About Chris Pérez’s daughter, Cassie Perez: Age, Wiki, Net Worth, Mother

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About Chris Pérez’s daughter, Cassie Perez: Age, Wiki, Net Worth, Mother
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Cassie Perez is a known name among Chris Perez‘s fandom. She is the eldest child of the renowned Mexican guitarist and songwriter. Her father gained fame after his association with bands such as Selena y Los Dinos. The San Antonio native has been married twice he shares his kids with his second wife.

As of 2020, Cassie is all grown-up and has become a beautiful young woman. What is she up to nowadays? Is she also following on her famous dad’s footsteps?

Besides, the beautiful young lady is in a relationship with her boyfriend. Today we’re going to lay out all the interesting facts regarding Cassie’s life including her age, the identity of her mother, siblings, lifestyle, & more!

Meet Cassie Pérez, Chris Perez’s daughter: Her Wiki-Bio, Birthday, and Ethnicity

She was born Cassie Gabrielle Perez on 23rd December 1998, in San Antonio, Texas, the United States of America. She is the eldest and only daughter of Chris Perez and his second wife Venessa Villanueva. As of now, she is 23-years-old and she will turn 24 years of age in December 2022.

As for her high school, she graduated from a local school. Going by her age, it is safe to say she has enrolled in college. As for her profession, she is a Phlebotomist. Moreover, she is a certified Esthetician, approved by the Texas Cosmetologist Association.

Talking about her profession, she is usually posting about her work. She works at the Massage Envy Spa and usually gives massages among many other services. Going by her Instagram posts, we can say for sure she loves her work.

Cassie Perez Wiki
Cassie is the eldest child of Chris Perez.

Though she opted for a completely different path from her parents, we’re glad she is happy with her life as it is.

Cassie Pérez’s Brother Suffers from Down Syndrome

Aside from herself, Chris Perez has another child, a boy named Noah Perez. Sadly, Noah suffers from down syndrome. In this genetic disorder, a person experiences physical growth delays, intellectual disability, and characteristic facial features.

Cassie Perez Brother
Cassie’s brother suffers from autism.

Despite all the challenges, the Perez family sticks together. Cassie often takes her brother out and spends a wonderful time with him. Just like a doting older sis, she also helps cleanse her little brother and often takes him for a spa treatment.

The youngest of the brood is surely enjoying a relaxed family and we hope they remain bonded as a family forever.

Who is Cassie Pérez’s Biological Mother?

Cassie is one of two children between Chris Perez and his now ex-wife, Venessa Villanueva. She is a former model. The former couples tied the knot in 2001. Back then, many of their close friends and family attended the holy ceremony. Initially, the pair first came across back in the 90s via one of Chris’s friends John Garza.

Chris Perez's ex-wife Vanessa Villanueva.
Vanessa Villanueva and her ex-husband Chris Perez with their children.

Talking about Cassie’s mother Venessa’s early life, she was born somewhere in Mexico in the 1970s. Upon marrying Chris she became an American citizen and she belongs to the Latino-Hispanic ethnicity. This makes Chris and Venessa’s children Latino as well.

Cassie’s parents divorced in 2008 due to irreconcilable differences. Upon separating, the former flames decided on raising their children together.

Cassie Pérez’ Current Relationship Status: She Has a Boyfriend

Well, Chris’s daughter is all grown up, so it is only natural fans will get curious to know about her dating life. As of 2020, she is in a relationship with a guy named Mark. Both of them are head over heels for each other, especially Cassie.  Going through her Instagram account, she has made numerous posts with her boyfriend.

What’s even more interesting is that Mark has a good relationship with Cassie’s brother Noah. In one of the posts that Cassie shared, we can see him hanging out with Noah.

Safe to say, Mark is approved by Cassie’s side of the family. As to when and how did the pair first met, it looks both of them are high sweethearts but is just an assumption.

The twosome is in a blissful relationship for a few years now and both of them have also moved in together. But they are not the only ones at the house as they have a pet dog named Saint. Cassie absolutely adores her puppy.

Why is Cassie Pérez’s Father Chris Perez Famous?

Her father first gained prominence as one of the members of the hit band, Selena y Los Dinos. The group consisted of many big names including the frontwoman, Selena. Chris later went on to marry Selena but sadly his marriage ended after his wife’s untimely death in 1995.

Cassie Perez Chris Perez
Cassie’s childhood photo.

After Selena’s death, Chris founded a band named Chris Perez Band alongside his friends John Garza, Joe Ojeda, Jesse Esquivel, and Rudy Martinez. The band created numerous hit songs including their debut album Resurrection which went on to win Grammy Award for Best Latin Rock, Urban, or Alternative Album. The band disbanded in 2009 and subsequently, in the next year, Chris formed a new group called Chris Perez Project.

In addition to his music career, he also authored a book titled, Selena, With Love.

How much is Cassie Pérez’s net worth?

This star kid is doing something on her own without the help of her mom and dad. As of now, we cannot estimate how much is her total net worth, but her father is a millionaire. His total fortune is around $1 million.

Talking about Cassie, she earns money through her work as an aesthetician and as a Phlebotomist. On average a Phlebotomist earning ranges from $13 to $20 per hour or $28,000 to $42,000. Besides, she also lives in her own apartment with her boyfriend which implies she earns considerably well.


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