His wife’s name is Amanda Dunaway.
  • From his incredibly private marital life, the Barstool sports journalist is a father of four kids, a boy, and three girls.
  • As of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.
  • His hometown is in Starkville, Mississippi, but due to his work, he lives in Jersey.

Profile Summary

Date of BirthApril 13th, 1979
ParentsVicki Ray (mom) and Mike Walker (dad)
SiblingsOne Sister (Caitlyn Walker)
WifeAmanda Dunaway Walker
ChildrenFour One Son and Three Daughters including Emma Grace

Brandon Walker is from Mississippi; His Parents and Siblings

He was born on April 13th, 1979, in the state of Mississippi. He spent the major portion of his childhood in West Point. Brandon celebrates his birthday on April 13th.

Brandon is the son between Vicki Ray and Mike Walker. Apart from himself, his mother and father have a daughter, Caitlyn Walker.

Brandon and Caitlyn often participate in playful banter with each other on social media.

Brandon Walker is a sports analyst at Barstool where he hosts shows like The Yak with Dan Katz, Picks Central, SiriusXM.
Barstool sports analyst hasn’t talked much about his birth. He also hasn’t revealed anything about his parents. He though has a sister named Caitlyn Walker (right).

He belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity and has American nationality.

His Educational Background

Brandon finished his high school education in 1998 at West Point High School. Afterward, he enrolled at the Mississippi Community College and eventually in 2002, he graduated from Mississippi State Uni, doing a major in Communications.

Who Is Brandon Walker Wife? Is He Married?

For more than a decade, he is married to his wife, Amanda Dunaway. His partner hails from Booneville, MS. She currently works as an Instructor at Itawamba Community College.

Besides, she is also a graduate of Mississippi State University, which means this is where the married couple might have met for the first time.

He and his Spouse shares four children

Brandon and his wife have four children; three daughters and a son. Though he himself has not mentioned the names of any of his kids, one of his baby girls’ names is Emma Grace Walker.

While he is quite expressive with his work life on Instagram, he is yet to share a post about his family. He has mentioned his spouse and children on numerous occasions either through Twitter or Ig but is yet to discuss them in detail or share a picture of them.

In April 2021, some group of people called the employer of Brandon Walker wife and also to his kids’ school in the aftermath of what he had said about a specific football team.

Brandon Says His Wife Supported His Move To New York 

When Walker got the job at Barstool, the former MyBookie’s employee wasn’t sure how his wife would react. He was nervous about telling her that they have to go to New York because he’d landed a gig with Barstool Sports.

Walker, however, got a better reaction than he’d anticipated. His spouse agreed to move without condition. She was, in fact, thrilled that her husband had finally gotten the big break.

Mrs. Walker then informed her own employer that she was moving and started working on plans to move the family to New York. Brandon referred to his spouse’s support as ‘abnormal.’ He admitted that he would have the same mindset if he was in his partner’s position.

The Mississippi State University graduate said he would’ve put up a roadblock. He added while he would have eventually done it, he and his family would have had to jump over every obstacle.

Brandon Walker’s Son Also Wants To Be A Sportscaster

Walker has become a notable figure in the presentation world, and he believes that his 10-year-old son, Tommy, has a similar talent or even more. Among his four children, it’s his son who he claims — has shown the most interest in what his father does.

In an interview, Walker said Tommy once talked to him and said, ‘Dad it’s time to start my podcast. When are you going to start my video show?’

Brandon Walker's 10-year-old son, Tommy
Brandon Walker’s Son.  Source: Instagram

People for a while criticized Barstool and even Walker for their relationship. They assumed Barstool offered Brandon to piss off MyBookie, and not because of the potential that David saw in him. Walker, however, from the first day, has been proving himself as a standout asset to Portnoy’s form. Throughout his time at Barstool, he showed that he wasn’t just a pawn in the duel between David and MyBookie.

