Zander Tate

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Zander Tate
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Zander Tate is a celebrity kid who became popular as the son of the American actor Larenz Tate and his talented wife Tomasina Parrot. Besides being an actor, his dad is also a director and producer who has appeared in several movies such as Dead Presidents, Crash, A Man Apart, Love Jones, Power, and more.

Despite being a star kid, Zander lives a very low-key life. Similarly, his parents also don’t post about him much on their social sites like Facebook and Instagram supporting his privacy. Therefore, there is not much information about him available in the media. Also, we are yet to see if the son will follow in the father and mother’s footsteps to make a career in the entertainment industry.

In the article below we have tried to dig up all the information about the celebrity’s son, Zander Tate. So, dive into the article below to know more about Zander Tate.

Zander Tate Early Details; How Old Is He?

The celebrity kid was born to his mother Tomasina Parrott and father Larenz Tate on 27 June 2008. He is 14 years old as of 2022. He was born in Calabasas, California under the zodiac sign Cancer.

Moreover, Tate belongs to a mixed ethnic background with American nationality. Regardless, since his parents are very protective, his appearance in the media and social media platforms is scarce.

Looking at his age, he must be studying in school to talk about his academic qualifications. Zander may have attended some school nearby or may be homeschooled. However, the detail regarding his school hasn’t been revealed by his parents or by himself.

His Parents: Zander Tate’s Dad  is a Superstar

As we mentioned earlier, Tate is the son of the star, Larenz Tate, and his beautiful wife Tomasina Parrott. He is an American film and television actor as well as a producer and a director. The actor has appeared in several movies such as Dead Presidents, Crash, A Man Apart, Love Jones, and Power, to name a few.

Larenz Tate and his wife Tomasina Parrott
Zander Tate’s dad Larenz Tate with his mom Tomasina Parrott

Similarly, his mother is also an actress, a skilled salsa dancer, and a choreographer. She is notable for her work in TV series and music videos like Rock Star, Along Came Polly, Lucky Numbers, Las Vegas, and more. Apart from her career as a dancer, she is also an entrepreneur who owns a bakery, Sugar Fairy Bakeshop, in her hometown Calabasas.

Tate Has Three Brothers

Zander is not the single child of his mom and dad. He is the second child of the Tate family, nevertheless, the first kid after the pair’s nuptials. He is gifted with three siblings; one elder brother, and two younger brothers. Having friendlike brothers must have made his childhood a blessing.

Zander's parents with him and his brother
Zander Tate with his mom Tomasina Parrott, dad Larenz Tate, and younger brother

The 14 years old’s older brother was born when his mother and father were only engaged but not married to each other. His name is Miles Xavier Tate and was born on July 29, 2006. He is 16 years old now and is two years older than Zander.

Likewise, his younger brother Zion Tate was born later after 5 years of his birth in November 2013. Having said that, the family hasn’t revealed the name and birth details of the youngest brother yet. The parents are careful about their children’s privacy, hence, haven’t reported much about the kids to date.

Zander Tate’s Mom and Dad Are Together For Two Decades

Larenz Tate and his longtime spouse walked down the aisle on November 30, 2006, after dating for more than six years. The couple first met 20 years back at a party of a common friend who is also Tate’s fellow actor, Jamie Foxx.

Zander pops stated,

“We met almost 20 years ago at All-Star Weekend in Oakland when Vince Carter did the crazy dunk. Jamie Foxx was throwing a party. He is known to throw the best parties.”

Even though it wasn’t love at first sight but it was love at the first meeting for sure. The Power star and his partner chatted the whole time at the party and promised to see each other after their return to Los Angeles. They even exchanged their number as they were already ready to date by that time.

Therefore, it has been decades that Tate’s mommy and daddy are together, and still show no sign of separation. They are considered one of the power couples in the industry who have set an example of what a happy marriage looks like.

Zander Has a Great Relationship With His Parents

Not showing off on social media platforms doesn’t mean the relationship among the family members is bad. Similar is the case of Zander Tate and his family. The kid and his parents like to keep it low-key and aren’t active on social media. They enjoy their time together behind the camera and give time to each other whenever they are free without external interference.

Larenz Tate and his spouse Tomasina Parrott with their kid
Larenz Tate and his spouse Tomasina Parrott with their son.

Despite the hectic life of his dad Larenz Tate, he manages to give time to his children and wife establishing a great bond between them. Likewise, the mom too regardless of a busy schedule handles everything with perfection. Mr. and Mrs. Tate are enjoying parenthood and Zander and his brothers are getting equal love, affection, and attention from their parents.

What Is The Net Worth Of Zander Tate?

Well, Zander Tate is too young to be earning for himself at this age. So, his total assets cannot be assumed now. However, since his parents are doing great in their careers, he is indeed living a lavish life.

That being said, both of his parents are millionaires. His dad, Larenz Tate has a net worth of $2.5 million whereas his mom’s total fortune is more than $1 million. The husband and wife have given a luxurious life to all their babies including Zander Tate.