Who Is Lucas Bryant Wife Kirsty Hinchcliffe? Full Bio

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Kirsty Hinchcliffe is popular for a number of reasons. Firstly, people know her as a celebrity spouse – Kirsty is the wife of the famed Canadian-American actor, Lucas Bryant. Secondly, although debatable, many believe that Hinchcliffe is an actress just like her hubby, who later became a trained life and acting coach.

Well, this article is all about the life of Lucas Bryant’s partner, Kirsty. How did Hinchcliffe meet her husband? And, where is Lucas’ wife these days? Let’s find out together!

Key Takeaways

  • Kirsty comes from a military family.
  • She is in a marital relationship with Canadian-American actor Lucas Bryant.
  • With her hubby, she is a mother of two kids.
  • She is a successful personal trainer.

Kirsty Hinchcliffe Was Born Into A Military Family; Details On Her Early Life

Hinchcliffe was born in 1979 into a military family in New South Wales, Australia. Although her actual date of birth is unknown, we know that she is 43 years old – soon to be 44 in 2023.

Furthermore, most men in Hinchcliffe’s family were in the army. For instance, her father and two uncles were in the Royal Australian Air Force. Thus, she must have had a strict and disciplined environment at home while growing up.

Despite having her own parent in the army, Hinchcliffe was never interested in serving her country. In fact, from a very early age, she was interested in acting. After graduating high school, she studied acting at Ensemble Acting Studio in Sydney.

Similarly, she has also attended the prestigious Atlantic Theatre Acting School in NYC. Not only this, but she became a trained actress when she was quite young and has gone as far as London to pursue her dream.

What is her nationality?

Kirsty’s nationality is Australian and Canadian. Her ethnicity is Caucasian.

What Does Kirsty Hinchcliffe Do For A Living? Is She Really An Actress?

Well, Kirsty has, in fact, been a part of the entertainment industry before. She appeared in several off-Broadway plays and in a number of TV shows. Her small acting career began shortly after she moved to New York. To this date, it is believed that she has appeared in numerous independent films as well. The Third Nail, Cold Ones, and Pagans are some such films she starred in.

Canadian actor's wife was in the entertainment industry
Kirsty Hinchcliffe in one of her roles as a police officer

Moreover, according to Hinchcliffe’s Linkedin profile, she is a trained actress who is now an acting coach for other actors. Her bio in the profile suggests that she has been coaching actors in New York and Los Angeles for quite a long time. In her career as a coach, she has worked 6 years with New Collective and 7 years with Black Nexxux Inc. as an acting teacher. Today, she is working at Shine by Carey Lewis.

Now, that’s not all about this 43-year-old Australian’s career. Many also believe that she is a certified personal trainer. However, nothing much is known about this side of her profession.

Her Partner, Lucas Bryant Is A Famous Canadian-American Actor; What Made Him So Famous?

The Australian native Kirsty is married to the famous Canadian-American actor, Lucas Bryant. Bryant has been in showbiz since 2002 and is typically known for his role in the series, Haven. In this Syfy TV channel series, he portrayed the role of Nathan Wuornos and played alongside many famous Canadian actors, including Nicholas Campbell.

Moreover, he has appeared in other numerous TV shows as well. He was previously the star of the short-lived UPN TV series, Sex, Love & Secrets. Similarly, he has appeared in TV movies like More Sex and the Single Mom and Summer Love. Byrant’s biggest hits by far are Hate Musicals, The Girl King, and The Vow.

Kirsty Hinchcliffe’s Meeting & Marriage With Her Husband, Lucas Bryant

Sources have confirmed that Krisy, who is from Australia, met her Canadian-American boyfriend Lucas Bryant around 2006. Since the very beginning, the acting couple kept their union under the radar. To this date, no one can confirm how Hinchcliffe met Bryant.

Actor, Lucas Byrant is Hinchcliffe's husband
A match made in heaven – actors, Lucas Byrant and Kirsty Hinchcliffe

While many might suggest that she was his personal trainer, some believe that they met on a movie set. Thus, we do not have a certain answer for the beginning of their relationship. After dating for some time, they soon got engaged and married in 2007 – just a year after the dating rumors sparked.

The intimate details of their relationship and wedding are still off-limits to the fans. Despite both of them having a very open life as two celebrities, they like to keep some things to themselves; for instance, their loving relationship with one other. Regardless of this, we are happy for the duo since they found their perfect match with each other and a happily ever after.

Certified Personal Trainer, Hinchcliffe, Is A Mother Of 2 Kids

Actor, Lucas Bryant is not just Kirsty’s husband, but also the father of her kids. The pair has a total of 2 kids – a daughter and a son.

Hinchliffe’s daughter was born just a year after her marriage to Bryant. In August 2008, the couple reportedly welcomed their beautiful baby girl. Likewise, their son was born 7 years later in 2015.

Lucas Bryant's children
Hinchcliffe’s son and daughter pictured together

Along with keeping information on their love life private, the couple is very protective of their children as well. Fans do not even know the name of their baby girl and boy, even years after their birth. However, we respect this decision of Hinchliffe and her acting husband as mother and father.

Are Kirsty Hinchcliffe & Still Married? Their Relationship Status

In 2023, Kirsty and her hubby Lucas will be celebrating 16 years of togetherness. Thus, despite the long years of their union, they are still together and head over heels for each other. In fact, after the birth of their kids, the love between the couple grew even more.

Where Is Kirsty Today?

As we have already mentioned, Hinchcliffe works as a professional acting coach at Shine by Carey Lewis in recent days. Furthermore, she lives in her beautiful home in Santa Monica, California, with her husband and two children. She shares a huge net worth of almost $5 million dollars with her hubby, Lucas Bryant.

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