All about Alvaro Morte’s wife Blanca Clemente: Her Wiki, Net Worth, Kids, Relationship

All about Alvaro Morte’s wife Blanca Clemente: Her Wiki, Net Worth, Kids, Relationship

When your partner makes a big name in showbiz, you’re bound to gain attention, many times unwanted. This is why many celebrity spouses choose to stay out of the media light. Blanca Clemente here follows the same principle. She is best known among fans as Spanish actor Alvaro Morte‘s wife.

Blanca Clemente’s husband first came to prominence after his role in the hit Spanish series, La Casa de Papel aka Money Heist. This Netflix series follows the story of a group of robbers. However, today we’re not here to talk about Alvaro but instead his wife. The two have been in a marital relationship for many years.

In this article, find out all the intriguing facts pertaining to Blanca. We’ll talk about her personal life, net worth, relationship with Alvaro among other stuff.

Blanca Clemente Wiki-like Bio: Details on her Early Life

Blanca is a Spanish stylist who first rose to media prominence after her actor hubby Alvaro became a worldwide sensation. It was only in the latter half of his career when Alvaro found fame. As of now, people around the globe recognize him as The Professor.

Aside from himself, there’s not much to talk about Blanca. All we know is that she is a stylist and a theatre fanatic. It is because of Blanca and her hubby’s passion for drama that they decided to open up their very own theatre.

The husband and wife of several years are enjoying a terrific marital bond. Apart from them, there are two little munchkins at the Morte household.

Blanca Clemente is famous as Spanish actor Alvaro Morte’s Wife

In 2017, Alvaro joined the cast of the new series, Money Heist. Netflix subsequently picked up the show. The show received a positive response from the public and all of the crew members overnight became an instant hit. Since Alvaro played the lead role of Sergio Marquina aka Professor, curiosity about his relationship rose. Eventually, Blanca became famous.

Now that we know about their marriage, many of you might be curious as to when did they tie the knot? Well, the answer to this question is not available. Yes, Alvaro has made sure not a single piece of information from his personal life comes out. We all know how paparazzi tend to cause a stir inside a celeb’s personal life and Alvaro sure doesn’t want that. We concur with his decision.

In addition, the actor is so protective of his family’s privacy that he rarely goes out with them in public. Moreover, he hardly shares pictures of his wife and kids on his Instagram handle. Even when he does, he makes sure to hide his children’s faces.

Blanca Clemente's husband with their twins.
Blanca is a mother of two beautiful fraternal twins.

Be that as it may, we’re happy Blanca is spending a beautiful and content life with her family. Cheers to the family!

The pair share two beautiful children

From their relationship that goes way back, the duo became a parent of two bundles of joys, a set of fraternal twins. They named their son Leon and daughter Julieta. Alvaro often adds pictures of his two kids. In the majority of the picture, he is seen enjoying a lovely fatherly time.

Blanca Clemente hubby children
Alvaro and Blanca’s daughter.

Besides, unlike Alvaro’s cold-hearted character in the series, Money Heist, he is an affectionate father. His kids, whom he lovely calls his ‘mice’ bring out the best of him. Whenever he is not doing anything, he will always spend time with his twins. He considers them the treasure of his life. Morte will take his wife and kids to the woods, a place where he can doze off without a care in the world.

The kids also love spending time around farm animals, trees, and lawns, outside the cityscape.

Blanca stood by her husband’s side even in the worst of times

A relationship will only work when you sacrifice, willing to do the distance, and do whatever it takes to make this relationship work. Likewise, ever since Blanca started dating her future hubby, she has never left his side, be it good or bad times.

Blanca Clement Alvaro Morte
Blanca with her partner in crime.

Many of you might not know this but Alvaro never really made a big name for himself in his career until he starred in Money Heist. Yes, despite his years-long dedication, he never gained that level of stardom. At that time, it was Blanca who supported him. She always had faith in her boyfriend turned husband and knew he was going to make it.

Apart from that, she also supported him when the doctor found that Alvaro had a cancerous tumor in his right leg. Though he has fully recovered from the incident, his wife had a big role in his long road to recovery.

How much is Blanca Clemente’s net worth?

Being a celebrity wife has its perks. You enjoy a lavish life without ever worrying about your finances. Similarly, Blanca enjoys a lavish life. Her own net worth cannot be an estimate but her husband’s total fortune as of 2020 is $2.5 million.

Alvaro earned the majority of his income from his career as an actor.