Who Is Patina Miller Husband David Mars? His Married Life, Wiki, Net Worth

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Who Is Patina Miller Husband David Mars? His Married Life, Wiki, Net Worth
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David Mars is a venture capitalist, businessman, entrepreneur, the Co-Founder & Director of Windstream Energy, a commercial wind farm developer,  and a partner at White Owl Capital Partners. The latter specializes in early-stage investments in energy and technology firms

He is also a helmsman at several different business organizations including Vesta Corporation, Mass Appeal, Global Potential, Office Drop, and others. The New Jersey-born native, Mars, however, is known to the wider masses as the husband of Patina Miller, actress and singer best known for originating the role of disco diva wannabe Deloris Van Cartier in 2009 West End and 2011 Broadway productions of Sister Act.

Mars and Miller have been together since the early 2010s; the two also share a daughter in between. Keep scrolling to know more about Miller’s husband, David Mars; his family, financial standings, his life outside his work, how he became the Tony Award-winning actress’ spouse, their relationship timeline, and extras.

David Mars Is Allegedly From A Military Family

The Sister Act actress’ husband, Mars was born in 1975 in Holmdel, New Jersey. He reportedly is from a military family; as per reports, his father served in the military.

Mars went to Holmdel High School.

Venture capitalist and Sister Act actress Patina Miller's husband, David Mars.
Co-Founder at Windstream Energy and venture capitalist, David Mars. LinkedIn

David who is allegedly 47 years old is a graduate of Boston University, magna cum laude with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Clinical Exercise Physiology. He also holds an M.B.A. from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania with a concentration in Venture Capital.

Patina Miller’s Husband, David Mars Is A Venture Capitalist At Several Business Organizations

Aforesaid, Miller’s husband, David Mars is a Partner of White Owl Capital Partners LLC and is responsible for investing in early-stage companies in the energy and technology industries.

He reportedly joined White Owl in 2007. Before that, Mars was the Director of Strategy & Business Development at IDT Telecom.

In this role, Miller’s spouse was responsible for all product management, market expansion, and strategic partnerships and helped grow the division to over $200 million in revenue.

Before working at IDT, David was one of the founders of Steamtunnels, Inc., a venture-backed national collegiate magazine and integrated marketing company. Steam tunnels had over 2.1 million readers. It additionally was the largest magazine in the history of the college market.

David has also worked as an Analyst at PricewaterhouseCoopers. As of recent, Mars reportedly serves as a director of OfficeDrop, Mass Appeal Media Inc., Vesta Inc., Windstream Energy LLC, and OpenPay Ltd.

In the meantime and as mentioned, he is also Co-President of the Wharton Private Equity & Venture Capital Association and on the board of non-profit Global Potential.

David And Patina Miller Initially Connected Through An Online Dating Service

Just before meeting Mars, Miller admits she had finally gotten to the point in her career where she was having success, but she was finding it to be a lonely place.

She really wouldn’t go out and wasn’t really dating anyone. Miller says she was living like a nun.

The Hunger Games Mockinjay actress Patina Miller with her husband and New Jersey born businessman, David Mars.
Sister Act actress Patina Miller with her husband and venture capitalist, David Mars. Walter McBride

At the time she starring in “Sister Act,” the musical adaptation of the Whoopi Goldberg comedy about a wayward nightclub singer who takes refuge in a convent. By that time, Miller had also landed some prominent stage roles.

She was one of the casts of the Public Theater’s Central Park production of “Hair” in 2008 and had also acted in “Sister Act,” in London in 2009 before transferring to Broadway in 2011. Not long after she started to give a thought to finding someone.

Miller then consulted with her “Sister Act” co-star, Victoria Clark. Clark then suggested she join EHarmony, an online dating service. So Ms. Miller set about creating a profile for that online dating service.

The South Carolina-born actress, though, pledged she would spend no more than one month on the site. Coincidentally, at the same time that Mr. Mars, a venture capitalist, was also considering a membership.

About him joining Eharmony, Mars said,

“A guy at one of my portfolio companies suggested that I should go on all these dating sites.”

Mr. Mars joined eHarmony, too, and eventually found Ms. Miller’s profile. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay actress’ account included a simple photograph that showed her wearing no makeup and which described her, somewhat modestly, as an entertainer.

Mars and Miller exchanged online messages and prepared for their first date, on Aug. 2, 2011, at the Morrell Wine Bar and Café in Rockefeller Center.

Mars Didn’t Know His Future Spouse Patina Miller Was A Theater Actress

David later revealed when he was meeting Miller for the first time,  he was not quite sure what he was in for. He said Miller hadn’t told him what she did for a living, other than she was a singer. She reportedly had only told him that she worked at night, so they’ve got to meet during the day.

