Who Is Johanna Leia Boyfriend? Is she dating Drake?

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Johanna Leia is a Los Angeles-based reality TV star, social media influencer, and model. She has modeled for various swimwear brands and other fashion companies. As a reality star, her fame started with the Lifetime show, Bringing Up The Ballers. Meanwhile, Leia is also the mother of an NBA prospect, Amari Bailey.

A while ago, Leia had the media in a frenzy about her relationship with the Canadian singer Drake between the summer and fall of 2021. For some time, their relationship seemed to be the talk of the town, with many hip-hop fans eager to catch a glimpse of the couple out and about. Sadly, the love between them didn’t last long.

Now, as the calendar turns to a new year, the question on everyone’s mind is: who has captured Leia’s heart? Is she keeping her latest love interest under wraps, or is she flying solo for the time being? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure, Leia’s love life is often a topic of intrigue and speculation.

Who Is Johanna Leia Current Boyfriend?

According to June 2022 records, Leia was alleged to have had a relationship with the NBA player for the Memphis Grizzlies, Ja Morant, now 23 years old.

The hearsay started when people began noticing Morant liking all of Leia’s social media pictures and the model also following him back.

NBA player of the Memphis Grizzlies Ja Morant and his supposed girlfriend and ex reality star Johanna Leia
Fashion Nova ambassador and Instagram model Johanna Leia and her alleged boyfriend and an NBA player, Ja Morant.

Johanna often attended Ja Morant’s basketball games. In fact when their relationship rumors were just starting some reported that the six-foot-three inches tall point guard had flown her out to Denver to watch one of his games in March 2022, Memphis Grizzlies vs the Nuggets.

While this rumor started back in early 2022, neither Leia nor Morant has affirmed if they are really having or had a relationship. Only time will tell if this potential romance will blossom into something more, but for now, it remains a mystery. Even though both of them have not confirmed anything it’s still a topic of discussion amongst their fan base. On the other hand, it could also be a possibility that this rumor mill is already under the bridge and that Leia and Morant have already broken up.

Meanwhile, Morant is also a father of a baby girl whom he had with his ex-girlfriend KK in Aug 2019.

Johanna Leia Relationship With Drake

A year before Morant, there were extensive claims of Johanna dating the Grammy-winning singer Drake. The journals started flocking to this point in question when they came to know that Drake booked the entire Dodger Stadium to have an intimate date with Johanna in October 2021.

Little did they know that the couple had been dating for months prior to that. In fact, by the time the Dodger Stadium thing became public knowledge, the Rich Flex singer and Johanna Leia were already at the final stage of their relationship.

Drake, the son of Dennis and Sandi, and Leia met through a high school basketball.

They however broke up about five months before the commencement of Johanna and Morant’s story.

Ex reality star Johanna Leia and the Hot Line Bling singer Drake
Former partners model Johanna Leia and the Canadian singer Drake

However, sometime later, RadarOnline, out in the open, reported that Johanna was still the no. one fan of the One Dance singer and might have still been missing him.

The media speculated this after Leia posted a picture of her then 17 years old son, Amari Bailey who had worn OVO apparel from head to toe. It was the very OVO, a record label that Drake founded in 2012. Later the Toronto-born celebrity also franchised it to a clothing line.

When posting the image of her son wearing an OVO dress, Johanna also threw out an owl emoji (OVO’s symbol) which led many to suspect that the mother of two was still not over Drake completely.

Johanna Has Two Kids From Her Past Marriage

Johanna previously was in a marital relationship with former American football player Aaron Bailey. When together, the former couple had two children, Amari Bailey, born Feb 17, 2004, and Savanna Bailey, who was born on May 24, 2014. Johanna’s daughter, Savanna or Savvy is also famous on social media with around 3000 followers on Instagram. Although Aaron and Leia are parents to two children, it is unclear how long the former couple was together.

Model and brand ambassador Johanna with her son and the UCLA basketball player Aamir
UCLA basketball player Amari Bailey and his mother Johanna. Instagram

Leia’s eldest child, the son, Amari Bailey is a collegiate player for UCLA Bruins as their shooting guard.
Back in Jan 2022, when Amari played for Sierra Canyon, he achieved the no. 2 ranking among ESPN’s top high school basketball players.

While Amari and his sister are the kids of an ex-NFL star, the former has stated that it was their mother, Johanna who raised them all by herself.

A Quick Look Into Johanna Career

As mentioned, Johanna is an ex-reality star, businesswoman, and model. She gained public recognition after becoming the cast of the Lifetime show Bringing Up The Ballers.

Leia was born in Los Angeles but grew up in Chicago. After relocating there, Leia started a business. She later however moved back to LA once she had become a mother of two.

Bringing Up Ballers star and model Johanna
Instagram model and former Drake’s girlfriend Johanna Leia. Instagram

As a model, Johanna used to work for Ford and Wilhelmina. She now has close to 400,000 followers on Instagram and is also the ambassador of a retail company, Fashion Nova.


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