All About Hazel Gordy Siblings: Untold Facts About Her Brother & Sisters

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All About Hazel Gordy Siblings: Untold Facts About Her Brother & Sisters
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Hazel Gordy thanks to her father Berry Gordy is a sister to a handful of siblings. Berry is the father of eight children in total including Hazel. Several of Hazel’s sisters and brothers have followed in their father’s footsteps and pursued careers in entertainment.

They all are talented in their own rights and have achieved their own success in the showbiz industry. Hazel’s the first child of the veteran music mogul. Berry had her and her two biological siblings, Berry Gordy IV and Terry James Gordy with his first wife Thelma Coleman.

More siblings came to Hazel when her father Berry married Raynoma Singleton with whom he welcomed a son and via his partners Margaret Norton and Jeana Jackson. Berry also has a child with the I’m Coming Out singer, Diana Ross, and one more with Nancy Leiviska. Read all about Hazel’s half-sisters and brothers in the following headers.

Hazel Gordy Sibling, Berry Gordy IV

Gordy IV is Berry’s eldest son and he shares a moniker with his famous father. Berry IV is also the father of Skylar Austen Gordy.

Hazel Gordy brother Berry Gordy IV with his cousin Karla Gordy Bristol
Berry Gordy IV with his cousin Karla in Feb 2017. Facebook

Skylar is better famous as Sky Blu the rapper known for songs including Shots, One Day, Party Rock Anthem, and Party Rock among others. He is the other half of the music duo LMFAO with the other half being uncle Redfoo.

Hazel Gordy Brother Terry James Gordy

Not a great deal about Tony is known. That and whether he pursues a career in entertainment career like Berry Gordy.

Terry James Gordy, however, was born around the year 1956. He is the other biological sibling of Hazel. Terry and Hazel share the same biological mother, Thelma Coleman. Some also confuse him with the late WWE wrestler Terry Gordy.

One Of Hazel’s Brother Kerry Gordy Is A CEO

Kerry is by far one of most famous Hazel’s siblings. He stepped into the music business and became the CEO of Kerry Gordy and Associates Inc. The company assists popular artists with managing their brand deals and receiving royalties.

Berry Gordy with his daughter Hazel Gordy and son, Kerry Gordy
Hazel Gordy with her brother Kerry Gordy and father Berry Gordy. Getty

Kerry grew up with his father who helped him to get work at Motown’s mailroom during his younger years. Hazel’s this sibling also has an extensive background in the music industry. He previously served as the executive producer of The Jadagrace Show in 2012 and once also worked for Prince’s record label, Paisley Park Records. He additionally managed the late Rick James’ music career. Kerry is also a husband and a father to Karen Longley and Juliet Gordy respectively.

Sherry Gordy, Another Of Hazel Gordy Siblings Runs A Charity

Sherry is Berry’s daughter from his relationship with Jeana Jackson. Hazel’s sibling Sherry grew up in Southern California and later pursued a degree at UCLA. In tandem, she also honed her acting skills through classes. Later she obtained a real estate license and established her own brokerage.

Hazel Gordy's sister and Berry Gordy's daughter Sherry Gordy with Janis Bovino in Feb 2023
Sherry Gordy with Janis Bovino in Feb 2023. Facebook

In addition, Sherry runs a charitable organization which she launched in 2004. Through her nonprofit initiative, she focuses on helping underprivileged youth and young adults in improving their educational outcomes. Sherry also helps them with their employment prospects and emotional well-being.

Hazel Gordy Siblings Kennedy William Gordy Or Rockwell Is A Famous Singer

Hazel’s half-brother Rockwell is a renowned pop artist. In 1984 he collaborated with members of the Jackson 5 to produce his hit single, Somebody’s Watching Me.

Kennedy William Gordy or Rockwell, Hazel Gordy Siblings
Hazel Gordy half brother Rockwell is also a singer. Facebook

The song went on to become massively popular. Throughout his career, Rockwell released three albums between 1984 and 1986. He also made appearances on popular music programs such as American Bandstand and Soul Train.

Hazel Half Sister, Rhonda

Rhonda is the daughter of Berry and Diana Ross. She played the character of Toni Burrell in the TV series Another World from 1997 to 1999. At the time of Rhonda’s birth, her mother was the wife of Ron Silberstein. Rhonda knew about her biological father Berry at age 13.

Berry Gordy and daughter Rhonda
Hazel Gordy half sister Rhonda. NY post

In 2016 Rhonda launched her album titled In Case You Didn’t Know. She later also opened for her mother’s concert in 2017. She had previously written two of the songs that appeared on Diana’s album. Rhonda’s husband Rodney Kendrick is also a musician. They married in 1996 and welcomed their first son, Raif Henok Emmanuel Kendrick in 2009.

One More Siblings Of Hazel Gordy Is A Famous Artist

Hazel’s other sibling, Stefan is also an artist. He is known as Redfoo. He formed the electronic duo LMFAO with his nephew Sky Blue in 2006. Their debut album titled Party Rock came in 2009. They followed this with Sorry for Party Rocking in 2011. Both the aforesaid releases were huge successes.

Hazel Gordy's father Berry Gordy with his son, Stefan Kendal Redfoo Gordy.
Hazel Gordy’s sibling, Redfoo with his father Berry Gordy. Getty

LMFAO’s popular songs include Shots with Lil Jon, Party Rock Anthem, and Sexy and I Know It. From 2013 to 2014 Redfoo also served as a judge on The X Factor Australia and mentored on the US version. Following this Redfoo also participated in the 20th season of Dancing with the Stars with Emma Slater. They however had to exit after the first round of the competition.


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