Is Amie Walker The Sister Of Paul Walker? Her Career, Married Life, & More

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Is Amie Walker The Sister Of Paul Walker? Her Career, Married Life, & More
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Amie Walker, fully Amie Kaz Walker is the half-sister of the late actor, Paul Walker. Paul was known for playing Brian O’Conner in the Fast And The Furious franchise.

Of all Paul’s siblings, Amie might the be one who has been the least talked about. On top of the fact that all the brothers and sisters of the Joy Ride star live considerably non-celebrity lives.

See if Amie, herself has a story to tell, how she coped with the loss of her dearest family member, what her own life looks like, and many more things.

Amie Walker Followed The Mormon Faith

Amie Kaz Walker allegedly was born around the year 1967. As mentioned, she is Paul’s half-sister. Kaz was born through Paul William Walker III’s relationship with his former partner. She mostly has English, as well as German, Swiss, and Irish ancestry.

Amie Walker is the half sister of the late actor Paul Walker.
The late Paul Walker’s sister, Amie Walker during his roadside memorial in Dec 2013.

While nothing about her biological mother is known, her stepmother, Cheryl (née Crabtree), was a fashion model.

Amie’s father, Paul William Walker III, was a sewer contractor and former amateur boxer. He additionally was a two-time Golden Gloves champion.

Kaz’s paternal grandfather, William, was also into boxing. His career, however, was a short-lived one; he was known by his ring name, “Irish” Billy Walker. Kaz along with her siblings grew up following the Mormon faith.

Amie Was Close To Her Late Brother, Paul Walker

Amie apparently was quite close to her late actor brother. Shortly after the news of her brother’s passing, the eldest of the Walker siblings said,

“It’s just unbelievable, unbelievable. It just shouldn’t have happened.”

Kaz, who shared the same father as Walker, added she would most remember what a great brother the Varsity Blues star was and how much he loved his family and friends.

She explained how everyone mistook him for a Hollywood actor when he was the most down-to-earth person anyone could have ever met in their entire life. She described him as just a “wonderful, wonderful person.”

Amie Walker was really close to her late actor brother, Paul Walker.
From right, Father, Paul William Walker III with his daughter, Amie Walker, and son, Paul Walker.

Kaz at the time also said if fans wanted to honor him, they could give to charity.

“If it’s just for your love or kindness for human beings or people out there, do that, give from your heart, because that’s what he would have done and that’s what he was all about…That will keep his legacy living on,”

said the now 54-year-old half-sister of the Takers actor.

Walker died in a car crash near Los Angeles at age 40 in 2013. The survivors include his parents Paul Walker Sr. and Cheryl Walker, brothers Cody Walker and Caleb Walker, sisters Ashlie and Amie, and daughter Meadow Walker.

Her Other Brothers Acted As Paul Walker In His Final Film Furious 7

Widely known is the fact that Amie’s brother, Paul didn’t get to finish his last film Fast And Furious, the seventh installment. He met his tragic fate when the film was going through its production phase.

Thanks to Paul’s brothers, Caleb and Cody the three brothers who, to a considerable extent, shared the same facial characteristics stood in for their brother in his final film, Furious 7.

The late Paul Walker was very much resembled his brothers Caleb Walker and Cody Walker in terms of appearance.
From left, Cody Walker, Caleb Walker, and the late Paul Walker at Caleb’s wedding.

Amie’s other half-siblings, Caleb and Cody had computer-generated imagery (CGI) of Paul’s face on themselves to complete the film’s scenes.

The brothers who acted as the substitute said taking up their late sibling’s work in the blockbuster franchise, and getting to know his co-stars and friends was no less than a healing process for them.

“We got to understand more about Paul and what he was all about. We had to share Paul with a lot of people, in a weird way.”

The pair of siblings additionally mentioned how they would see his footage on set and due to the closure, they understood their late brother Paul in a special way.

Amie And Her Family Apparently Didn’t Know Paul Walker Very Clearly

It was only after the Eight Below star’s demise that his family including Amie realized there was more to him than what they had been seeing.

Again, Caleb and Cody said they and their family learned more than they expected about their famous sibling and heard “some really cool stories about him” that they never knew.

They later disclosed how their deceased brother, Paul kept a lot of things about work kind of quiet with his family and friends. Kaz’s two brothers got to see him from a different perspective once they tried to fill in his character.

Her Siblings 

While not much about her other brothers, Caleb and Cody are in the discussion, the former has had a few or two screen credits in addition to Furious 7.

Caleb serving as body doubles for Paul in Furious 7 wasn’t his first role. He also acted in 2012 in The Ultimate Sacrifice, a short film; though so far his one and only acting credit. He, however, is a restaurant owner by profession.

Kaz’s brother, Caleb is married to Stephanie Branch with a son, Maverick Paul Walker. He is also about to become a father, once again with Branch.

The youngest of the Walker siblings, Cody is also an actor who has had a handful of acting credits; a bit more than his elder brother Caleb. He made his acting debut in the 2012 film, The Mine. He has since appeared in the series In The Rough, the 2019 film, Shadow Wolves, The Last Full Measure (2019), and The Jungle Demon (2021).

Her Brothers Are Continuing What Paul Started

Since the death of their famous member, Paul Walker, each one from the rest of the family including Amie has been continuously keeping alive his philanthropic endeavor.

Each year, the brother duo Caleb and Cody promote the Game4Paul fundraiser which in turn supports Reach Out Worldwide. The latter is a disaster relief nonprofit organization that Paul created after he visited Haiti in 2010.

Over the years, the group has been an agile group of first responders and other professionals in the medical and construction-related fields in times of natural disasters.

Amie’s youngest brother, Cody serves as the brand manager of Reach Out World Wide. He formerly used to be a paramedic.

Other Siblings

In addition to Caleb, Cody, and the late Paul, Amie also has another half-sister, Ashlie Walker. She is a registered nurse, a mother of 4, a wife, and a Monat market partner.

Is Amie Walker Married?

Other than a few or two pieces, there are not many details that would have been said about Walker far from her brother’s spotlight.

Amie Walker is reportedly married to a man named Roger with a son.
Amie Walker in the glass – hugged by one of Paul’s fans during the remembering of her late brother.

Further, the eldest half-sister of the actor, who died in a car crash, is also quite hard to get by or virtually distant from social networking sites.

And so, the specifics relating to her marital affairs are rightfully in the middle of nowhere. Some sources, however, claim Kaz is married to a man named Roger and together they have two sons, Cole Kaz.

Still, the precise knowledge in regard to the aforesaid assumptions, for now, remains exclusively inside the domain of the Walker family.

On the other hand, her late brother Paul was in a relationship with Jasmine Gosnell at the time of his death. Previously, he was in a relationship with Rebecca Soteros, with whom he shares one daughter named, Meadow Rain Walker.


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