Who is Sung Kang’s wife? Reportedly married to Miki Yim

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When you hit it big in Hollywood, people are bound to be curious about your personal life. Similar is the case of the Fast & Furious franchise’s star, Sung Kang. For the past couple of years, fans have been trying to find out whether this handsome star is hiding a wife or not? Yet, there is not a single reliable answer.

Tabloids have been claiming that Sung is a married man. However, the identity of his ‘apparent’ wife is still behind closed doors. There are several outlets that have added a picture of Sung Kang’s wife, but rest assured all of them are false.

Today in this article, we’re going to find out the real truth about Sung’s personal life.

Who Is Sung Kang’s Wife? He Is Happily Married

Sung gained fame since his appearance as the cool-headed, anti-hero, Han Lue in the Fast & Furious franchise. The majority of his fans are females and we don’t see any reason as to why not? He looks calm, composed, and confident. But sadly, many of you’ll ladies and men alike might be heartbroken to know that Sung is indeed married.

For the past several years, Sung enjoys delightful marital bliss with his wife. Now that we’ve told the straight answer to the most burning question, let’s move to the next one. Who is Suga Kang’s wife? Well, the answer to this question is quite complex.

Fast & Furious actor Sung Kang
Sung is married but the identity of his wife is behind closed doors.

If you Google the query regarding Sung’s better half, then surely you’ll come across the name, Miki Yim. But here’s the biggest concern, there is no evidence if a person of this name is linked with Kang.

Furthermore, the majority of outlets have written that Miki is a General Manager at Prada and is a Meiji Gakuin University graduate. The information is all mixed up here as the person the outlets are talking about lives in Hawaii while Sung resides in Los Angeles, California. After thorough research, we found that the information is about a person who coincidentally goes by the same name as Miki Yim.

As for how the name Miki Yim came to the public eye, it all started when the famous restaurant Sugar Factory, on their website, stated Sung visited the famous restro alongside his wife, Miki.

All in all, we are certain of one fact, Sung is indeed married. However, the real identity of Mrs. Sung is still behind closed doors. We are certain Sung took such drastic measures to protect his marital life from the paparazzi.

The Misrepresentation of Sung Kang’s wife: The Real Truth

After doing a lot of research, we found out that numerous tabloids have added a picture of a woman and claimed her to be his wife. First, let’s see the picture!

Sung with a fan
Sung with his fan.

Now that you have seen the image, let us tell you that the picture above is of a woman who is one of Sung’s greatest fans. In fact, Sung’s official page acknowledged this lady’s years of dedication towards him by sharing a huge message for her.

As evident from the above picture, she is not Kang’s voice but a die-hard fan.

Besides, the only real photo that we’ve found of Sung’s wife is a back shot. In the photo captured by a fan, the actor and his partner were out and about at the Ottawa Market.

Sung Kang Wife
Sung with his partner at Ottawa Market.

How did Sung first meet his wife? The first impression wasn’t that great

In 2014, Sung gave an interview to the LA Weekly in which he opened up about his personal life. In the sitdown, Sung divulged he met his future spouse at a Koreatown Karaoke. Apparently, the first impression wasn’t that great as he reportedly ‘butchered’ Prince’s “When Doves Cry.”

Sung says,

“Being in L.A. for a while. I don’t sing well.”

While he was singing at the Karaoke his now-wife happened to be at the same place. Though she didn’t comment on his voice because let’s be honest, no one can sing at the Karaoke, she did call him out for his hairstyle. Her words were something like this,

“Where do you get your hair cut? You need to get your money back because you look like the Korean Dutch boy.”

Despite the initial impression, the handsome actor was able to woo the lady and eventually they married.

Does the pair share children?

Aside from finding out who Sung Kang’s wife is, fans are also curious to know if he is a father or not. If social media and public appearances are anything to go by then it looks like he does not share children yet.

Nevertheless, there are a few tabloids that claim he has two kids, a boy, & a girl. This news initially came to be when Sung appeared at the Bangkok International Film Festival in 2009 alongside two little munchkins. Back then, outlets maintained that the two kids are his family members.

Sung with his relatives
Sung and his family members at Bangkok Film Festival. Source: Zimbio

As of now, we still cannot ascertain if he fathers these two kids until the actor himself says so. Besides, the Fast and Furious star has not shared a single picture of someone who remotely comes close to being his child.


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