Who Is Drake Dating Now? His Girlfriends So Far

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Drake, the Hot Line Bling singer has as stretching a list of girlfriends as it could get. Yet the Canadian singer has always been private about his love life and about who his girlfriends have been.

Since day one of his fame, Drake has been linked to countless high-profile women and the headlines have been running for over a decade. The women include chart-topper Rihanna, the English singer-songwriter Jorja Smith, to the mother of his one child, Sophie Brussaux.

Here’s an extended cut on the relationship history of the One Dance singer Drake. Start with who he is dating now.

Drake In The Recent Times Is Dating A Model Cecilia Rose

Cecilia is the most recent name on the list of Drake’s girlfriends. Rose is a notable TikTok star as well as an Only Fans model. Drake and Cecilia’s relationship rumor started after the emergence of CCTV footage from a nearby Balenciaga store in Aug 2022 wherein the two were walking by the dress store.


Further details say Drake treated Cecilia to anything she wanted from the store. The 23-year-old model then reportedly spent around $300,000.

The Jimmy Cooks singer has also featured Cecilia in the ‘Wait For You’ video which came out in May 2022.

Drake Might Also Be In A Relationship with Chantel Everett

With Everett, the 90 Day Fiancé star, it all started when people began hearing the rumors that the God’s Plan singer had been texting the reality star. This, was apparently, post her breakup with her husband of six years Pedro Jimeno.

90 Day Fiance stars, Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett
Drake’s rumored ex-girlfriend Chantel Everett and her ex-fiance Pedro Jimeno.

It was an insider who forwarded it to Media Take Out that Drake had been messaging Everett. The Trust Issues singer reportedly approached her several times to ask her how she was doing.

Some claim Drake and Chantel are still texting each other and that they are already in the early stage of a relationship.

He Dated Reality Star, Johanna Leia

The people first got the wind of Johanna Leia, a model/reality TV star, and Drake dating after the two exposed themselves having an intimate date at an empty Dodger Stadium in July 2021 in Los Angeles.

TMZ later reported that Leia and Drake had been dating for months before the secret date at Dodger Stadium. Turns out the On BS singer and Leia got closer through the latter’s son, Amari Bailey, a high school basketball and projected NBA prospect.

Hotline Bling singer Drake with his supposed ex girlfriend and reality star Johanna Leia
Drake with his alleged ex-girlfriend and TV reality star Leia.

Drake apparently had been giving Amari advice on finances, fame, and life in general. He was also giving Leia’s son advice on how to handle fame and all. As far as the story goes, Drake has spent one on one time with both Leia and her son either at his house or at theirs.

However, later sources started claiming that the pair only lasted for about three months and that the two had already moved on from each other.

The Truth Behind Drake Dating Naomi Sharon

Sharon’s chapter in Drake’s love life started during the recording of his sixth studio album Certified Lover Boy.

R and B singer Naomi Sharon and her rumored ex boyfriend Drake
The Breeze singer Naomi Sharon and the Hotline Bling singer Drake.

Sources say Drake was also partly the culprit in the breakup of Sharon’s relationship with her then fiancé Jamie Sun. What’s more, Jamie, right after the end of his relationship with Naomi, also shared a poetic captioned post that included words like trust and pain and others.

Sharon however hasn’t addressed the issue publicly. She did though share a short video of herself singing sometime after her separation from Sun. As for Drake, he remained silent as always.

Did He Also Have A Relationship with Kylie Jenner?

It happened at the end of 2019 which was just a few months after Jenner’s split from the Sicko Mode singer Travis Scott. Amidst the breakup, there were strong rumors claiming that the Marvins Room singer, Drake, and the young entrepreneur had developed mutual feelings for each other.

Kylie, the half-sister of Cassandra Marino, and Drake’s topic however ended rather shortly. The end reportedly came after Kylie lost interest in the Grammy winner when she knew how much of a womanizer Drake had been.

Reality star Kylie Jenner and the God's Plan singer Drake
Entrepreneur and billionaire Kylie Jenner and the Canadian singer Drake

An insider addressing the issue said,

She’s smarter than that.

