Who Is Nathan Fielder Wife? His Girlfriends & Relationships

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Who Is Nathan Fielder Wife? His Girlfriends & Relationships
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Nathan Fielder is famous through the HBO comedy docu-series The Rehearsal. The show prepares people in advance for real-life challenges. The docu-series, however, doesn’t mince motivational words or does a life-changing makeover. It instead involves Fielder helping each participant practice real-life events with actors, sets, and countless other stimulated details.

Fielder may seem an expert when the actor guides people through their dating life among others but how has Fielder performed with respect to his own? Speaking of which, while the actor is a pretty private individual, Fielder does have mentioned a few or two details about his relationships on occasion. So, who is Nathan Fielder’s wife?

Here are the details on his wife, married life, and more.

Who Is Nathan Fielder Wife? Or Does He Just Have A Girlfriend?

Nathan for now doesn’t seem to have a wife but he admittingly has a girlfriend. In an interview with New York Magazine in July 2022, Fielder revealed that he was living with someone and was “really happy.”

During the q and a, Fielder also said that he and his then-girlfriend had just moved in together.

“It’s not always easy to let a person in like that. It’s been really nice. I’m, like, really happy,”

said The Night Before actor.

As to who his current girlfriend is, Fielder is yet to spill the beans on that. It is also unknown how long Nathan has been in a relationship with the partner he was talking about. This relationship nonetheless is the first time that the Rehearsal host has ever talked publicly in years.

The Rehearsal actor Nathan Fielder with his current girlfriend and comedy director Amber Schaefer at the GQ party in Nov 2022
Nathan Fielder with his current partner Amber Schaefer in Nov 2022. GQ

Gawker reports Fielder’s current girlfriend may be Amber Schaefer, a comedy director. Their relationship became somewhat public when Nathan brought Schaefer to the GQ Man Of The Year Party in Nov 2022. Schaefer currently directs pre-taped shorts for Saturday Night Live.

Nathan Fielder Wife; Did He Ever Have One?

Nathan was married in the past which has been a piece of public knowledge for years. According to the comedian, it took him a significant amount of time to move on and start seeing other people after the end of his marriage. He also remained secretive about his love life and up until the aforesaid July 2022 interview, he hadn’t disclosed his relationship status. People speculated that he just might have been too busy furthering his career than finding a partner.

Nathan For You host Nathan Fielder wife Sarah Ziolkowska with her ex-husband Nathan
Nathan with his ex-wife and former children’s librarian Sarah Ziolkowska

Now speaking of his former wife, Fielder was in a marital relationship with a children’s librarian, Sarah Ziolkowska, also a Canadian. Nathan and his ex-wife met in Canada at a comedy show and the couple got married in 2011. However, during the production of Nathan for You Season 2, they ended their marriage.

It is unclear what caused their separation but some sources say it had something to do with Fielder’s career. As Fielder’s success in the entertainment industry grew, he became increasingly distant from his wife, causing their relationship to deteriorate. In 2014, they started living separately and their efforts to save the relationship also proved fruitless. Ultimately, the couple filed for divorce on April 16th, 2015 at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles, California, bringing an end to their marriage.

Nathan Fielder Said Moving On From His Divorce Was Tough

A year after his divorce, Fielder finally spoke out about the separation in a 2015 interview with The AV Club. He expressed the difficulty in addressing the matter as it was an emotional and overwhelming experience. He described it as “heavy” and although the situation wasn’t extreme, it was an amicable split.

Comedian and actor Nathan Fielder in Oct 2020
The Rehearsal host Nathan Fielder on his Instagram in Oct 2020. INSTAGRAM

Fielder likened his post-divorce single life to cancer and stated that the divorce was worse than the disease.

During his interview with The Rolling Stone, although Fielder hid most of the details about his defunct marriage, he did say that the separation was tough.

In an interview with New York Magazine five years after his divorce, Fielder stated that he felt like he was “so bad at life” after the divorce.

Fielder Girlfriends In The Past

Besides his ex-wife and possibly/arguably his current girlfriend, Nathan has had some or two relationships in the recent past or at least so claim some sources.

Whilst doing an interview with Rolling Stone in 2017, Fielder revealed that he was “dating someone.” This was the first known relationship of the Vancouver-born comedian, post his 2014 divorce from his ex-wife. As for who he was dating in 2017, the standup performer said he was “not going to talk more about it.”

As for now, however, it is a mystery if this 2017 partner of Fielder is the same one he mentioned during his interview with New York Magazine in July 2022.

Old words on the street claim Fielder also had a brief fling with Maci, the now 39 years old’s on-screen girlfriend in the fourth season of Nathan For You. It, however, never came to light if the fling was real or not.


Did Nathan Fielder get married?

Yes, in the past, the actor Nathan was married to children’s librarian, Sarah Ziolkowska.

Is Nathan Fielder in a relationship?

At present, Fielder isn’t in any kind of relationship officially.

Does Nathan Fielder have any children?

No, Nathan doesn’t have any children.

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