Who Is Joy McManigal? Things You Didn’t Know About Giancarlo Esposito’s Ex-Wife

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Who Is Joy McManigal? Things You Didn’t Know About Giancarlo Esposito’s Ex-Wife
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Joy McManigal is the ex-wife of an Italian-American actor Giancarlo Esposito (Gus Fring from Breaking Bad). They were married for two decades and had four children. Besides being Esposito’s ex-wife, Joy herself has quite an esteem.

For starters, she holds multiple degrees from top-ranked universities. In addition, her career checkpoints are no short of achievements and exemplary work. So, know what she has done up until now professionally and personally.

Key Takeaways

  • Joy McManigal was married to actor Giancarlo Esposito for two decades before they divorced in 2015.
  • She gave birth to four children in their twenty-year-long married life.
  • Professionally, she is a life coach and career counselor.
  • She has been working in a number of fields for all these years and has earned well from her career. Her net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

Joy McManigal is in Her Mid-60s

McManigal was born on April 26, 1958, in Green Valley, California. She is 65 years old as of 2023. Regarding her parents, both of them died in 2021. Joy’s father passed away at their home on May 22, 2021, at the age of 90. Her father, a native of Pilger, Nebraska, had a degree in Physical Education from Wayne State College.

On the other hand, Joy’s mother, Gloria died on September 25, 2021, four months after her father’s death. Gloria also attended Wayne State College where she met Joy’s father. After graduation, Gloria became an elementary school teacher.

McManigal Was Married To Giancarlo Esposito

As mentioned, McManigal was married to an American actor, Giancarlo Esposito. They tied the knot in 1995 and divorced in 2015.

Her ex-husband, Esposito is best known for portraying Gus Fring, a Kingpin in AMC’s Breaking Bad and the spinoff series Better Call Saul (2017–present).

Joy McManigal was born on April 26, 1958, in Ireland. She is the ex-wife of Giancarlo Esposito.
Joy McManigal is the ex-wife of Breaking Bad actor, Giancarlo Esposito. They married in 1995 and divorced in 2015.

It is not known when and where the Irish film producer and the Italian-American actor met. Also, it is still unclear what caused the rift in Joy and Esposito’s 20 years of marriage. The former husband and wife, however, still talk to each other and jointly look after their daughters.

The ex-couple used to live in Connecticut.

Joy McManigal Has Four Children; All Daughters

McManigal has four daughters with her ex-husband, Giancarlo; named Kale Lyn Esposito, Syrlucia Esposito, Ruby Esposito, and Shayne Lyra Esposito.

Joy McManigal with her ex-husband, Giancarlo has four daughters
Joy McManigal shares four daughters with her ex-husband, Giancarlo Esposito

McManigal Is A Life Coach

The former partner of Esposito has been mentoring people with their life decisions since the mid-2010s in New York. Her company The C4 Way focuses on life coaching, event planning, career counseling, and global education. Likewise, she also helps with youth leadership, philanthropy, nonprofit management, and arts & entertainment.

She is also a Youth Editor for Best Self Magazine.

Joy McManigal’s Career

She did her bachelor’s in Political Science from Stanford University and her master’s in International Relations & Economics from The Johns Hopkins University – Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).

While still a student of John Hopkins, Joy became the owner/general manager of a 180-year-old pub, named McManigal’s Pub in Wicklow, Ireland.

Impressively, at the time, she was also a full-time graduate student in Bologna, Italy, and Washington, DC. During her time as a pub manager, she handled all legal, financial, and programming decisions for a business that increased annual sales revenue by 200% and sold for a profit after four years.

She was a Director at John Hopkins

McManigal then became the director of Alumni Affairs And Development at John Hopkins. Being there, she researched, cultivated, and solicited individual and institutional donors in the US and Europe for a $400M capital campaign. Additionally, she designed and oversaw Annual Fund drives.

In 1992, the mother of four started to serve as the director of The Common Good in LA. She used to design an educational summit and televised awards show to spotlight community service.

Joy Also Worked In Film Albeit Behind The Projects

In 1994, Joy served as an associate director at Women In Film where she created liaison with the international film community at a multitude of film festivals and award shows.

Two years later, McManigal became the manager of her ex-husband’s production company, Bhakti Productions. Her job included working with writers, financiers, and actors to develop television and feature film projects.

From 2008 to 2009, she served as the project manager at the Creative Coalition, in NYC organizing concert galas, receptions, dinners, and forums. Additionally, she also conducted rallies for celebrity delegations to the Democratic and Republican National Conventions and Presidential Inauguration.

McManigal negotiated a $30M leadership gift from an international businessman and philanthropist during her time as a founder of Woodstock Center for Global Citizenship. This happened with a motive to establish a multi-faceted global citizenship academy and eco-village in the Hudson Valley.

Joy McManigal; From 2010 To Present

Joy next managed outreach to major donors, foundations, and government funders at Bard College, New York. There she also worked on the board of directors in addition to supervising a $60M campaign for a global network of civic engagement initiatives.

Joy McManigal studied BA, Political Science from Stanford University. She also stidied international relations and economics in the John Hopkins University.
Joy McManigal worked in various fields in her active days

She yet again did a humanitarian service in 2014 working for Eleanor Roosevelt Center at Hyde Park, New York.

The Stanford graduate then became an advisor for World Merit Creating a strategic plan, marketing materials, and sponsorship package for prospective corporate, foundation, and individual donors in NYC, Washington DC, and the U.K.

Since 2015, Joy McManigal has been the founder of The C4 Way in the Greater New York City Area. It is a program to promote the common good by encouraging people to be good to themselves and to do good for others.

Where Does She Live Now?

McManigal currently resides in Green Valley, California. The former student at Hopkins University hasn’t mentioned if she is married or has a husband post her divorce from Esposito.

Is Joy McManigal Rich?

Joy might have around $1 million in net worth. But, her exact net worth is not known as of now. She has worked in various fields in her extensive career which have undoubtedly paid her well.

Besides, she might have received a good sum as part of her divorce deal. Esposito, her ex-husband, has a net worth of around $ 8 million, so there’s no doubt that Joy received a good amount in alimony.


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