Who’s David Portnoy’s Ex-Wife Renee Portnoy? Untold Details Her Career & Relationship

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Who’s David Portnoy’s Ex-Wife Renee Portnoy? Untold Details Her Career & Relationship
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Renee Portnoy, born Renee Satterthwaite, is an American equestrian. But she is also widely recognized as the ex-wife of successful internet celebrity, and blogger David Portnoy. Thought her wedding with David ended years back. Renee still carries on the surname of her ex-spouse.

Well, how is Renee Portnoy’s life after divorce? Is she dating a new man? Does she have any kids? Find out all about her career, relationships, and also her unsuccessful marriage.

Let’s zoom on.

Who Is David Portnoy’s Ex-Wife Renee Portnoy? Their Marriage

As we mentioned above, Renee is most recognized as the ex-spouse of the famous blogger and internet celebrity David Portnoy. They got engaged in 2008 and after a year gap, the duo tied the knot in 2009.

Renee Satherthwaite Portnoy With Her Ex-Husband Dave Portnoy
Renee With Her Ex-Husband Dave Portnoy

But unfortunately, like many other celebrities’ marriages, their wedding too ended unexpectedly. David announced his split with Renee only after he was spotted with a lady in 2016. He took to his blog in January 2017 to announce the news of his split and revealed his new lady Jordyn Hamilton.

Their divorce is yet to be finalized.

Is Renee Portnoy’s Husband Still Dating Jordyn?

No doubt Renee and David’s split was a big surprise for many. But his breakup with his lady love Jordyn Hamilton was even more surprising for his fans.

Just after the separation, David accused Jordyn of cheating on him. And very soon it came out that Jordyn was cheating on him with the instructor of a New York-based fitness company Soul Cycle.

Renee Is Still In Good Terms With Her Ex-Spouse

It is pretty rare to see couples on good terms after a breakup. But for Renee, things do not seem to have changed much even after the split.

As per the reports, Renee and David split on mutual understanding and they are still on good terms post-split. In fact, she still retains David’s last name on her Instagram.

Further, Renee also shares her ex-husband’s blog posts on her social media.

She Lives In a Mansion Her Ex-Spouse Bought For Her

Not all lovers are giving enough to give away millions worth of properties to their ex-partners. This may sound strange but the case is true for Renee and her ex-partner.

Despite the separation, David Portnoy’s ex-spouse Renee lives in the house David had gifted her back when they were still on good terms. Well, it feels great to see such a level of understanding between exes.

The mansion she lives in is located in Nantucket and is worth $2 million.

Is Renee Portnoy Dating a Boyfriend After Split With Husband?

The love life of any celebrity is often a matter of media scrutiny. And the case is the same with Renee as well. Though there are many who want to know about Renee’s romantic life, she has not exactly talked about her relationship at present.

However, it looks like she has been into a few relationships post her split from David. Back in August 2016, she made a post with a guy on her Instagram referring to him as “A little piece of my heaven.” Check out the post here.


View this post on Instagram


A little piece of my heaven with @sivartyad

A post shared by Renee Portnoy (@renee_portnoy) on

Having said that, it’s still difficult to make any judgment based on the post. All we can do for now is wait until she makes a claim about her romantic life.

Renee Portnoy’s New Boyfriend In 2022

Well, it looks like she is dating a new man in 2022. How can we be so sure? Well, back on October 15, 2021, she posted a beautiful photo of herself kissing a guy. Check out the photo here.

Renee Boyfriend In 2022
Portnoy Is Dating A New Boyfriend In 2022

This definitely proves her romantic relationship. But unfortunately, she has not revealed the name of her new boyfriend. Further, later on she again added a new photo of her latest partner.

Renee Portnoy’s Is An Equestrian

Talking about Renee’s career, she is an equestrian by profession. She works with an equine company named¬†SmartPak and owns two horses. At present, she acts as the director of merchandising at the company.

Before being promoted to director, she was one of the senior buyers at the company. She reportedly began her career as an equestrian in 2010, shortly after her graduation. She is a Boston University graduate with a BS in international relations and business.

Renee is an equestrian
Renee is an equestrian

Talking about her affinity toward horses, she developed her love for horses very early in life. She reportedly learned riding at the age of 8 and has since followed her love for the horse.

Besides, she is also involved in charity work for animals.

Net Worth

There are speculations that Renee has a net worth of around $4 million. However, Renee has not verified all the speculations. That said, she definitely owns a mansion that is worth around $2 million.

Who Is Renee Portnoy’s Ex-husband David Portnoy?

David Portnoy, born David Scott Portnoy, is a successful blogger and the founder of Barstool Sports, a digital media company. Barstool primarily focuses on sports and pop-culture content.

He was born on March 22nd, 1977, in Swampscott, Massachusetts, in the United States. Talking about his education, he did his schooling at Swampscott High School and graduated from the University of Michigan.

He soon got a job at an IT firm in Boston, after which he founded Barstool Sports in 2003. The firm is now evaluated at $450 million at present.

Renee was referred to as First Lady of Barstool Sports

As the wife of the founder of Barstool Sports, all the blog followers referred to her as the first lady of the company. Needless to say, Portnoy too enjoyed the affection coming from the fans. Unfortunately, she’s separated, but we can call her the former first lady.

She Is Active on Social Media

As a celebrity’s ex-wife, Renee seems to enjoy fame. And it looks like, she is pretty famous. She is active on major social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

Renee Portnoy as a child
Renee Portnoy as a child

As of 2022, she has around 39.7k followers on her official Instagram account renee_portnoy. Likewise, she flaunts around 33.2k followers on her Twitter as well,@Renee_Portnoy.

Well, she is cool about putting out her life on social media and rather enjoys it. Further, she shares a lot of photos of her pets that including her horses and dogs.

Renee Is a Former Viner

Interesting isn’t it. Well, that’s true. She was an avid Vine user, an ow-defunct social media platform. From the year 2013-to 2014, she was very much into the vine and documented a lot of her life in the year. In fact, she has even made a few vines about her relationship with David.

Moreover, there are many contents of her on Vine, where she is watching a horse ride or attending concerts.

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