Who Is Ruby O. Fee? She is Dating German Actor Matthias Schweighofer

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Who Is Ruby O. Fee? She is Dating German Actor Matthias Schweighofer
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Ruby O. Fee is a Costa Rican-born German television star known for her role as Sophie Kellermann in the children’s series 13 Hours: Race Against Time. She is also famous as Sophia v. Gelenberg in the Bibi & Tina film series.

O. Fee is quite a recognizable face in Europe with her ubiquitous presence in children’s films, commercials, medieval drama, and others. And now she is making a mark in Hollywood as well.

Know all about her unknown yet praiseworthy achievements, her early life; her nomadic upbringing. Also read exhaustively about her film journey, her love life, and upcoming projects all in the specifics below.

Ruby O. Fee Was Homebirthed In A Hut 

O. Fee was born on in San Jose, Costa Rica in a wooden hut in the jungle. During her birth, there was no doctor, no midwife but only her father and some of her parents’ friends.

Ruby O. Fee mother is a German costume designer
Ruby O. Fee was birthed in a hut in the Croatian jungle. Source: Instagram

Her biological father is from England while her mother is German. Her mother didn’t continue her relationship with her father for long after her birth and started dating a French guy. In fact, O. Fee grew up in Brazil with her costume designer mother and French stepfather. She along with her mother and step-dad moved to Berlin, Germany in 2008 where she went to Bela Bartok Music School.

Ruby once revealed she spent some part of her childhood traveling the world with her hippie life-loving mother. The actress also disclosed that she would buy most of her clothes from the flea market.

Ruby O. Fee Mother Didn’t Allow Her To Be In Front Of The Camera For Some Time

When living in a small village in Brazil with her mother, photographers from a children’s fashion magazine turned up there and discovered the nine-year-old, Ruby. After that, she became addicted to working in front of the camera that she asked her mom to sign her up with an acting agency.

O. Fee, however, reveals her mother was skeptical and knew that her daughter had tried so many things on a whim and stopped again. The raven-haired actress had even learned singing and ballet but had quit midway. Ruby, nonetheless, managed to persuade her mother so that she could pursue acting.

She Has Acted In Numbers Of European Films And TVs 

The Costa Rican actress made her film debut as Rebecca in the English film Womb alongside Eva Green and Matt Smith.

Ruby O. Fee made her film debut as Rebecca in the English film Womb alongside Eva Green and Matt Smith.
Ruby O. Fee is a Costa Rican-born German actress known for 13 Hours, Race Against Time. Source: Instagram

She then acted as Laila in the German film, Lowenzahn – Das Kinoabenteuer before playing her career-defining role,
Sophie Kellermann in 13 Hours: Race Against Time. Her other TV roles came in Lotta, Letzte Spur Berlin, Kein Entkommen, Das Geheimnis der Hebamme, Shakespeares letzte Runde, and Prinz Himmelblau und Fee Lupine.

Additonally, she has also acted in other shows such as Shades of Guilt, Rosamunde Pilcher, Morden im Norden, and Leipzig Homicide.

O. Fee From 2013 To Present

In like manner, her big screen projects encompasses credits in films like Dead (2013), Die schwarzen Bruder (2013), Bibi and Tina (2014), Bibi and Tina voll verhext (2014), Als wir traumten (2015), Ghosthunters: On Icy Trails (2015), among others.

From 2016 to 2020, O. Fee appeared in more than 10 films. Some of them are Rockabilly Requiem (2016), Seitenwechsel (2016), Verruckt Nach Fixi (2016), The Invisibles (2017), The Famous Five and the Valley of Dinosaurs (2018), Polar (2019), and Lindenberg! Mach Dein Ding (2020).

Her last movie, Army of Thieves from the helmsman, Zack Snyder finished its production in 2021. In the movie, she portrays hacker, Korina alongside her boyfriend Matthias Schweighöfer, and actress, Nathalie Emmanuel.

Fee’s 2019 movie Polar is her first American movie where she stars alongside Madds Mikkelson and Vanessa Hudgens.

Ruby O. Fee Is In A Relationship With Her Famous Actor Boyfriend

O. Fee has been in a relationship with fellow German actor, Matthias Schweighöfer since 2019. He is also a voice actor, film director, film producer, and singer. Additionally, Schweighöfer is one of the founders of the film production company Pantaleon Films.

Ruby O. Fee boyfriend, Matthias Schweighofer is known for films like Father joys and The Nanny
Ruby O. Fee is in a relationship with her boyfriend, Matthias Schweighofer. Source: Imago

O. Fee’s boyfriend’s wax image has been in the wax museum of Madame Tussauds in Berlin since 2012. He is known for films like 2014’s Father joys, 2015’s The Nanny, 2016’s  The hottest day, 2017’s Bullyparade – The Movie, 2018’s hot dog, and 2020’s Resistance. Recently he starred in Zack Snyder‘s film, Army Of Thieves.

O. Fee first publicly appeared alongside the German actor in Feb 2019. Schweighöfer was spotted kissing his Costa-Rican-born girlfriend on the cheek at a Berlinale party. Thereafter, the pair has continuously showcased their love for each other by wishing each other happy birthday or the anniversary of their relationship.

Talking about their future, the five foot six inches tall Latina actress said that she and her boyfriend “are definitely going to get engaged, but an appointment has not yet been made.”

Schweighöfer previously dated Anni Schromm with who he has two children. Also, Ruby O. Fee too was rumored to have dated a Brazilian actor, Joaquim Lopes.

Her Boyfriend Speaks Highly Of Her

In an interview with Bit Defender in October 2021, Schweighöfer talked about his girlfriend and co-star, Ruby O. Fee. The German star said he had always been a big fan of Ruby, and it never worked for her to appear in one of his films.

He added his girlfriend is “such a great actress, and I really wanted this to finally work”. The Resistance star said acting alongside his partner was the “best decision.” Schweighöfer explained if it wasn’t for Zack Snyder’s film, he would have spent lockdown 2020 all on his own. The actor wasn’t even allowed to travel from his location in Prague to Berlin.

Ruby And Schweighöfer, However, Prefer Living Separately

If it was not for lockdown, Schweighöfer and O. Fee might have lived under separate roofs, says the boyfriend. In October 2021, the blonde-haired actor revealed in addition to this “rule of love”, he and his girlfriend follow another one: they do not live together.

The Deutsch actor said it works great for them. He explained because of that his partner does her girls’ evenings, and he has his peace and quiet.

Some Other Facts About Ruby O. Fee: 

  • She has also been on the cover of TV Spiefilm, a biweekly German program guide.
  • Ruby O. Fee originally never wanted to be an actress, rather she wanted to make films. She admitted she annoyed her mother for two years to help her register so that she could direct films.
  • She occasionally runs her own social project advocating fundraising campaigns for the food banks.
  • In addition to German and English, she is also fluent in Portuguese.
  • In 2014, O. Fee won a Jupiter Award for Best German TV Actress for her role in director, Oliver Kienle’s Tatort – Happy Birthday, Sarah.


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