Drake, the son of Sandi and Dennis, has always been a close friend of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. The Feel No Ways singer even performed at Kylie’s 16th birthday party. Furthermore in May 2020, when Drake was singing a song during a live stream he accidentally refers to the now mother of two as a side piece. The now 36-year-old rapper however later cleared the mishap and even apologized for the lyrics.

As for Kylie, her reaction to the song was nothing but laughter.

His Relationship With Young Model Bella Harris

In Sep 2018, Drake outwardly shut down a whole restaurant in Washington DC just to have a date night with the now 22-year-old model Bella Harris.

This fling however raised a few more eyebrows than usual as Harris at the time was just 18 while Drake was already 31.

Way 2 Sexy singer Drake and the 22 year old model Bella Harris
Canadian singer Drake and an aspiring model Bella Harris.

Nevertheless, Bella later canceled the rumors herself. Addressing the issue on her Instagram, Harris wrote,

Coming off an amazing New York fashion week, I feel I need to set the record straight. I did not dine in DC recently. I was happily working and dining in NYC every day.

A person supposedly close to the Circo Loco singer also said that Drake and the Elite model never even thought about forming an alliance of such a nature.

Harris is a celebrity kid; she is the daughter of a successful music producer Jimmy Jan and also the one with whom the Together Again singer Janet Jackson frequently collaborates.

The Rapper Allegedly Also Dated Drake Zmeena

This was earlier in the year when Drake and Harris’ dating rumors began to swirl up. That year in June some paparazzi caught Drake leaving Toronto restaurant Sotto Sotto with the vlogger, singer, and model Zmeena in the early hours.

Drake with Zmeena leaving Toronto restaurant Sotto Sotto
Feel No Ways singer Drake and plus size model Zmeena Orr

Zmeena has over a million followers on Instagram and is famous for her twerking moves.

Drake And His Supposed Former Girlfriend Malaika Terry

The same month Zmeena and Drake’s relationship noises were going on, another lady also managed to grab the attention of the tabloids with respect to the Knife Talk singer’s possible love interests. Her name was Malaika Terry, a Jamaican Irish Instagram model.

Jamaican Irish model Malaika Terry with Drake
Instagram model Malaika Terry and the Falling Back singer Drake

Similar to most of his other going-together buzzes this too started when Drake let himself be in pictures that included him and Terry strolling together around Drake’s native Toronto. Word of mouth has it this fling was quite different than the Champagne Papi’s other hearty affairs. As such Terry and Drake at one point were quite serious and the former even met Drizzy’s mother, Sandi Graham.

His Story With Welsh Celebrity Lateysha Grace

Another name that Drake took an interest in is that of the Welsh reality star, Lateysha Grace. This hearsay is also from the year 2018 around the fall.

Welsh reality star Lateysha Grace
Businesswoman and Welsh reality star Lateysha Grace

This also happened to be the time when Drake spent a lot of time in London promoting his fifth studio album Scorpion.

Drake Got Really Close With Raye

Raye is another name to have popped out from Drake’s time in England in 2018. The two allegedly knew and spent some time together when the Pussy and Millions singer was visiting London.

Rachel Agatha Keen also known as Raye, a British singer
By Your Side singer and songwriter Raye

A person from Drake’s close circle at the time said that the Toronto-born singer took interest in Raye because of her songwriting skills. In fact, the duo is also reported to have gone on several dates. The rapper once additionally took Raye to her favorite spot in Central London.

His Famous Love Story with Bella Hadid

One of the Hadid sisters is also on the list of Drake’s possible ex-girlfriends.

In addition to appearing together at social events, Drake and Bella Hadid have also been on the same show. In 2016, Drake was a guest judge on the reality TV show “America’s Next Top Model,” in which Hadid participated in 2014. They were also seen together at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2016, where Hadid was a model.

