Is Vivica Fox Married In 2023? Why Did She Divorce Her First Husband?

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Vivica Fox is famous in the entertainment industry as an all-rounding artist. In addition to being a top-class actress, she is a producer and a TV host as well. 58-year-old Fox began her journey in showbiz in 1983. Fast forward to 13 years later, she got her BIG breakthrough in the box-office hit movies, Independence Day and Set it Off. And in the present day, she is one of the most beloved entertainers in American history.

Besides her outstanding career as a multi-talented actress, Vivica’s love life is something that has always kept her fans entertained. She has faced quite the ups and downs that one goes through in their romantic life. From being a married woman to staying single – Fox has seen it all! So, who were these men who were once worthy of her love? And, why did she divorce her first spouse? We’re here to answer all your queries.

So, this article is all about the Soul Food actress, Vivica Fox’s divorce and relationship status in 2023. Did this new year bring a new man into her life or is she still single? Or, will we hear wedding bells anytime soon? Let’s find out!

Will Vivica Fox Get Married Anytime Soon In 2023?

1998 was the first time actress, Vivica got married. However, that relationship went to the dumpster after 4 years. Throughout all these years, she has had multiple dates with multiple guys – some left a deep impact on her life while some did not. Keeping this in mind, around 2011, this multi-talented woman was even about to get married for the second time but that did not work out as well.

Vivica Fox is an actress, producer, and a TV host
The 58-year-old stunning actress, Vivica – she lives her BEST life these days!

So now, the big question here is, is there a new man in her life, who Fox might marry in 2023? Unfortunately, we have not come across any new pieces of news that give us a legitimate answer yet. She is a 58-year-old single woman focused on building an empowering career. It also could be her desire to keep her romantic life off the radar until she knows that the man will stay and cherish her, her whole life.

Regardless of anything, we hope that Fox is happy and living that fantastic actor life today!

Vivica Fox Was Married To Christopher “Sixx-Nine” Harvest

In 1998, Vivica got married to Christopher “Sixx-Nine” Harvest, a vocalist and model, who was the TV host’s ex-hubby.

Harvest was Fox's first husband
Actress from “Set it Off” pictured with her ex-husband, Christopher Harvest

The couple did not share much about their marital relationship with the fans. Some intimate details, like when they started dating, the date of the engagement, and so on have not yet been revealed. However, we know that her relationship with Harvest began on sinking sand. Not only this, but she gave up the idea of having a “fairy tale” wedding – Fox still believes that she rushed into marriage too soon.

During an interview with VladTV, she revealed her total feelings about her union with “Sixx-Nine”. She said,

“I did. I hate to say that. Everyone was having their Cinderella day and I just wanted one too to be very honest with you. Why the marriage didn’t last a long time is ’cause I didn’t take the time to get to know him. I felt peer pressure.”

Therefore, although the ex-pair looked very happy together in pictures or major events, they did not really have a good time with each other.

The Reason Behind Vivica Fox-Harvest Divorce With First Husband

After almost 4 years of being together, in 2002, Fox and Harvest got divorced and called it quits. It was about time they went on separate paths because the duo was not entirely happy together. So, what was the exact reason for the divorce?

According to the sources, Fox did not like the fact that she was the breadwinner instead of Harvest. At that time, both of them were up-and-coming artists. However, Vivica seemed to earn more than her hubby did – this did not sit right with her.

As per the actress herself, Christopher “Sixx-Nine” did not care at all about his future. After his group did not get the record deal, her ex-partner did not pursue any other opportunities. This scared Fox. She was just starting to earn good money and did not want to be the sole earner of their home. Thus, she filed for a divorce.

In Vivica’s own words,

“He didn’t go out and then pursue things with the same drive that I had for my career. You know, a woman doesn’t like paying all the bills all the time. I can only ask for help so many times before I had to come to the conclusion that I didn’t want to be the breadwinner in this family. My mother didn’t raise me to take care of a man. And that was the deciding factor.”

58-year-old Fox sure seems to be an old-school woman. But we do support her decision of walking away from her first wedding. She rushed into it – it couldn’t have felt right. We hope she is more careful in the days to come.

Rapper, 50 Cent Is Her Ex; Fox Linked With Him After Her Separation From “Sixx-Nine”

Following her divorce from “Sixx-Nine”, the actress started dating the rapper, 50 Cent. The dating rumors began in 2003 and their time together lasted for only 4 months.

50 Cent is a famed American rapper
Actress, Fox was in a romantic relationship with 50 Cent around 2003

During their short link together, Fox and 50 Cent were head over heels for each other. But as sad as it is, he wasn’t meant for her. So, they went on different paths after 4 months of being in a relationship.

According to the actress, she is still very attracted to the rapper. However, she does not feel like they should ignite the fire of love again. Despite everything that happened, 50 Cent is still a very dear friend to Fox. She has revealed that he and she made peace while she was working on her book, Every Day I’m Hustling.

Vivica Almost Got Married Again!

When the Independence Day star, Vivica came across club promoter, Omar “Slimm” White, she thought that she had met the love of her life again. We do not quite know when the ex-pair began dating, but we do know that they were engaged and just about to tie the knot. If Fox went ahead with it, it would’ve been her 2nd marriage.

Fox was previously engaged to a club promoter
Omar White and Vivica were engaged for 10 months in 2011

However, the universe had different plans. After almost 10 months of saying “Yes!”, their engagement was broken in November 2011. Our sources believe that White had some issues during the course of his relationship with the Days of our Lives actress. According to the man,

She’s a good woman. It’s just one of those situations where in life, people outgrow each other. I’m highly intelligent, very wise, and one thing I hate is negativity and drama. I hate arguing, and I value communication no matter what the problem may be. So as in any relationship, tension can build up and I finally had to walk away.”

It seems, wherever Vivica Fox goes, the drama follows! This wasn’t admired by Oman White, and the duo called it quits.

58-Year-Old Fox Has Had Her Fair Share Of Boyfriends

Some sources have confirmed that Fox, who is in her fifties, has dated an actor who is in his thirties. Can you guess who that actor is Robert Ri’Chard is believed to be her rumored ex-boyfriend, who she met on the set of the movie, Chocolate City. Ironically enough, the actress played the role of Robert’s mom in the film.

Similarly, although not certain, many have also confirmed of she has a romantic relationship with the ex-NBA player, Dennis Rodman.

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