He Got Into Sports Analysis Right After The College 

After graduating college, in 2004, Walker landed a job as the sports editor of the Daily Times Leader in West Point, Mississippi. There he covered high school sports, junior high softball, and little league for a newspaper circulation of 2,000.

Initially, Brandon covered high school sports, junior high softball, and little league for a newspaper circulation of 2,000.
After graduating college, in 2004, Brandon Walker landed a job as the sports editor of the Daily Times Leader in West Point, Mississippi. Source: Instagram

For the next decade or so, he moved around newspapers, cruising throughout Louisiana, and had stops in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, and Meridian, Mississippi. He thought SEC Country was his “big break.” However, but then Cox Cox Media Group abruptly pulled the plug on it when everyone in the building, including the lead decision-makers of the digital network, believed they were on a five-year plan and exceeding all their goals.

So in 2018, Walker exited SEC Country thanks to Cox’s decision. The following year, in early 2019, he started doing videos for the offshore betting site MyBookie for a modest digital audience. He would leave MyBookie in April 2019 and join Barstool.

He frequently appears on The Yak with Dan Katz

In under 10 months after joining Barstool, Walker became one of its most prolific stars. He is a regular on The Yak with Dan Katz at 1 pm ET with Dan Katz. He also hosts Picks Central at noon ET on Barstool Radio’s daily SiriusXM lineup. The six-foot-five inches tall gambling expert also does sketch videos for social media and the website. Additionally, he is also a member of the site’s weekly college football show with Portnoy, Katz, and Kayce Smith.

Brandon Walker Landed In Barstool Because Of The Feud  

Walker joined Barstool in the aftermath of a feud between Barstool and his ex-employer, MyBookie. The dispute started after MyBookie questioned the legitimacy of David Portnoy’s gambling addiction.

Portnoy, the founder of Barstool, in response, leaked the complaints of mybookie’s customers. The company, in consequence, lost customers and sponsors due to the loss of credibility that stemmed from David’s whistleblowing.

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Barstool then took one of MyBookie’s most important employees, Brandon. Since then he has become one of the most famous figures at Barstool.

Brandon Struggled Before Coming To Barstool

Walker started working as a writer after graduating from college. While he rose the ranks to the editor, he found it difficult to make the step from small-town publications to major news. The polarizing analyst moved around the country in an attempt to find work at big companies. He, however, always ended up working for small outlets.

Brandon Walker says his long list of experiences got him job at Barstool.
Brandon Walker started working as a writer Source: Instagram

Walker says initially he failed a lot at trying to get a high-paying job, but he didn’t give up. The projectionist claims he has his long list of experiences to thank for landing him a job at Barstool. When they hired him, the digital media company admired him for his enough experience as a sports writer and his personality to execute the role.

Brandon Walker Speaks Highly Of Barstool’s Freedom

After talking with his wife, Brandon finally took the job. He says he finds Barstool fun because the company doesn’t attempt to censor or control what he wants to say on camera.

“Barstool is real, which means whatever you really are, that’s what you portray at Barstool,”

The host of Walk The Line stated in an interview on Barstool’s YouTube channel.

He also explained he gets to portray whatever he really is. Walker also complained about how the world except Barstool tells their presenter where to be, what to do, where to stand, and how to act. He admired Barstool saying, “Here everything! Go!’ It’s up to you.”

Through Barstool Sports, Walker also hosts Rasslin, a podcast featuring a crazed wrestling fan, WWE or NXT.

Brandon Walker Net Worth

He currently has a net worth of $1 million. As far as the theories go, Walker is speculated to be much richer than he appears. The sportscaster has appeared besides jets and luxury items on several occasions.

Although it has not been disclosed if the things belong to him, he is very much assumed to be an affluent star for a sportscaster and host. Still, the estimated figures behind his net worth are no less than a mystery itself.


Who is Brandon Walker’s wife?

He is married to his wife for a long time. But, Brandon hasn’t revealed much about his wife’s name.

Who is Brandon Walker?

Walker works for Barstool Sports. He is a former sports editor.

What nationality is Brandon Walker?

Walker is an American as per his nationality.

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