Runway model and former reality star Bella Hadid
Drake’s rumored former girlfriend and model Bella Hadid

In later times, many also noticed Drake flirting with Hadid on social media, with some fans speculating that he had already developed a crush on her. To say more, in 2016, he posted a photo of Hadid on his Instagram account, captioning it “Goddess.”

Bella, in late 2017, made headlines for having allegedly gone with Drake to several dinners. As a matter of fact for approximately four months. Some associates at the time said the AMA winner and the runway model initially started out casual but later things got serious.

Another thing this story claims is that, at one point, the Juno-winning singer also threw Hadid her 21st birthday party.

This though was quite complicated. Bella had just broken up with the singer Weekend and the Starboy singer was also friends with Drake and his frequent collaborator. Sources at the time wrote that things became conflicting between the 6 Gods and the fellow Canadian the Weekend because of the Bella thing.

However, despite the rumors and speculation, neither Drake nor Hadid ever confirmed that they were in a romantic relationship.

Did He Also Date Rosalyn Gold-Onwude?

Rosalyn Gold-Onwude is a sports broadcaster and former basketball player. She is also one of many women whom the tabloids have romantically linked to Drake. They met in 2016 while the R&B artist was a guest commentator for one of the games she was broadcasting.

In 2018, Drake’s friend and collaborator, Nellie, posted a picture on Instagram of the two of them together and captioned it “couple goals.” This subsequently fueled rumors of a romantic allegiance. However, Gold-Onwude later denied any such involvement.

Sports broadcaster and Drake's former girlfriend Rosalyn Gold-Onwude
Drake’s alleged girlfriend and sports broadcaster Rosalyn Gold-Onwude

On a few occasions, Drake also flirted with Gold-Onwude on social media. He posted pictures of her on his Instagram account and also wrote a birthday message for her.

Rosalyn Gold-Onwude is a well-known sports broadcaster, who has covered various sports events for different networks such as NBC, ESPN, and Turner Sports. She’s also a former college basketball player, who played for Stanford University.

Overall, while there have been rumors about a romantic relationship between Drake and Rosalyn Gold-Onwude, the true nature of their relationship remains a mystery.

Drake Was Also Close With Jorja Smith

Drake and Jorja Smith first met in 2016, when Jorja was 18 whereas Drake was 30, at a party in London. The Hip Hop artist reportedly found Jorja’s singing and songwriting talents impressive, and they quickly became friends. Drake later also helped Jorja to get recognition in the music and in 2017 they even collaborated on a song called “Get It Together.”

English singer-songwriter Jorja Smith
25-year-old R and B/soul singer Jorja Smith.

In addition to their professional relationship, Drake has also publicly shown his support for Jorja’s music and has even called her one of his favorite artists. Jorja, too, has spoken highly of the All-Africa winner and has thanked him for his support. They have also clocked on together at events and in social media posts. Then again, similar to other rumors, there also is no confirmation of any romantic relationship between Drake and Jorja Smith. Besides, their relationship is considered more of a professional allegiance.

He Has A Son with Sophie Brussaux

This past love interest of Drake is quite different than his other relationship in that Brussax is the only one with whom the BET winner went on to have a child. The two although went through a short-lived relationship, they still went on to have a child together, Adonis Graham.

The reports of Drake and Sophie having a child first came in 2017.

French model and Drake's baby mother Sophie Brussaux
Sophie Brussaux french artist and Drake’s baby mother with Adonis Graham

The No Guidance singer however initially denied being the father, but later confirmed it in his 2018 album “Scorpion.” He also spoke about his relationship with Sophie and the birth of their child in the album and in interviews. As for now, the relationship between Drake and Sophie is anything but romantic, but they are co-parenting their son together.

Brussaux and the Over singer have a good relationship and they work together to co-raise Adonis.

In the meantime, Sophie has been relatively private about her relationship with Drake and her life as a single mother.

This ex-girlfriend of Drake is a French artist and former adult film actress.

