Is Bianca Censori Italian? Is she Jewish?

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Is Bianca Censori Italian? Is she Jewish?
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Bianca Censori, the name that sounds Italian, came into media prominence all thanks to her association with Kanye West. According to many reports, the ever-so-beautiful Bianca has tied the knot with one of the most controversial rappers in history.

Since her association with Ye, a lot of people are asking questions, is Bianca Censori Italian? is she Jewish? Here in this article, we shall find out about it.

Is Bianca Censori Italian?

No, Bianca is not Italian, however, if her surname is anything to go by, she is of Italian descent. As far as her nationality is concerned, she is an Australian. She was born in Melbourne, Australia.

Yes, you read that right, she is an Oz. When you first hear the name Bianca Censori, you can immediately say, she is most definitely. On top of that, she also works as the Architectural Designer at YEEZY, something that majority of the time only Italian people do.

 Bianca Censori Jewish in the photo with her husband Kanye
Kanye with his wife, Bianca.

But now you know that she is not Italian. Nevertheless, some sources suggest Bianca was born and brought up in a small town in Italy. However, this news is all fake.

Were Bianca’s parents also born in Australia or in Italy?

Well, till now there is not much information available about her mother and father, but we do know that both of them were also born in Australia.

It looks like it was Bianca’s great-great-grandparents who might’ve migrated from Italy to the land down under. Going through, we came to know that in the 17th century, people with the surname Censori migrated from Italy to the new world.

Bianca also has one additional link with the European country, Italy. Her current husband Kanye tied the knot with his now ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, in Florence, Italy.

Is Bianca Censori Jewish?

No, Bianca is not a Jew. First of all, her surname Censori is most probably a Christian surname, although we don’t know if Bianca is religious or not.

Going through online reports, it has been reported that Censori is not a Jew-Italian surname. Well, we can certainly say for sure she doesn’t belong to the Abrahamic, monotheistic.

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