On their first date, Miller showed up wearing one long feather earring and a hat to which Mars wondered if she was a rock star. Miller says she had walked into the wine bar and was sweating profusely, wearing a single earring and carrying a three-month-old Labrador retriever puppy.

After further conversation, Mr. Mars offered to walk Ms. Miller back to her place of work. Upon reaching near Miller’s then-residence, the Broadway Theater, where “Sister Act” was playing, David knew who she really was.

Mars found out about her when they were heading down the street and the CBS Madam Secretary actress pointed him to a yellow cab with her Sister Act poster on it.  David saw Ms. Miller perform in “Sister Act” a few weeks later and after that, the couple became inseparable, living together and going on vacations.

Within months, the venture capitalist and the Pageland native actress said they could tell they shared a mutual easygoing, no-nonsense mentality. Pretty soon after they moved in together.

The couple says they knew their alignment, in terms of their moral compass, was the same. Actress and Tony Award-winner Miller in an interview said she knew David Mars was the One almost immediately.

“It was on our first date. I felt like I could really be myself with him.”

Patina said while talking to Brides in March 2016.

David Mars Talked Miller To Audition For The Role In Pippin

Before he had asked her to marry him, Mars made a crucial contribution to his wife’s career.  Miller had an audition for “Pippin” but was unsure whether she wanted to proceed. David then told her about his dream where had this very vivid scenario that Miller was at the Tony Awards, and she was accepting her Tony for “Pippin.”

Tony winner Patina Miller with her husband and director at Windstream Energy, David Mars.
Partner at White Owl Capital Partners, David Mars with his actress wife, Patina Miller. Instagram

Further reporting his dream to his then-girlfriend, David told Miller,

“And you’re thanking me as your fiancé.’ ”

Mars emphasized he was not trying to put any pressure on her or himself regarding their relationship. But, he told her she should really audition for the part. Miller went through an audition and ultimately got the role of the worldly and seductive Leading Player of “Pippin.”

David Mars And Patina Miller’s Engagement  

David decided to ask Miller to marry him after two years of dating right after she had landed the role of Leading Player of “Pippin.”

It was on April 25, 2013, at the opening night party for the “Pippin” revival.  As Mr. Mars described the scene, he waited until he thought the party had largely cleared out before asking the Raising Kanan actress.

David told the NY Times in 2014 that night there was nobody else there — it was just him and his then-girlfriend.  However, not long after, there were 200 people on top of them.

Mars nonetheless proposed backstage after the show. He got down on one knee within the circle of Miller’s castmates and friends. The moment where David proposed Miller has also made its way to YouTube and become something of an Internet classic within theater circles.

Patina Miller Married David On Long Island

David and the now 37 years old Miller married each other on June 14, 2014, at the Foundry in Long Island City, Queens.

Patina Miller with her husband, David.
Venture investor, David with his actress wife, Patina Miller. Brides

The guests included Ms. Clark; Jonathan Groff (who starred with Ms. Miller in “Hair”); the “Sister Act” director Jerry Zaks; Charles Randolph-Wright, the director of “Motown the Musical”; and Billy Porter, a Tony winner for “Kinky Boots.”

Ms. Miller’s mother, Robin Burch, served as the officiant; she at the time, was also an associate minister at Crawford Baptist Church in Augusta, Ga.

 What Are The Net Worths Of David Mars And Patina Miller? 

Although both Miller and her husband, Mars have been reported to have tens of millions of dollars, what exactly is each of their net worths are yet to be figured out with even the closest approximation.

As a venture capitalist of multiple firms, Miller’s spouse, David supposedly has made millions of dollars for his firm. Though what he makes for himself is an understanding that might not be out in the open for a while.

Leastwise, the couple is likely to be multimillionaires in that Mars and Miller in the past have dealt with properties worth seven figures.

David Mars Likes To Talk Geo-Political Issues On Instagram 

Miller’s husband, Mars is quite active and vocal on social, especially on Instagram. His most recent posts include his thoughts on Uvalde, Texas elementary shootings where an 18 years old boy killed about 19 school kids and two teachers.

He likewise has also spoken against Russia for its unprovoked attack on Ukraine and its people. In the meantime, Mars can also be seen giving shutouts to his wife for her screen achievements and all.

Other Facts 

  • Mars and his Tony winner wife, Miller are also parents to a daughter, Emerson Harper Mars. The couple welcomed their first child on August 9, 2017, in New York City.
  • Before Miller, Mars was married to someone else; though it is unclear who this ex-wife of his is.


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