Drake And Jennifer Lopez Short Love Story

Drake and Jennifer Lopez had a romantic relationship sometime between late 2016 and early 2017. The two first publicly happened to be in one frame when they were jointly visiting a Las Vegas nightclub in December 2016. Following that they quickly became a high-profile couple. They later became each other companions at various events and even on social media. They furthermore also collaborated on the song “Tusa.” However, by the end of January 2017, they were no longer together.

Nonstop singer Drake and On The Floor singer Jennifer Lopez
Singer/actress Jennifer Lopez and the Canadian singer Drake

Lopez, the mother of Emme Maribel Muñiz, later confirmed that their relationship was brief and that they were just friends. Drake also spoke about the romance in interviews, saying that he had a great time with J. Lo and that he had a lot of respect for her as an artist.

Drake And Rihanna Have A History

Drake and Rihanna have a long history of both professional and personal relationships. They have collaborated on several songs together and of course, attended several events together. Their relationship was on and off for many years, and at different times they have described themselves as friends, collaborators, and romantic partners.

Former partners and singer duo Rihanna and Drake
Love the way you lie singer Rihanna and the Canadian singer Drake.

The father of one and Rihanna first began working together in 2009, when they collaborated on the song “What’s My Name?” for Rihanna’s album “Loud”. Thereafter, they went on to work together on several other songs, including “Take Care” and “Work”.

In 2016, Drake famously declared his love for Rihanna at the MTV Video Music Awards. However, the following year in 2017, Rihanna confirmed in an interview that they were no longer dating but they were still friends.

He Allegedly Also Made Serena Williams His Love Interest

The multiple Grand Slam winner Serena Williams is another high-profile name with whom Drake allegedly formed a relationship at some point in the past. The two have been friends for several years. In this case, too, it was their joint public appearances that led many to speculate about their relationship.

Drake and the Grand Slam winner Serena Williams
The US Open winner Serena Williams and the Grammy winner Drake

People have seen them together at events such as the US Open and other Tennis tournaments while Serena has also attended some of Drake’s concerts.

In 2015, Drake and the US Open champion even went on a post-match dinner. Also, the following year in 2016 Drake and Serena one more time attended a restaurant in Cincinnati, Ohio, and also a nightclub in Toronto, Canada. All these led to more speculation about their relationship. However, as always neither Drake nor Serena ever confirmed or denied any romantic alliance.

With Nicki Minaj??

Similar to Rihanna, Drake and Nicki Minaj have a long history of both professional and personal relationships. However, their relationship thing never came with a confirmation and there’s not much information about it either.

Drake and the Bang Bang singer Nicki Minaj
Starships singer Nicki Minaj and the Know Yourself singer Drake

Drake and Nicki Minaj first began working together in 2010, when they collaborated on the song “Up All Night” for Drake’s debut album “Thank Me Later.” They went on to work together on several other songs, including “Moment 4 Life” and “Truffle Butter”. The two have also been seen together at events and in social media posts.

However, in 2017, Nicki Minaj confirmed in an interview that they were just friends and collaborators.

Since then, Drake and Nicki Minaj have continued to work together on more music.

Did Drake Have A Relationship with Model Tyra Banks?

This one’s a bit more ambiguous than the aforesaid ones. Similar to many of Drake’s relationships, this rumor got fire when people noticed Banks and the Motto singer together at several events.

Former super model and reality show judge Tyra Banks
Drake’s alleged former girlfriend and model Tyra Banks

In 2019, Drake and Tyra Banks were the common guests at the ESPY Awards, where they both attended and even posed for pictures together. But as always it is not clear if they were ever in a romantic association.

Tyra Banks is a model, television host, and businesswoman.

His Take On Marriage; Is He Ever Going To?

In Aug 2022, there were reports that said – in a conversation between Drake and his singer friend Nicki Minaj, the former professed that he is more interested in connecting with a woman beyond initial physical attraction.

Drake, when he appeared on the Howard Stern show, also said that he dates ‘four or five women at a time.’

When Stern asked the No Lie artist about the marriage, Drake didn’t say much except that it (marriage) won’t be too late. The Canadian celebrity explained he has had a feeling that he may need something real once the addiction to work and success is over.


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