Dominique Geisendorff Wiki: Her Career, Relationship With Cam Gigandet

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Dominique Geisendorff Wiki: Her Career, Relationship With Cam Gigandet
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Dominique Geisendorff is a former actress, the mother of three who is better known as the partner of Cam Gigandet. Her longtime partner is an actor whose credits include a recurring role in The O.C. and appearances in films Twilight, Pandorum, Never Back Down, Burlesque, Easy A, Priest, and The Magnificent Seven.

Gigandet, who has also starred in the CBS legal drama series Reckless, and his partner, Geisendorff have been together since the mid-2000s and currently are parents to three children.

For all that Dominique’s husband, Gigandet has been around the show biz spectrum with a few or two films and TV works every now and then, Geisendorff herself hasn’t done anything noticeable in the last decade or so. Know what else she’s been up to; also read about her ongoing regulatory endeavors, her marital life with her actor spouse, and some add-on specifics about her life as well.

Dominique Geisendorff Is A Louisianian

She was reportedly born in New Orleans, Louisiana around the year 1984. Geisendorff is among the five children of her mother Sue Feldman and father Frederic Geisendorff.

Dominique Geisendorff an actress and also the wife of Twilight star Cam Gigandet.
Never Back Down star Cam Gigandet with his spouse, Dominique Geisendorff, right. Getty

Dominique’s parents are separated and her mother is now Mrs. Ortolano and a director of Human Resources at By a small margin about her past is perceptible, though it is understood she used to work in the restaurant industry.

While Dominique does have a few or two acting credits, it’s been ages since people have seen her on her screen.

Dominique Geinsendorff Relationship With Actor Cam Gigandet

Although Geisendorff has kept much of her early history with Gigandet a secret, she once revealed that the Twilight actor started dating her in the month of November.

Dominique allegedly met her future husband in 2006 when they were both working in California.

Reckless star Cam Gigandet with his longtime partner and a former actress Dominique Geisendorff.
Beneath The Surface actress Dominique Geinsendorff with her longtime partner and Reckless star Cam Gigandet. Getty

The couple apparently split up multiple times all the way up until the birth of their first child.

Gigandet asked Geisendorff to marry him in 2008 though the pair has never mentioned where and when they married. Together the couple is parents to three children.

They had their first child, a daughter Everleigh Rae Giganet in April 2009. Four years later, Geisendorff had another child with her actor partner, though this time a boy named Rekker Radley Gigandet.

In Nov 2015, Dominique and Gigandet added another kid to their family by welcoming their third, daughter named Armie Heartly Gigandet. The family of four resides in California.

Are They Married? Have They Had A Wedding?

Of the many things that are ambiguous or puzzling about Cam or his wife, Geisendorff is that it is not official if they have tied the knot or not. So far there hasn’t even been an alone picture of their wedding nor has the couple ever mentioned their anniversary. Though in Jan 2009, Cam’s father, to Express Uk, said his son and Geisendorff were about to make their relationship official by having a wedding ceremony.

Geisendorff Filed For a Divorce From Her Husband

Although things about their marriage weren’t that clear initially, it later came to know Dominique Geisendorff and her husband Cam Gigandet exchanged their vows in 2008. However, the two kept their marriage details ultra-secret for a long time.

Despite their hush-hush tendency, their relationship didn’t go as per their plan. And Cam Gigandet’s wife Dominique Geisendorff officially filed for divorce from her then-husband on 1st August 2022, citing “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for their split.

She sought joint and legal custody of their three kids.

Dominique Geisendorff And Her Partner Do Not Celebrate Valentine’s Day 

Dominique and her husband differ a bit from a regular couple when it comes to celebrating the marks of their togetherness.

In Feb 2018, the mother of Gigandet’s children, on her Facebook, revealed that she and her celebrity husband never celebrated Valentine’s Day or “even an anniversary for that matter.”

Dominique and her spouse's children.
Dominique Geisendorff’s children with Cam Gigandet from right, Everleigh Rae Gigandet, Armie Heartly, and Rekker. Instagram

Sharing imaging of herself and her baby’s father, the wife of the Reckless star wrote,

I think the key to me loving you more every year is the fact that we’ve never celebrated Valentine’s Day (or even an anniversary for that matter)… so I’ll continue to treat you and love you the exact same today as i do every day. With all I have. Unless you made plans for tonight… or bought me something then i gotta run an errand real quick

Dominique Career In Movies: Is She Still Acting?  

Deficiently about her professional career has been in the records or press releases. Dominique though allegedly used to be on several commercials at the beginning of her acting career.

So far there is one project where Mrs. Gigandet has appeared; in 2007, she played Kahlah in the 2007 drama horror film, Beneath the Surface.

In the movie, Geisendorff acts alongside Kyle Stanley, Tiffany Fox, and Andy Freeman. Stanley plays a teenager Ethan, the boy with the ability to bring back people from the dead.

What’s unanswered or less talked about is the present pursuits of Gigandet’s wife.

If nothing else, her Instagram seemingly tells – she’s been quite lovingly busy with motherhood; the one-time actress’ socials are full of her kids’ pictures.

What Is Dominique Geisendorff‘s Net Worth? 

Although Cam hasn’t been much active in the TV line of business since 2018, he has had more than a handful of acting credits with over 30 films. Turns out the six-foot-tall husband of Dominique is still a fairly wanted actor in Hollywood. And even in terms of money, Cam looks like so. The Never Back Down actor reportedly has a net worth of over $4 million. While that figure may not be of the big league, he is still an easily rich actor.

Dominique Geisendorff with her husband and Burlesque actor Cam Gigandet
Burlesque actor Cam Gigandet with his partner, Dominique Geinsendorff.
Things, however, get all at sea at the very time that the discussion is here and there of Gigandet’s longtime partner, Dominique Geisendorff. It’s doubtful she has built up anything stand out in terms of money considering she’s been a full-time mom for a while. Nonetheless, there’s a good chance she might be doing fine financially.

What Are the Upcoming Projects Of Her Husband?

Dominique Geisendorff’s actor partner, Cam Gigandet has quite a few projects lined up in the coming months. One such is his recent film, Blowback, an action thriller where he starred alongside former UFC champion Randy Couture from the Expendables franchise. Other key casts include Louis Mandylor, Michele Plaia, Rafael Cabrera, and William McNamara.

The action thriller sees Gigandet playing Nick’s revenge out after his heist partner, Jack (Couture) and his crew betray and left him for dead during a Las Vegas heist.

Gigandet likewise is set to star in Deep Six, an action-thriller from writer-director Scott Windhauser (Death in Texas). In the movie, he will act alongside Tom Welling (Smallville, Lucifer).


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