Who Is Channing Crowder Wife? All Details To Know About Their Marriage, Relationship

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Who Is Channing Crowder Wife? All Details To Know About Their Marriage, Relationship
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Channing Crowder is a highly reputed name in the arena of football. So, if you are into football and have been following the game for a long time, you’ll know precisely who Channing is. This article, however, will not talk about his celebrated career as a footballer. He is a married man – who is Crowder’s wife?

In fact, Aja Crowder stole the heart of this former footballer. The husband and wife have been in each other’s lives since 2009. So, what’s their secret? How did they meet? We’ll soon answer all your queries.

Therefore, this article is all about Channing marital relationship. Are they still together? Let’s find out!

Channing Crowder’s Wife Aja & Their First Meeting

Ex-NFL player, Channing met his present wife, Aja Crowder in 2009. Their first meeting took place at a charity event organized by a radio station where Aja used to work. Some source suggests that it was a “love at first sight” moment for Crowder. He was immediately struck by the girl’s beauty and grace.

Ex-footballer, Channing Crowder met his wife in 2009
Always happy together – Aja and Channing Crowder

Therefore, it was Channing who initially approached Aja. Soon enough, Crowder thought there was a connection between them and developed a crush. However, there’s a twist in this love story.

The future Mrs. Crowder did not act upon her crush on Mr. Crowder straight away. She took her time to evade and test him for his seriousness towards her. Furthermore, being the most diligent player he is, Channing won over Aja’s heart, and she eventually fell for him too!

Since the very beginning, both Channing and his then-girlfriend Aja have been head over heels for each other. Even more so, during an interview, she explained how the whole experience of being in a relationship with him seemed as though they were destined for each other.

In addition to everything, both Mr. and Mrs. Crowder love adventure. Thus, this made it easier for them to relate with one another and form an unbreakable bond. According to the power couple, they would often take time off of work and go do something very random and crazy. They truly have been able to make some incredible memories along the way of their relationship.

Channing Crowder and Aja Got Married in 2011

In 2011, after almost 2 years of knowing each other and making memories, Channing and his spouse Aja decided on to tie the knot. Unfortunately, the intimate details of their wedding are unknown to this day.

The former NFL player is a dad of 3 kids
Channing and his wife, and 3 kids in one frame – they are one happy family!

On the contrary, we do know that the husband and spouse have been married for over a decade in 2023. Moreover, we believe that their “happily ever after” was witnessed by all of their loving family and friends. Further knowing how famous Crowder is, we’re sure that his wedding reception was attended by a heap of famous people.

How many kids does Channing Crowder have with Aja?

For the last 10 years, the holy union between Crowder and his partner has been fruitful for both of them. Their love seems to be growing with each passing day. Furthermore, this love is now shared among the couple’s 3 kids as well!

That’s right, Crowder’s wife Aja is the mother of three beautiful kids. The duo has a daughter named, Ava Milan Crowder, and two sons named, Channing Crowder III and Chaz Lee Randolph Crowder.

Although the exact date of birth of their kids is unknown, fans know that Channing Crowder III, the pair’s eldest son was born in 2011. In fact, Channing’s spouse Aja was pregnant with their first child during her wedding. Likewise, Ava was born 2 years later in 2013 and their youngest one, Chaz was welcomed in 2020.

Aja Crowder is extremely open about her life as a mother of 3 children. She keeps the fans updated with their pictures on her Instagram. Interestingly enough, everyone knew when she was pregnant with her youngest son – Mrs. Crowder let all the fans know about her pregnancy journey.

Channing Crowder’s Wife Aja Crowder Grew Up Father-Less In Miami, Florida

Till now, we have learned how the former NFL player met his life partner Aja and all the details about their 10-year-long relationship. Now, let’s only focus on the life of Crowder’s life partner Aja Crowder.

Mrs. Crowder was born on 10th June 1986 in Miami, Florida. As of 2023, she is 36 years old and soon plans to celebrate her 37th birthday with her hubby and children. Unfortunately, the celebrity wife Aja didn’t always have a happy and fulfilled family.

Mrs. Crowder shares a very lovely bond with her mother
Ex-NFL player’s wife, Aja with her very loving mother

In fact, Channing’s love of life Aja was raised by a single mother. From the earliest days of her life, Aja developed a very close bond with her mom – they are inseparable to this date! Similarly, she has explained in multiple interviews on how her grandmother also had a huge hand in shaping her into the woman she is today. All she needed was her mother and grandma when she was young – they’re her pillars!

Now, you might be wondering where her dad was all this time, and who he is. Well, Aja did not grow up with her father. As a matter of fact, he and her mother parted ways just a few months before her birth – he did not even know that his ex was pregnant at the time. Thus, Bruno, Aja’s dad, was never aware that he had a daughter.

Furthermore, Channing’s partner Aja did not have any idea about who her father is growing up. Even more so, her mother did not ever bring this topic to light at home. Therefore, it was not until her sophomore year in college that she found the truth.

Did Crowder’s Partner Aja Ever Get To Meet Her Father?

After coming across the fact about her dad, Crowder’s spouse Aja Crowder was eager to find him. She literally put her heart and soul into finding Bruno, her long-lost father.

Her marriage with Channing was the factor that led her into searching for her dad. At that time, all she knew was that he attended Miami High School in the 1970s. Hence, finding where he was in the present day seemed next to impossible. She would visit the places where she thought he might have previously lived but failed numerous times. Aja had already hit the dead-end of this finding.

Being the loving husband that Channing is, he went on Twitter with his father-in-law’s photo and asked his fans to do their jobs of finding him. Along with this, Aja also was featured in a local radio program where she talked about her life and urged people to find Bruno. Their hard work finally paid off when Aja’s dad himself called her one day – a huge gap in her life was finally filled!

Following the talk over the phone, Mrs. Crowder met her dad in person for the first time ever. Bruno immediately felt that she was his daughter when he glanced at her. And thankfully, in the present day, she and her father have a very special bond.

What does Channing’s wife do?

Like her footballer husband, Aja Crowder has had the opportunity to explore her athletic side. While attending Howard University, she used to play tennis for the college team as a division I athlete. But, this did not continue into a professional career.

Channing Crowder's wife
Aja Crowder – the realtor

As she grew older, Aja became a very strong, determined young woman. She has explored multiple career options for herself throughout the years like radio personality, advertiser/marketer, and so on. One that worked out the best was being a realtor. She is actively talking about her job as a real estate agent through her social media handles. Aja does seem very proud of who she is today!

Besides this, Channing’s spouse Crowder has also previously appeared as a reality show star. In 2017, Aja appeared on Baller Wives, a reality show that featured the wives or partners of famous American footballers along with her husband Channing. In the show, she appeared alongside her husband and talked mostly about her relationship with him. This helped her gain a lot of fame overnight as the wife of a famous NFL player.

Is Aja Still Married To The Father Of Her Kids, Crowder?

Even after being together for a little over a decade, Aja and Channing are still together and married. Both of them still seem to be falling each day for each other every day as they did at the beginning of their relationship.

What is Aja’s Ethnicity?

Born in Miami, Florida, the celebrity spouse Aja is an Afro-American as per her ethnicity and has an American nationality.

Source: Celebsuburb.com

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